12 Conscious Questions Females Want Men To Answer

Humans are a bundle of emotions; we can be insecure, overjoyed, sensitive, easily hurt, and we are overall fragile beings. However, women often catch a bad rap because we tend to wear our hearts and our emotions on our sleeves, more than a man normally would. Because women are on the whole portrayed as emotionally expressive, it is only natural that they have questions about how men treat them and more importantly, why men treat them the way they do. Men are usually not very conscious of the small things that they do that have women’s heads spinning and reeling to ask WHY???? Although, it can come off as crazy and overbearing, which can make it hard for guys to understand that all women want is an answer, or reassurance or in some cases, the truth. Women may not always have the best delivery of what they are trying to portray but in a society that depicts women as overly emotional, crazy, psychotic and just about any other negative word that one can think of, they are afraid to ask questions that they feel they deserve the answers to, they are afraid to be vulnerable and wear their emotions in fear that they will be misunderstood and unreasonably challenged. Women have even been accused of reading too much into something and overreacting when they do not necessarily like the answer. Although they may receive a bad rap for posing these questions, here is a list of questions that most women want to ask but usually decide against.


12 Why Do I Always Have To Be Compared?

Why can I not just be me? Why do guys feel the need to compare girls to other girls or worse, the photoshopped photos of celebrities? It leads to insecurity, an unsettling feeling and her always questioning you when she sees fit. Seeing as we live in a world that is consumed with social media and dating sites that allow us to be judged by our looks only, it is only fitting that women are now asking the question, “why are you comparing me?” Any smart man will see that it is best to say nothing at all.

11 What Did You REALLY First Notice About Me?


When a girl asks her boyfriend what he first noticed about her it is usually a safe answer like “you had this great personality” or “you were so happy”. But really, how can you tell someone has a great personality when you have only just spotted her across the room and you are yet to have an actual conversation with her? So what did you REALLY first notice about your girlfriend? Was it something charming like her smile, her eyes, or how great her hair looked? Or was it something more like how great her a** looked in those jeans, or maybe her bust size got you interested.

10 Why Did You Cheat On Me?

When you are cheated on it can break you; physically and emotionally. Not only are you hurt but you are also pissed off and want answers, sometimes the only way to get closure is to confront the person who cheated on you. It is fair to ask why and expect an answer; being cheated on is not something that people get over easily, nor is it something that some people want to get over quickly (sometimes people like to wallow in the negative things that happen to them). When you are ready to ask your ex or current boyfriends the big why, just make sure you are prepared for the answer.

9 Why Did You Really Break Up With Me?


Sometimes relationships just end; you may not be compatible with your significant other, you may have had a tough time, maybe something tragic forced you apart and sometimes you get dumped with no explanation. This is the worst kind of break up because it normally comes out of nowhere and leaves you feeling like a total loser. You may never know why he REALLY broke up with you but if you have the guts to ask, you may feel exhilarated, satisfied and accomplished. However, you may also feel even more ticked off than when he initially broke up with you.

8 What Would You Change About Me?

Some girls are not satisfied with their men just liking them for who they are; it can sometimes raise the question of what their boyfriends would change about them. Not necessarily on the physical aspect, as it could be personality wise as well. Everyone wants to know how they can better themselves and while being in a relationship should make you feel more secure, it can sometimes want to make you change who you are or question if you are good enough for your current beau. Be aware though, that asking a question like this can open a bag of worms you are not willing to swallow.

7 Can You See Yourself Marrying Me?


Once you are in a committed enough relationship, there is no harm in asking a big questions like “do you see yourself marrying me?" A question like this can make or break a relationship; some people just do not want to get married and that is fine, but it is a pretty crappy thing to lead someone on for years knowing that you have no intentions to marry them. Marriage to some women is the ultimate dream, so when she gets up the courage to ask you if she is marriage material in your eyes, then be honest.

6 How Many Women Have You Been With

This may seem like a prying question and full disclosure, it is. However, who can resist wanting to know who came before them and just how naughty your boyfriend was before you were able to tame him. In addition to being nosey, some women prefer to date a guy who has not slept with a lot of women and use a question like this as a basis to see if they wanted to carry on a relationship with their guy. While it seems intrusive and crazy to ask about someone’s life before they met you, it is common enough to where girls can still get away with it.


5 Did You Feel Guilty When...?


Relationships are trial and error and take a while to get right; a lot of things can happen in the beginning that hangs a dreadful shadow over your relationship for a long time. This could be cheating, saying something hurtful on purpose or missing an important date (because they are all important in the beginning). One question that you can guarantee will come from this is the “did you feel guilty?” questions. She wants to know if you are at all remorseful for what you did whether you meant to hurt her or not. She ultimately wants to feel like you care.

4 Is It The First Time You Have Done This?

She is dying to know what your past was like, and how your life was before her. She wants to know every bit about you but she is also prying a bit to see what kind of man you were in the past and how you have changed since being with her. She wants to know that you are not making the same mistakes over and over again, but more so, she wants to see that you are learning from those mistakes that you previously made. Women want to feel like they are involved and have made a change in your life so she could be asking this question because she wants to know if you have done something maybe out of the box sexual before her.

3 Do You Like This About Me?


We all get a little insecure; we need that reassurance from our loved ones that something we feel insecure about is all in our heads. It takes a lot of courage for us to ask a question like this and we would appreciate the truth (even though we are probably setting ourselves up for disaster). A truthful compliment could mean the world to us and it lets us know that you are paying attention and you understand that we sometimes need you to be a bit more sensitive than usual. We sometimes ask questions like this because we are having an off day or we are lacking in surety.

2 Are You In Love With Her?

This question can make or break a relationship and usually only needs to be asked when your significant other has cheated. As emotional as this question is, it is one that cannot go unanswered and one that can cause a great deal of heartache. When a man cheats every woman wants to know if the cheating was purely sexual or if it involved emotion and love because somehow the emotional aspect causes a great deal of pain. Tread lightly when answering this question; it is cruel and there is really no way to stop her from hurting or hating you.

1 Why Am I Not Dateable?


Sometimes guys want to have a roll in the hay with a girl but god forbid they actually lock it down and really date her. This is partially some girls fault because they give it up too easily but for the girls who you spend time with, pretend that you like, and then when they finally give it up you're done. They need an explanation as to why they were not dating material after all that time spent. When you spend time with a girl you are giving her false hope; at least have the balls to say “you’re not my type and I am not looking for any new friends”.


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