12 Celebs Who Were Involved In Cases Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is when a person uses forms of abuse or violence against another, who they are in a relationship with. The abuse can range from physical, mental, emotional, sexual and verbal. The victims of domestic violence are generally women and children, but there have been times where the man is the victim. The problems with domestic violence are perhaps best highlighted by celebrities. Many times, famous celebrities or celebrity couples have dominated the headlines with a domestic situation. In most cases, it's led to sympathy for the victim and a downfall for the abuser, in terms of their respective careers. However, that is not always the case. Here is a look at 12 celebrities that were involved with domestic violence.

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12 Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

11 Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva

10 Chyna and X-Pac


Chyna, born Joan Laurer, is a former pro wrestler best known for her time with the WWE. She was in a long term relationship with WWE's current Chief Operating Officer, Triple H. That relationship ended once Triple H started to date his future wife, Stephanie McMahon. Chyna left the WWE and would soon start dating former WWE superstar X-Pac, Sean Waltman. The two had a very tumultuous relationship. In 2004, they released a Sex tape, 1 night in China. Later, Chyna was charged with domestic assault after she beat up Sean Waltman. The couple is no longer together.

9 Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra


In 1998, NBA Superstar and legend, Dennis Rodman married sex symbol, Carmen Electra at a quick wedding in Las Vegas. The marriage was over just nine days later. In November of 1999, the two were involved in a fight with each other, that resulted in both of them reportedly suffering minor injuries. Each was also arrested and charged with a misdemeanor. A restraining order was placed on both of them. Rodman was involved in another domestic violent situation at a hotel in 2008. For this, he received 3 years probation, counseling and community service.

8 Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra Marshall


7 Mike Tyson and Robin Givens


6 Charlie Sheen

5 Emma Roberts and Evan Peters

The beautiful Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are both a part of the ensemble cast for the hit FX series, American Horror Story. They began dating back in 2012 and in 2013, a heated argument between the two led to a physical fight. Emma Roberts was arrested because she had no visible injuries while Evan apparently did, although reports claim that they were both involved in hitting each other. Evan did not press charges against his girlfriend. The two reconciled a little later, and in a joint statement said that it was all just a "misunderstanding".

4 War Machine and Christy Mack


War Machine, formerly Jon Koppenhaver, is a Mixed Martial Artist best known for his time with the UFC and Bellator. Also, he's worked as a p****graphic actor. The sexy and seductive, Christy Mack is also a very successful Adult Entertainment Star. Eventually, they began dating. In August of 2014, War Machine assaulted Christy and a friend of hers at her home. She had a broken nose, a fractured rib, missing teeth, a ruptured liver and in total, 18 broken bones. According to Mack, he also tried to sexually assault her. He was arrested later that month. In October, War Machine attempted suicide.

3 Chris Brown And Rihanna


In the early morning hours of the 51st Grammy Awards on February 8, 2009, Musical sensation, Chris Brown physically assaulted his then-girlfriend and music icon, Rihanna. The incident received widespread media attention, especially after a photo surfaced of Rihanna with serious visible facial injuries. She was hospitalized for those injuries. Neither performer appeared that night at the Grammy Awards. Chris Brown was charged and received probation. He was ordered to stay 50 yards from Rihanna (10 yards at public events). Also, many stations pulled his music for a time and commercials featuring him were also pulled. However, his career only took bit of a hit. Many domestic violence and violence against women groups protested the verdict as too lenient. In 2013, Rihanna confirmed that she and Chris had rekindled their relationship. However, by the end of the year, they had once again broken up.

2 Phil Hartman and Brynn Omdahl


Phil Hartman is considered to be one of the greatest and most brilliant comedians of all time. He was best known for his work on the hit sketch comedy series, NBC's Saturday Night Live. He was the voice of Simpsons characters, Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure. He was married to model and aspiring actress, Brynn Omdahl. The marriage was said to be very tumultuous, mainly because of Brynn's drug addiction. It's also been claimed that she was jealous of her husband's fame and success. On May 27, 1998, after the couple had a heated argument, Brynn killed Phil Hartman in his sleep. She shot him twice in the head and once in the side before she took her own life.

1 Sean Penn and Madonna


Sean Penn is a two time Academy Award winner and is a well known activist. He's also known for his charity work. Madonna is often referred to as the Queen of Pop. She has won several Grammy Awards and is the Best Selling female artist of all time. In the 80's, both were known for their reckless and rebellious personalities. They married in 1985 and the relationship was intense. Madonna dedicated her third album, True Blue, to Sean Penn. Eventually, they separated and Madonna began seeking a divorce. An incident occurred when Sean Penn, who was heavily intoxicated, broke into Madonna's home while she was alone. He then reportedly tied her to a chair and proceeded to beat her for 9 hours. It's said that at one point, he even left to get more beer and resumed torturing her once he returned. Eventually, she was able to escape. Madonna chose not to press charges and the two divorced in 1989.

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