12 Actresses Who Actually Don't Think They're Sexy

It’s perfectly normal for Hollywood actors and actresses to boast about their incredible talents and looks, because after all, Hollywood is an ego-driven town. But what is unusual is for actresses to

It’s perfectly normal for Hollywood actors and actresses to boast about their incredible talents and looks, because after all, Hollywood is an ego-driven town. But what is unusual is for actresses to deny their attractiveness. Do they simply do it to appear humble? Or do they actually really believe they’re not smoldering hot? Certain actresses can remain unconvinced of their sex appeal, even after winning multiple “sexiest woman” honors. The women on this list can choose to whine about how unsexy they are, but the truth is, it’s obvious that all of them are sexy, smart, talented and in total control of their bodies.

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12 Emma Watson

Emma Watson, who grew up playing Hermione in the Harry Potter movies, hasn't succumbed to the dangers of Hollywood like a lot of child stars do. In fact, she’s maintained a clear sense of self. "I find this whole thing about being 18 and everyone expecting me to be this object…I find the whole concept of being ‘sexy’ embarrassing and confusing,” she told Daily Mail a few years ago. "I know everyone wants a picture of me in a mini-skirt. But that’s not me. I feel uncomfortable. I’d never go out in a mini-skirt. It’s nothing to do with protecting the Hermione image. I wouldn't do that. Personally, I don’t actually think it’s even that sexy. What’s sexy about saying, 'I’m here with my boobs out and a short skirt…have a look at everything I've got'? My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder."

11 Anna Kendrick

The multi-talented Anna Kendrick scored an Oscar nomination and can sing really well, but she’s also considered to be fairly attractive. This summer, she revealed to Elle magazine that no one’s hit on her since Up in the Air came out (that was in 2009). "I've never felt like I've exactly traded on my looks. When I was a teenager, I was an ultralate bloomer, and my mom would say it was a blessing, because it means you never have to wonder if guys are only interested in you because you've got boobs. I would have been thrilled if guys were interested in me because of my boobs!" Don’t worry, Anna. Plenty of men are now interested in your boobs.

10 Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is, without a doubt, one of prettiest faces in country music. The American Idol winner said this in an interview with Cosmopolitan, “I don’t consider myself sexy. I’m kind of a nervous person in general. I’m socially awkward…Oh, and I burp a lot.” There are probably people out there who think a woman burping is sexy (a man burping--not so much). And if not, we're certain that most men will look past that minor detail.

9 Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger has spent a lot of time in the limelight, first in the burlesque group, The Pussycat Dolls and then as a judge on the popular reality show, X Factor. "No one hits on me,” Scherzinger told People in 2008. “I don’t really see myself as sexy; I’m the biggest nerd I know.” Someone should definitely inform her how nerds are now seen as being sexy.

8 Margot Robbie

The Australian beauty played Leonardo DiCaprio’s luscious wife in the last year’s The Wolf of Wall Street, which catapulted her into the spotlight. The unassuming actress said this to Vanity Fair: "In my big group of girlfriends at home, I am definitely not the best-looking. I did not grow up feeling like I was particularly attractive." Her Wolf performance got her nominated for a MTV Movie Award, several critics awards, and she ended up winning a Best Newcomer award from Empire Magazine, proving she's way more than just a pretty face (even though she doesn't agree).

7 Olivia Wilde

The sexy actress surprisingly felt self-conscious when she met her now-fiance, Jason Sudeikis. She told Marie Claire that it took him a few months to ask her out. "I thought, he won't be interested in me; I'm not a contender. He was so cool, so funny — I was such a fan of his and had always fancied his speed and his intelligence. I felt like fresh meat at the market. I thought, I'm not beautiful enough or his type.” Sure, Sudeikis is a good looking guy, but he isn't Ryan Gosling, and Olivia should definitely take another glance in a mirror.

6 Salma Hayek

One of the big screen's sexiest bombshells, and one of the sexiest women to ever come from Mexico, reportedly doesn't think much of her curvaceous body.“I won a Best Body Award from Fitness Magazine and I was too embarrassed to accept it,” she told Parade. “I actually don’t have a good body, but if everybody thinks so, I guess it means I’m a good actress. I have acted the part of the girl who has a very good body. If you know how to dress, there’s some tricks you can pull.” Oh, Salma, you don't have to be so modest.

5 Penelope Cruz

This year, Esquire gave the Oscar-winning Spanish actress the title of The Sexiest Woman Alive 2014. Although, Penelope Cruz told the magazine how she doesn't feel as though she really lives up to the title and considers herself just a “mother who doesn't get enough sleep.” In fact, a few years ago, she told Parade Magazine: “I don’t think I am beautiful. I can look good and I can look ugly. What’s funny is that when I was younger I wanted everyone to look at me. Now I like to watch other people because you can learn a lot of interesting things.”

4 Megan Fox

Megan Fox has made a career out of playing sexy roles in the movies, and it’s also translated to magazine covers and a slew of “sexy” awards. Yet, the foxy actress doesn't exactly agree with her sexy stereotype. “I don’t think I’m a sexy, beautiful woman," she told the News Of The World. "I look like Ted Nugent in a black wig.” No, she doesn't look anything like a gun-crazed rock star. Additionally, Shia LaBeouf, her Transformers co-star, told the LA Times: “This is a girl who was taken from complete obscurity and placed in a sex-driven role in front of the whole world and told she was the sexiest woman in America, and she had a hard time accepting it.” She seems to be doing okay now, though.

3 Mila Kunis

The new mom and Ukrainian Superstar kills with her exotic looks, but the actress doesn't think very much of it. She's just sexy without trying. Mila Kunis told The Sun: “I appreciate the attention but I don’t think of myself as particularly attractive at all. I also don’t have that naturally sexual or sensuous way of behaving that some women have.” That hasn't prevented publications from awarding her with a litany of sexy titles. GQ named her Knockout of the Year, FHM awarded her with Sexiest Woman In The World 2013, and even Men’s Health placed her on their 100 Hottest Women of All Time list.

2 Scarlett Johansson 

The now 30-year-old sex symbol is also a truly refined actress. She is the only women to be named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, on two occasions, most recently last year. In 2007, Playboy even named Scarlett Johansson their Sexiest Celebrity of the year (were sure that doesn't come easy). The blond bombshell may pop out of her tight red carpet dresses, but she also has the acting chops. Unfortunately, ScarJo doesn't agree with the world’s assessment about her: “I don’t think of myself as sexy. I tend to see flaws in my appearance,” she told NOW Magazine. Yeah, sure, whatever you say Scarlett.

1 Jessica Alba

Gauging by Jessica Alba’s many bikini-clad magazine layouts, it seems like this stunning star is more of a sexy model than a serious actress. “Every actress out there is more beautiful than me,” she told GQ. “All better looking than me. I've seen them without makeup, so I know.” Additionally, she once told OK! Magazine that she’s a prude, "but a good director can make a scene look sexy without me taking off my top." It has been reported that Alba stays true to that advice, as she hasn't done much (if any) nudity in movies. We tip our hats off to you, Jessica.

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12 Actresses Who Actually Don't Think They're Sexy