12 Female Celebs Who Look Sexier In Workout Clothes

For most people, exercising regularly is an essential part of what it takes to look one’s best. Sure, working out has a number of health benefits, but one of the main reasons people are in the gym in the wee hours of the morning is because they want to lose extra pounds to boost their overall confidence or look great for an event.

Celebrities are no exception to the rule when it comes to exercise. As a matter of fact, most famous people have to work out more than the rest of us. This enables them to have the bodies that are envied by the public, which leads some “civilians” to believe that looking hot is just impossible. To add insult to injury, there are some celebrities who look hot in their workout clothes. It’s bad enough that these celebrities already have what looks like perfect figures, but to look great with athletic tights or yoga pants on is just completely unfair. A few famous people actually look sexier when they’re wearing workout gear. Must be nice. Here are 12 celebrities who could provide you with some workout motivation.


12 Kylie Jenner

Not that Kylie Jenner needs to do too much working out, but she certainly looks better when she’s wearing gym gear. Workout clothing helps Jenner to look more age-appropriate, which is a task she seems unable to accomplish when she’s wearing “regular” clothing. The youngest Kardashian/Jenner kid, who is currently dating rapper Tyga, is getting lots of media attention for acting (and looking) much older than she is. At least when she’s in sweats, people are able to focus on her face, which is beautiful—so she should probably stop with the “procedures” while she’s ahead. Of course, there are some pictures of Jenner in revealing workout clothing, but we won’t focus on those now.

11 Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber’s ex is a little curvier these days, and she’s been getting some criticism for it. However, Selena Gomez is embracing her new body and was recently seen wearing her workout clothes while out and about in California. Her figure is looking better than ever, and is simply a sign that she’s growing up, but of course, there’s always pressure in Hollywood to be thin. Gomez has been working on new music these days, and even appeared in her friend Taylor Swift’s video Bad Blood this year, which brought even more attention to her great figure.

10 Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is known for being scrutinized for her fashion sense, along with the rest of her family. Any time she’s at an event, people are looking to see what she’s wearing and eager to critique the way the clothing looked on her. Khloe has often struggled with her weight and overall body image, which isn’t surprising, seeing as how one of her sisters is a worldwide sex symbol. Khloe actually looks pretty great in workout clothes, since they show off her curves and don’t make her look like she’s trying too hard. Maybe she should keep it casual for the paparazzi more often.

9 Kaley Cuoco Sweeting

Whether she’s got long, blond tresses or a highlighted pixie, Kaley Cuoco Sweeting is always pretty adorable. She’s stated in a few interviews that she loves getting her nails done, and since the Big Bang Theory actress is often on the go, sometimes she’s got to get a manicure with her workout clothes on. Even when she’s wearing sweats and has her hair in a top knot, Kaley still manages to look pulled together and effortlessly chic. Her workout gear also shows off her figure, which is sometimes lost in some of the clothing she wears on the red carpet and for interviews.

8 Lady Gaga

It’s no surprise that Lady Gaga doesn’t wear her workout clothing the way most people do. She’s been seen wearing form-fitting yoga pants or workout tights with an oversized baseball jacket or blazer. Of course, she’s got to finish off her outfit with a pair of eye-catching heels, as well. Leave it to Lady Gaga to take exercise gear and change them into runway fashion. You can’t tell if she’s just come from the gym and wanted to step up her look a little for a business meeting, or if she just woke up and decided that she wanted to look sporty but chic. Either way, it certainly looks better than a dress made of meat.

7 Demi Lovato

Lovato has been taking quite a few workout selfies these days, and even snapped a few photos with no makeup, to the delight of her social media followers. It’s clear that Demi is feeling much more confident these days, which is good news, since she spent a stint in rehab a few years ago for stress and self esteem issues. The former Disney actress (she was the star of the kid sitcom Sonny With A Chance), has even been working on new music. She states that her upcoming project is the most honest she’s ever been, so perhaps her recent social media posts are a way of promoting who she is as an artist these days.

6 Zoe Saldana

The Avatar and Colombiana actress is looking stunning after giving birth to twin boys. It’s almost as impressive that she even has the time and discipline to exercise after giving birth to two babies at once! Zoe Saldana has always had a slim figure, and now she’s got a few more curves on her small frame, which makes her look even hotter. The actress and dancer is often seen wearing the latest fashions on the red carpet, but she looks even more impressive in workout clothes these days. Maybe it’s because it’s clear to see that she’s been working really hard to be even more beautiful.


5 Kendall Jenner

Granted, Kendall Jenner is a model, but does she have to look sensational in workout clothes, too? She’s been seen around Los Angeles running errands and getting coffee in hoodies and workout tights, and she looks as beautiful as she does when she’s on the red carpet or strutting down the runway. When she’s photographed in casual clothes, she’s often got her hair in a carefree ponytail, and isn’t wearing any makeup. Some people are just gorgeous without even trying. Now, if Kendall could just get her attitude to match her looks (she’s known for being a bit obnoxious in restaurants), she’d be a perfect package.

4 Kourtney Kardashian

The oldest girl in the media-hungry Kardashian family definitely has a lot to be proud of, at least when it comes to her physique. After having three children with ex Scott Disick, Kourtney has bounced back nicely, and her body looks great. She’s obviously pretty proud of herself, since she took to social media to show off her figure in her workout clothes. Say what you will about the Kardashians and Kourtney’s breakup with Scott (and there is plenty to say), but her body is amazing these days. You can actually see her figure a little more clearly in workout gear than when she’s dressed up.

3 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus wearing workout clothes probably means that she’s more covered up than she would be if she were wearing her “regular” clothes. After all, she has been known to wear pasties and little else. The 2015 host of the VMAs looks a little more mature and polished when she’s wearing workout clothes. Maybe it’s because the exercise gear doesn’t expose all of her body and gives the impression that she’s working toward a positive goal like improving her health. After all, it has been reported that Cyrus has recently adopted the gluten free diet. Judging from her midriff-bearing workout attire, it looks like the diet is working.

2 Amy Schumer

Hilarious actor and comedienne, Amy Schumer has been working out a lot lately, and is looking pretty great. She’s been pretty open about the fact that she hasn’t exactly had the perfect figure all her life, and that for most of her career, she’s been “paid in pizza.” Schumer was obviously joking, but she did state during an interview on Live with Kelly & Michael that the producers for her recent movie Trainwreck, hinted towards the fact that they wanted her to lose weight for the project. It’s obvious that while Amy is all for looking her best, she’s not willing to give up all the things that make her happy. She was recently photographed getting a pastry before starting her morning workout. It’s all about balance.

1 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has long been known for being gorgeous, and she’s a pretty good actress, too. She and her husband met on the set of Fantastic Four, and have two children together. Alba has always had a svelte figure, and it’s easy for her to show it off, even when she’s just wearing workout leggings and a t-shirt. The actress, who also starred in Sin City and Valentine’s Day, has long been a fan of healthy, clean living and is the owner of The Honest Company, which sells beauty products and baby care items. Eating well, in addition to working out regularly, is likely Alba’s “secret” to looking better in form-fitting yoga pants than she does in a red carpet gown.



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