12 Celebrities Who Don't Like The Way They Look

Hollywood is all about image. The way a celebrity looks has a lot to do with whether he/ she sells records, lands a new TV show or is cast in a coveted movie role. Sure, Hollywood occasionally looks at a person’s talent to determine whether they’d be a good fit for upcoming projects. However, we live in such a beauty-obsessed society that some people will excuse away bad acting or singing simply because a person is beautiful.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of pressure in Hollywood for celebrities to look “perfect.” That’s likely the reason why some stars have developed insecurities about their looks. After all, there is no shortage of plastic surgeons, makeup artists and skin care specialists in the Hollywood area, all waiting to transform celebrities into the people the viewing public want to see. So, it’s easy for a person who works in the limelight to feel like their natural looks just aren’t good enough. Fortunately, some stars have spoken up about this, and are trying to change the way that Hollywood portrays beauty to the public. Still, there are other stars who have given in the pressure, and have made it obvious that they’re not satisfied with their natural beauty. Here are 12 celebs who hate the way they look.

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12 Michelle Pfeiffer

In an interview with People, Michelle Pfeiffer said that she had the “face of a duck.” Sure, her looks are unconventional, but most people think she’s stunning. Pfieffer has been in the business a long time, and is often seen as a sex symbol. She’s still well-known for her role in the iconic movie Scarface, and she even made the “Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time List” for Empire UK magazine. Apparently, there’s at least one guy out there who thinks she’s really beautiful. Pfeiffer has been married to David E. Kelley (the creator of shows like The Practice and Chicago Hope) since 1993.

11 Jessica Biel

So, maybe the 7th Heaven alum, movie star and wife of Justin Timberlake doesn’t completely hate the way she looks. But, she does have several things she’d want to change about her appearance. For instance, Biel wishes she didn’t get so many pimples (yes, celebrities get acne, too). She also wants to have slimmer hips and longer legs. This is a classic case of someone not seeing the beauty in themselves, because we’re pretty sure that most of her fans don’t critique her so intensely. Her slim physique (even after having a baby) and supermodel looks are enough to make anyone jealous.

10 Naomi Campbell

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been gracing runways for nearly 30 years! So, it’s shocking to know that she doesn’t have all the self-assurance in the world. Campbell revealed that she’s “not actually very confident” in an interview with E!, in 2013. What could she possibly be insecure about? Her glowing, rich brow complexion? Her long, slender legs? Her full lips and stunning figure? Campbell has decided to use her insecurities about herself to motivate her in modeling. Even though she’s modeled clothes for some of the biggest names in the business, she states that if she ever started to feel more confident, she may not do another runway show. Looks like the mental game she’s playing with herself is working.

9 Benedict Cumberbatch

The budding movie star thinks it’s “hysterical” that people find him attractive. He admits that he “enjoys being considered handsome” but doesn’t really know why people think he’s so hot. Sure, he’s unconventionally appealing on the eyes, but that doesn’t make him any less good looking than other Hollywood actors. The English-born actor is also a film producer, and has starred in movies such as The Imitation Game, Black Mass and Star Trek: Into the Darkness. Cumberbatch’s wife, theater and opera director Sophie Hunter, seems to think he’s pretty hot, and isn’t that what’s important? The two also have a young son named Christopher.

8 Jon Hamm

7 Olivia Wilde

Model and actress Olivia Wilde honestly thought she wasn’t “beautiful enough” for beau Jason Sudeikis! Did she really think the SNL alum was going to reject her? Wilde also admitted that she felt that she wasn’t really Jason’s type and didn’t have the intellect to keep up with him. Again, we’re confused as to why she would think this, but maybe she’s just trying to boost her man’s ego. Wilde is an actor, producer, director and community activist, so aside from being beautiful, she’s pretty well-rounded and would easily be a great catch for any guy. Wilde and Sudeikis have been together since 2011 and have a son together, so we’re guessing Jason thinks she’s pretty hot.

6 Mila Kunis

Actress Mila Kunis has stated that she doesn’t think she’s “particularly attractive at all.” We find that really hard to believe, since she’s a favorite on the Maxim Hot List, and she looks great after having baby Wyatt, with fiance Ashton Kutcher. Mila has also said that she doesn’t know how to naturally behave in a sensual way, like some women do. Kunis is pretty much known as a sex symbol in Hollywood, even though it seems that she doesn’t really acknowledge it. The That 70's Show alum has stated that her quick wit and sense of humor have gotten her far in Hollywood. We have to admit that she may have a point. However, being funny when you’re already stunning is just a bonus point. Even if she never said a word, men would still be going crazy over her.

5 Anne Hathaway

Actress, wife and expectant mom Anne Hathaway, has won numerous awards for her work on screen. She’s been in beauty campaigns and is often on the best dressed list. But alas, she is not without insecurities. Hathaway has stated that she doesn’t like the way her body is shaped. Her slender figure could easily impress on the runway, but she doesn’t seem to think so. Anne has probably made so many other women feel secure about themselves, their bodies and their life choices, after starring in movies like The Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada. We recommend she take a look at those movies again and see how beautiful she really is.

4 Jessica Alba

Actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba actually said that “every actress out there is more beautiful than me.” She emphasized that they were “all better looking” and that she could confirm this because she’d seen them without makeup. That has got to be one of the most shocking statements ever. Alba is easily considered one of the most stunning women in Hollywood. Maybe her comments are just a way to remind her fans that she’s really down to earth. Or, maybe she’s just crazy enough to believe that all the other women in Hollywood are more beautiful than she is. Someone get her a mirror right away.

3 Ed Sheeran

The red-headed crooner says that he thinks it’s “odd” that women scream for him at his concerts. He admits that the attention is flattering, but doesn’t see himself as a sex symbol. Sheeran admits that he’s not particularly hot, and concludes that most women want to take him home to “mother” him rather than have a romantic encounter with him. Sure, he’s not a heartthrob and he’s got a baby face, but that doesn’t mean he’s not attractive. Well, he’s cute. In a cuddly, endearing kind of way. So, we kind of see his point. Still, Sheeran shouldn’t be so hard on himself.

2 Kathy Griffin

Comedienne Kathy Griffin hasn’t been shy about the fact that she’s had several plastic surgeries. Although she’s always been outspoken and funny, she admits that she had insecurities about her looks for a long time. When she was 26, she decided to get a nose job, because she thought that would make it easier for her to get an agent in Hollywood. Griffin also admits that she took extreme measures to lose weight, including binge eating, and taking illegal diet pills. She also reveals that she felt even more pressure to lose weight when she got the part on the sitcom Suddenly Susan. Griffin now says that she spent too much time worrying about her looks in the past, and should have been more focused on her work.

1 Lil Kim

It’s been a while since rapper Lil Kim had a hit single. However, she’s still in the media from time to time because of the way she has completely altered her looks. From facial injections to a nose job and breast augmentation, Lil Kim is hardly recognizable anymore. And let’s not forget the lip injections that didn’t work out so well. Many people have wondered why the petite rapper, songwriter, producer and mother would go to such great lengths to change her appearance, and part of her decision may have to do with a desire to keep up with younger women in her industry. Jones has also stated that being in an abusive relationship caused her to have to get multiple nose jobs in order to repair her face.

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