12 Must-Have Items For The Perfect Man Cave

If you've ever read author John Gray's popular "Women Are from Venus, Men Are from Mars", you'll understand why man caves came into fruition. According to the book, which became a road map to developing great relationships, when men are bothered or just want to escape the worries of daily life, they want to go into a private space and simply chillax. In past decades, men had no real place to call their own other than the garage or basement. We think Gray's advice is right on, especially when it comes to giving men time to hide and be alone.

It should come as no surprise that many men don't have the luxury of having their own private sanctuary, a place they can decorate as they choose and where they can keep and play with all their favorite man toys and watch sports without being chastised or rushed. This is particularly true if the man is married or living with a significant other. Men are an important element in any relationship; they work hard and don't always feel like getting to all of the "honey-dos" their mate has in store for their free time.

Within the last couple of decades, man caves have been recognized as a viable means to rounding out a man's happiness. Since then, interior designers and manufacturers have been addressing these needs and creating ideal spaces and components that should be a part of any man's ideal cave.

Do you have a man cave? Take a look at what we think should be a part of every man's cave and see if you agree.

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12 Cool Man Cave Sign

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Unique and more polite than a "Keep Out" sign, finding the perfect neon sign warns other inhabitants of the household to pretty much stay away. This is your private hangout place.

It is not meant to be rude, but this is a place where you really don't want the cleaning crew, kids or even the little woman to enter unless invited. The neon sign versus typical signage shows that you mean business, as it is more formal and commercial looking.

11 Golf Putting Green

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You don't have to be a serious golfer to enjoy one of these putting greens. We think it's a great idea to get a variety of activities going on in your man cave. Golf is said to relieve stress and get your mind off those nagging life concerns.

Home putting greens come in all shapes and sizes, including screens that allow you to use a variety of virtual clubs while you hit a ball into the virtual golf course. It can be a rewarding and fun activity for any man looking to mull while doing something quiet alone.

10 Full Bar

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Of course, yours might not be this fancy, but having a full bar in your cave would be a pretty nice addition. Do remember this: a bar signals an automatic invitation to friends which means it may become more of a hangout place than you initially had in mind, but you can always control the visitations by the quantity of stools.

Two stools will keep it to a minimum, but more gregarious men will want to host a few sports parties, so more stools is ultimately better. The full bar will include a kegerator and a variety of alcohols and mixes. A small bar television always adds a nice touch.

9 A Kegerator

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A kegerator is a wonderful thing to have. Not only does it dispense draft beer, buy the right kegerator and you can have a variety of your favorites. The kegs last a couple of months, so don't be concerned about your beers going flat, unless you are a very slow beer drinker. Heck, solve the issue by having a monthly man cave bash with a few of your best friends who will gladly help you get your beer drunk on.

8 Giant Couch

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A giant couch or sectional is going to come in handy for those days you just want to come home and take a nap alone without being bothered by anyone or anything. Curl up on this cushy model and you may never want to sleep in your bed again.

This, of course, will not be a replacement for the perfect "sports-watching" recliner; it's just a bonus addition that larger man caves can handle in style.

7 Largest Television Screen

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More than one television monitor is ideal for watching several games at a time. But if you don't have the room or the funds, a giant screen television will do very nicely.

Most sets have the ability to show another channel in one of the lower corners, so you won't be hampered or restricted to watching only one game at a time.

Most of the latest models are "smart TVs", which means one-touch access to apps, internet, photos, MP3 files and more.

6 Recliners with Gadgets

via abt.com

The ultimate in style, comfort and functionality, the home theater recliners beat a traditional lounger hands down. First off, cup holders are truly an essential element in any recliner. Use the arm storage for keeping your race forms, magazines and reading glasses handy.

The tray tables are invaluable for holding snacks and extra drinks, and the bass shakers will make sure you feel like you are at the sports event in person. We also love the chic padded leather and ground lighting .

5 Snack Bar

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If you don't have room for an entire snack bar, a popcorn machine will do. However, what's a man cave without a plethora of snacks? You surely don't want to have to run into the kitchen every time your hunger hits the urgent level.

After all, you'll be exposed and other family members might ask questions or get curious about what you're doing in there. Having a variety of your favorite snacks within reach will ensure your privacy is intact and your taste buds are satisfied.

4 Adult Entertainment Collection

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This might not be appropriate for a family man, but for single guys or those who are married without children, having a good collection of adult movies can be pretty important.

If your woman is opposed to this, then you'll have to resort to video on demand. But if not, you may even want to invite her in for a sexy night of viewing as it is likely to encourage experimentation and some pretty hot messing around.

3 Pool Table

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Most men love a good pool table. Even if you're not a great pool player, having a cool table spells class and taste. It also reinforces the fact that this is a place for just guys, unless of course your woman is a shark at pool. In which case, consider buying a foosball or poker table.

The nice thing about a pool table is you can play and practice alone. Playing pool doesn't require other players and can turn into a fun hobby.

2 Video Game Consoles

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If you enjoy video games, then your man cave cannot be without one of the latest video consoles. If you have children, let them have their own so they won't be tempted to sneak into your cave when you are not home.

It will give your partner or wife a semblance of peace in the other parts of the house, and allow you to hoot and holler as much as you want without worry. They're perfect for those restless nights when you can't sleep and you are dying to get to the next level. Video game junkies know what we mean, right?

1 Surround Sound System


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A fantastic sound system is an imperative element for all man caves. Having a source for great music is one thing, owning a spectacular system through which to hear it is completely another.

The key ingredients include amplifiers, speakers, signal processors, a fantastic remote and finely tuned controls. There is nothing worse than listening to music and hearing static, echoes or other unrelated sounds. To avoid complaints from others in the house, remember, "It's all about the bass... not the treble." Bass sounds tend to create thumps and rattling that generally disturb others within the house and possibly the neighborhood.


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