12 Conscious Questions Females Want Men To Answer

Humans are a bundle of emotions; we can be insecure, overjoyed, sensitive, easily hurt, and we are overall fragile beings. However, women often catch a bad rap because we tend to wear our hearts and our emotions on our sleeves, more than a man normally would. Because women are on the whole portrayed as emotionally expressive, it is only natural that they have questions about how men treat them and more importantly, why men treat them the way they do. Men are usually not very conscious of the small things that they do that have women’s heads spinning and reeling to ask WHY???? Although, it can come off as crazy and overbearing, which can make it hard for guys to understand that all women want is an answer, or reassurance or in some cases, the truth. Women may not always have the best delivery of what they are trying to portray but in a society that depicts women as overly emotional, crazy, psychotic and just about any other negative word that one can think of, they are afraid to ask questions that they feel they deserve the answers to, they are afraid to be vulnerable and wear their emotions in fear that they will be misunderstood and unreasonably challenged. Women have even been accused of reading too much into something and overreacting when they do not necessarily like the answer. Although they may receive a bad rap for posing these questions, here is a list of questions that most women want to ask but usually decide against.

12 Why Do I Always Have To Be Compared?

11 What Did You REALLY First Notice About Me?

10 Why Did You Cheat On Me?

9 Why Did You Really Break Up With Me?

8 What Would You Change About Me?

7 Can You See Yourself Marrying Me?

6 How Many Women Have You Been With

5 Did You Feel Guilty When...?

4 Is It The First Time You Have Done This?

3 Do You Like This About Me?

2 Are You In Love With Her?

1 Why Am I Not Dateable?

Sometimes guys want to have a roll in the hay with a girl but god forbid they actually lock it down and really date her. This is partially some girls fault because they give it up too easily but for the girls who you spend time with, pretend that you like, and then when they finally give it up you're done. They need an explanation as to why they were not dating material after all that time spent. When you spend time with a girl you are giving her false hope; at least have the balls to say “you’re not my type and I am not looking for any new friends”.


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12 Conscious Questions Females Want Men To Answer