12 Female Celebs Who Look Sexier In Workout Clothes

For most people, exercising regularly is an essential part of what it takes to look one’s best. Sure, working out has a number of health benefits, but one of the main reasons people are in the gym in the wee hours of the morning is because they want to lose extra pounds to boost their overall confidence or look great for an event.

Celebrities are no exception to the rule when it comes to exercise. As a matter of fact, most famous people have to work out more than the rest of us. This enables them to have the bodies that are envied by the public, which leads some “civilians” to believe that looking hot is just impossible. To add insult to injury, there are some celebrities who look hot in their workout clothes. It’s bad enough that these celebrities already have what looks like perfect figures, but to look great with athletic tights or yoga pants on is just completely unfair. A few famous people actually look sexier when they’re wearing workout gear. Must be nice. Here are 12 celebrities who could provide you with some workout motivation.

12 Kylie Jenner

11 Selena Gomez

10 Khloe Kardashian

9 Kaley Cuoco Sweeting

8 Lady Gaga

7 Demi Lovato

6 Zoe Saldana

5 Kendall Jenner

4 Kourtney Kardashian

3 Miley Cyrus

2 Amy Schumer

1 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has long been known for being gorgeous, and she’s a pretty good actress, too. She and her husband met on the set of Fantastic Four, and have two children together. Alba has always had a svelte figure, and it’s easy for her to show it off, even when she’s just wearing workout leggings and a t-shirt. The actress, who also starred in Sin City and Valentine’s Day, has long been a fan of healthy, clean living and is the owner of The Honest Company, which sells beauty products and baby care items. Eating well, in addition to working out regularly, is likely Alba’s “secret” to looking better in form-fitting yoga pants than she does in a red carpet gown.


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12 Female Celebs Who Look Sexier In Workout Clothes