12 Male Celebs That Are So Unattractive, They're Sexy

What constitutes a good looking man? Who says what is hot, hip, 'in', not good looking or flat out ugly? With all the celerity men in this world, too many people are basing good looks off of who the 'it' guy or girl is in Hollywood, as opposed to maybe giving an equal balance to personality and looks. But one has to admit that there are a few men that are flat out just not cute; yet, we find ourselves attracted to them and usually attracted to the thing that is absolutely the least cutest thing about them. Fame will turn your life around; one minute you are an unattractive, minimum wage job working man who then turns into the guy who finally caught his big break in the acting world and is riding that shooting star. Fame proves that all it takes is one influential person to call you attractive and you have an in. Let’s take a look at Val Kilmer, when he first started out he was fit and cute, and one of Hollywood’s leading men but as time went on, he fell off the map and reappeared as a bloated, non-action superstar. Yet, he is still associated with being a hot man (only this time older). There really is nothing hot about him, the bloated look is not fitting and the pony tail he is sporting is a desperate attempt to stay young, but it looks like it is working because he is now seen as the mature actor who was the sh*t in his earlier years. Not all men are as lucky as Val Kilmer, but here is a list of men who have really benefited from being hot according to Hollywood standards.

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12 Louis Tomlinson

Every boy band member has a title; the ugly one, the one with the deep voice, the heart throb and if they are lucky; the neutral. One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson is unfortunately, the ugly one. However, he could now pass as the neutral since Zayn Malik is gone. Tomlinson has that thing going on that most British men have; he has a few cute features but for the most part he is not good looking. Chances are at the 1D concerts, he has the least amount of fan girl signs. He kind of has this whole rat face thing happening that makes you question if it is cute or not.

11 Robert Pattinson

Let’s just be honest, actor Robert Pattinson is not appealing. His head is slightly big, he has these beady eyes and the only reason he is even popular is because he was in a film where he played a sparkly vampire. Yet, all of those qualities are weirdly enough what makes him soooo cute. To top it all off, Pattinson has that messy disheveled hair that makes every guy look oh so good. Oh, and then he kind of has a nice smile and a charming personality; plus Kristen Stewart broke his heart and every girl has that gene where they want to fix every broken-hearted man.

10 Russell Brand

This guy is a complete douche. Does anyone remember what he did to Katy Perry? On top of having a horrible personality, the comedian has this long greasy looking black hair that makes Perry’s fans wonder what she sees in him. Brand’s accent is also not too cute. It’s not the sexy British accent like a James Bond type situation. He is not very funny and for some reason, he is associated with sweat like a steam room sweat. But if you look long and hard at him, the long black hair does look good when it’s washed and wavy and maybe that a**hole personality is slightly attractive.

9 Steven Tyler

8 Shaun White

The ginger haired snow boarder is kind of scary looking; his face is almost as long as his hair and his features are really pronounced. Yet, his relaxed attitude and huge smile make you second guess your level of attraction. His fearlessness is also a huge plus, most people with red hair get a bad rap but truth be told, White’s looks are so questionable that he can be nothing but hot hot hot. His laid back, hang ten demeanor is one of the things that is making him so attractive, plus he strikes people as someone who would really appreciate a good gal.

7 Owen Wilson

6 Jonah Hill

5 Ryan Gosling

Why is Ryan Gosling so hot? He has this super oblong face, a pointy nose and some of his haircuts have been ridiculously questionable. Yet, women are fawning over him as if he is the best thing since sliced bread. Recently he had a child, and one has to admit that fatherhood looks good on any man. He may be sexier now because of some of his movie roles (Driver in Drive, Julian in Only God Forgives). What is sexier than a man who you know can take care of you in any situation?

4 Adrien Brody

The first thing that most people see when they look at Adrien Brody is his nose; it is quite big and quite centered. He looks like he wouldn’t mind being greasy and lacks proper care and etiquette. However, there is no denying that he has a pretty nice smile, and a relaxed, appealing and cool personality. When he smokes a cigarette and does that thing where he half looks up at you, it is so damn sexy; and smoking isn’t even a cute thing considering the long term damage that will take place. But smoking aside, he looks like one of those guys who are really good with their words.

3 Ed Sheeran

Oh yes, another ginger. At first, musician Ed Sheeran strikes you as a beady-eyed fellow who, let’s be real, looks a bit cross eyed. But after several minutes of staring you are able to see that hey, he has a nice smile, oh and okay, his scruffy hair is cute and fitting and maybe his personality is a bit appealing. He quickly turns into one of the most attractive men that you have seen in a long time and eventually he becomes your new celebrity crush. So maybe he is not so bad looking after all; the red hair is quite attractive.

2 Norman Reedus

1 Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch is not hot at all. He has these squinty eyes, a huge head and he resembles a nerd (not the cute kind). He strikes most as a bumbling fool who has to rely on his charm in the entertainment industry. However, it seems as though recently he has become more and more appealing. It could be that he now wears a wedding ring (this is usually appealing to the single woman), or maybe it is because he is now a father and fatherhood looks good on any man. Either way Cumberbatch’s beautiful blond locks and new life is making him a hot piece of cake.

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