12 Filthy Male Celebrities That Women Want To Get Dirty With

Some women just can't resist a guy who is charming, funny, stinky and grows a beard so large that people mistake him for a wild bear. When one thinks of Hollywood, images of beautiful and healthy people wearing the most expensive clothes usually comes to mind. However, just because a person has millions of dollars and a billion followers on Twitter, doesn't mean they aren't human. Who hasn't forgot to put on deodorant? Or feels too lazy to do the laundry (so you just end up wearing the same black undershirt)? How is anyone going to find out? In this day and age, people somehow have a way to find out how many weeks a celebrity has been wearing the same black underwear. Things are different for celebrities. Their every move is under a microscope. The media reports on everything from, who they are dating, to who they just broke up with. However, just because a celebrity doesn't wear deodorant, wears the same undershirt, or grows the "unemployed" beard, in no way makes them unattractive. In many cases, it's what makes them even more appealing. Here is a look at 12 filthy male celebrities that women want to get down and dirty with.

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12 Bradley Cooper


11 Orlando Bloom

10 10)Russell Crowe

9 Anderson Cooper


8 Viggo Mortensen

7 Colin Farrell

6 Johnny Depp


5 Matthew McConaughey

4 Zac Efron


Teenage girls all over the world shriek and faint at the sight of teen idol, Zac Efron. He had his big breakthrough after appearing in High School Musical. He's starred in films such as 17 Again, New Year's Eve and Neighbours. In his spare time, he likes to play basketball and avoid showering. Apparently, the teen sensation would rather use baby wipes after an intense workout rather than shower. Regardless, teenage girls still shriek and faint at the sight of Zac Efron.

3 Brad Pitt

Not many people could make smelling like day-old eggs and a shaggy beard cool, but Brad Pitt manages to pull it off. Brad Pitt has appeared in films, Seven, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Fight Club and Moneyball. He's done everything from comedy to science fiction. There is nothing he can't do…except for shower. Apparently, he's so caught up in his work that he just doesn't have time to shower. There seems to be a huge craze in Hollywood, where celebrities just use baby wipes instead of the traditional, soap and wash. Regardless, Brad Pitt has mastered the, "homeless man finally putting his life back together" look.

2 Robert Pattinson


1 Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio is a very well known actor who has appeared in a number of critically and commercially successful films. These include, Titanic, The Departed, Shutter Island and Wolf of Wall Street. He's received universal praise for his acting ability. He's also very well known for his commitment and devotion to the environment. He's been praised by several environmental groups for his work. He's so devoted that he owns an electric car, has solar panels in his house, only showers once every couple of weeks to conserve water and doesn't wear deodorant because it's unnatural. Now, that's commitment. However, many people find that very attractive.

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