12 Amazing, Lesser Known Spring Break Spots That Won't Be Packed

For some, the most exciting part of the year is looming right ahead - spring break vacation.

Spring break is known exclusively for a week (or more) packed full of parties, sunny weather, nice beaches, and not remembering what happened the night before. MTV has broadcasted spring break vacationers for years, so it's not hard to picture what a wild spring break might look like.

Year after year, spring breakers take to the same places to live it up. Sometimes it's Vegas, sometimes it's Florida, and other times it's California. No matter where you go during spring break, it's hard to avoid the out of state residents looking to have the time of their lives. For people who aren't on spring break, this gets annoying. Nobody likes every single place they go to be extremely crowded. If you're one of the few who is still trying to scope out a spring break location, don't fret - you still have time! Furthermore, if you're on the hunt for a spring break that you want to remember and don't want to base on alcohol, there's also still a chance for that.

All around the world there are tons of places to go for spring break that won't be uncomfortably packed with college students and under-aged drinkers. There are plenty of beaches to be explored, food to be eaten, and experiences to be had in places that you'd never thought you'd visit in your life. Here are 12 awesome spring break destinations that are a bit out of the ordinary and won't be way too packed.

12 Fort Myers, Florida

11 Toronto, Canada

10 Todos Santos, Mexico

9 Charleston, South Carolina

8 Keystone, Colorado

7 Maui, Hawaii

6 Seattle, Washington

5 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

4 Kiawah Island, South Carolina

3 Road trip

2 Riviera Maya, Mexico

1 Negril, Jamaica

Quite possibly one of the most pricey options for spring break is to head on over to Negril, Jamaica. If you’re that serious about luxury and a great time, this splurge of a vacation won’t be an issue. Negril is becoming a little bit more populated as word gets out of how fun it is, but it shouldn’t be too packed this year. Not only will going to Negril allow you to be in a completely different country, but there’s tons of experience that spring breakers won’t want to miss. Negril is pretty laid-back – so laid-back in fact that vacationers are allowed to barhop barefoot from one spot to the next along the seven mile stretch of beach. There’s also Rick’s Cafe, which was named Travel Channel’s Top Beach Bar list. What makes Rick’s Cafe so special is that it has fifty foot cliffs that you’re allowed to jump off of. In addition to that, there’s daily spring break contests, DJs, and other beachside entertainment.


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12 Amazing, Lesser Known Spring Break Spots That Won't Be Packed