12 Celebs That Make Rehab Look Like Spa Trips

Before celebrities ever came into the picture, rehab centers were considered to be a source of shame and evidence of sin. Though mind-altering substances have been around for centuries, addiction had always been frowned upon. People who traversed the invisible line and had to be checked into rehab, the treatment was often discussed in hushed undertones. Then came the celebrities and they changed all that!

Today, many celebrities have perpetuated the fact that trips to rehab are intrinsic to fame, for there are so many celebrities who seem to have been there, done that, and then done it all over again, and again! It seems that just like casual spa trips, trips to rehab add allure to their public intrigue. Tabloids and the paparazzi that let us peek into the turbulent lives of these celebs are making matters worse by reporting rehab check-ins in the most anesthetizing and shallow ways, that take the whole reality of what rehab really entails; a lot of hard work! And when Lindsay Lohan gets busted for drunk driving, getting into rehab and then continuing to party; or when Kate Moss does coke, checks into rehab and emerges richer and more famous, it doesn't help one bit! Here’s a look at some repeat rehab offenders that make rehab check-ins practically look like spa trips.


12 Drew Barrymore

Getting success at a really young age and getting a taste of celebrity-hood early didn't really work too well for Drew Barrymore. Drew, who was into partying at celebrity hangouts long before she hit any real maturity, went into rehab twice in her teens for substance abuse. In fact, her first visit was when she was only 13 years old. She has admitted publicly to have had her first drink at the age of 9, had smoked marijuana at the age of 10 and had started cocaine by age 12.

11 Kelly Osbourne


In a candid admission for Cosmopolitan UK, Ozzy Osbourne's famous daughter Kelly Osbourne, opened up about her multiple rehab stints. The singer and former reality star has been to rehab a total of 7 times and has even been to two mental institutions. Prescription drugs, alcohol, food; just about everything has had Kelly heading for rehab institutions. The constant media attention on her habits and her weight has certainly not helped Kelly much either, but with so many of these stints, Kelly sure seems to be taking them a tad bit too lightly.

10 Amy Winehouse

British singer Amy Winehouse has also had multiple rehab stints for both alcohol, as well as drug abuse. At one time it was reported that Amy was also hooked onto the anti-anxiety drug Valium. There are several videos and photos of her online where she is smoking pipes and snorting suspicious looking white powders. After her rehab stint in 2008, it was her father that convinced her that she still needed help in 2011, and it is indeed a pity that that the talented soul singer died of alcoholism the same year.

9 Keith Urban


Country music star Keith Urban had been battling drug and alcohol addiction for years, since the 90s in fact. Keith had a stint in rehab in 1998 and he remained committed to staying sober for 6 years thereafter. Yet, after his marriage to the beautiful Nicole Kidman, he couldn't handle being away from her (by his own admission) and unfortunately relapsed to his old ways. Nicole, his wife of only 4 months at the time, staged an intervention and encouraged him to seek help again. His 2006 rehab stint seems to be working so far.

8 Robbie Williams

Singer Robbie Williams has always raised quite a few eyeballs, and not just for seeking out rehab help for drugs and drinks but also for not being committed to staying clean, despite his various stints. Though the singer has managed to stay out of trouble since he met his wife Ayda, in 2006, he has definitely not been completely sober, by his own admission. He claims to smoke marijuana every once in a while and he definitely thinks that it’s not a big deal, just as long as he doesn't get addicted again!

7 Whitney Houston


Singer Whitney Houston who always had a troubled personal life, has also had several rehab check-ins associated with her name due to her addiction to substance abuse. While initially Whitney had voluntarily entered a recovery program to help her get rid of her drug and alcohol troubles, she was later pushed into it again in 2005, by her thoughtful mother Cissy Houston, who thought she needed some outside help when things got out of hand. The star met her tragic end after she drowned in her bath, having had two uncontrolled drug binges for two consecutive evenings!

6 Britney Spears

Being in and out of rehab is just as ‘normal’ for Britney Spears, as periodically odd behavior that ranges from bad to worse, and from worse to self-destructive. After a series of bad personal decisions and some equally bad public behaviors, the pop star initially checked in at a rehab clinic in California. Excessive drinking, coupled with what her therapists believed to be some sort of mental disorder (such as bipolar disorder), has made the singer vulnerable to ‘letting off steam’ in a manner that is hazardous to her own health and her own well being.


5 Lindsay Lohan


The original party girl Lindsay Lohan doesn't look like she is ready to sober up anytime soon. Her battles with addiction and subsequent rehab stints have spanned over a period of 7 long years. Her first stint was proactively self-imposed at the age of 21, while a second came just months after the first. To make matters worse, she was arrested for DUI and the possession of cocaine another few months after she was out, and this cycle of arrests and rehabs have seemingly been part of her life ever since.

4 Kate Moss

Supermodel Kate Moss has seen many highs and lows in her life, and whether it was the success that she couldn't digest or a string of bad boys, she often found herself in the midst of drugs and drinks. Her romance with Johnny Depp when she was just 20, ended with a stint in rehab after chain smoking, trashed hotel rooms and wild parties became a little too much for her. Kate has also been to rehab for ‘exhaustion’ in 1998. During her relationship with Pete Doherty, it seemed to be about heroin and cocaine. Once again in 2005, local newspaper Daily Mirror published pictures of the model snorting lines of cocaine and its aftermath lost her several prize campaigns. It seems, with Kate, it goes something like this – once a hot mess, always a hot mess!

3 Robert Downey Jr.


Age and maturity seems to have finally gotten through to Robert Downey Jr. and subsequently mellowed the star out from his self-destructive, early days. He too has seen the gates of many rehab centers with the exception that he has managed to break out of a couple of them too. Getting wasted, getting busted with cocaine on him and then getting in and out of rehab have all been his things since he had started using drugs as a kid. He seems to have cleaned up recently though, especially after he checked into rehab in 2001, knowing for himself that he needed to sort himself out.

2 Charlie Sheen

It seems substance abuse and bad behavior go totally hand in hand with Charlie Sheen. Charlie has done it all; from alcohol abuse, to drugs like cocaine and heroin. After a 1998 stint in rehab, he still continued to drink and do drugs. He was once again sentenced to enter a drug rehab center in 2010. In 2012, he treated rehab like a spa therapy place by enrolling for treatment a total of 3 times in the 12 month period. Now the star says that he no longer believes in rehab, as it doesn't seem to be working for him – and of course, he still continues to drink!

1 Amanda Bynes


Nickelodeon’s amazing starlet Amanda Bynes, started quite young and reached higher peaks than even those with established Hollywood careers, at a tender age. Probably unable to handle the fame and adulation and even owing to mental illnesses (which were diagnosed at a much later stage), the star has managed to throw away her life and success. Multiple rehab stints, multiple arrests for various reasons and multiple commitments to psychiatric wards have still not managed to get the star’s life back on track. She had been checked into rehab even as recently as 2014, for marijuana addiction. Still, if one were to go by her own words, she’s always claimed, “I don’t drink. I’m allergic to alcohol. I don’t smoke pot. I smoke tobacco.”




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