11 Reasons Why Every Girl Can Benefit From Breast Implants

Every Girl Breast Augmentation Benefits

Breast augmentations are a hot commodity in this day and age; whether we are going up or down in size, everybody wants a piece of the action. When we speak of breast augmentations it is normally associated with breast implants, fake breasts, silicone boobs or whatever else you want to call them. However, people seem to forget that there are lifts, reductions, reconstruction, placements and a plethora of other procedures that fall under this umbrella. There are also several reasons as to why people turn their attention to breast augmentations and while the procedure generally gets a bad rap, it can have some pretty positive responses; not only from women but from men as well. There is no one type of person that opts for breast augmentation, people from all walks of life have wanted to try their hand at a procedure that boosts confidence, allows women to feel happier within themselves, solves back problems and even allows men to fall in love with their wives all over again (well at least their chest). This cosmetic surgery has been one of the most popular surgeries since 2009, and helps people’s self-perception increase tremendously. According to a 2012 plastic surgery guide, most women felt that the surgery placed emphasis on how realistic their surgery outcome was and felt that they were happy with their decision to go under the knife. If you are considering altering your physical appearance, here is a list of 11 reasons why any girl can benefit from changing the appearance of their breast #breastlove.

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11 They Can Be Removed


The number one thing people should always remember about breast implants is that they can be removed. So yeah, you went through a procedure, it took you several weeks (usually two) to recuperate, you were in a significant amount of pain (that you can mask with pain killers) and you quite literally just went under a knife (well a scalpel). But if you are really unhappy you can go back under the knife and get those suckers popped out. Breast implants are not a permanent thing; in fact, most people usually have to get them re-done usually around the 10 year mark (if not before) to avoid any health concerns.

10 Hate Foreign Objects? Try The Natural Boob Job


There is a fairly new procedure on the market for people who want a boob job but refuse to allow a foreign object to occupy space within their body. It involves transferring fat from different parts of your body to increase your bust size. Unfortunately, there are still risks with procedures like this; first, you need to have a significant amount of fat on your body to transfer so you can actually see a difference. So not every woman is a candidate; second, there is the risk of scarring, droopy skin and bruising from having the initial liposuction procedure. Also, keep in mind that the results are temporary because fat burns everywhere.

9 You Look Even Better With Your Clothes Off


For women with bigger or smaller boobs, taking their clothes off in front of a significant other can be their worst nightmare. With bigger boobs you sometimes have that droop-age, a bigger areola, and horrible posture. For women with smaller boobs you fear looking like a pre-pubescent child with nothing on top to show off; it is a struggle on both ends ladies. A breast reduction can leave you with a perkier bust and smaller areola, or breast implants can leave you with a bigger bust, a more womanly body and that curvier shape that seems to be so popular lately.

8 Life After Weight Loss


Losing weight or gaining weight is killer on the body; not only do your breasts sometimes suffer but you lose the definition that your used to your body having. If you do not work out the right muscles, your boobs can become a flabby, misshaped mess and if you do workout the right parts your boobs are this weird mixture of pectoral muscles mixed with breast looking things. It is almost a lose-lose situation; breast implants or even a simple lift can remedy that problem and get you back in tip top form sooner than later. However, always maintaining a healthy weight and exercise routine can help you avoid most procedures, but this usually means you would have to had been working out from a younger age.

7 Life After Babies


The myth is true, babies literally suck the life out of your breasts. It may seem cool that your boobs are growing to a gigantic size as your body goes through the natural process of creating and carrying a life for 9 months, but all those cool benefits go down the drain almost immediately after the child is born. The constant breast feeding and milk pumping sucks the plumpness out of your new fun bags. One baby, okay you can recover with only a few minor differences but by baby number 2 or 3, your body does not easily bounce back and after nursing 3 babies your breast can take on that flat pancake look. It could be time to call the doc, just keep in mind that breast implants and breast feeding do not go hand in hand.

6 Choose A New Areola Size


During your breast augmentation, whether you are going up or down you can choose your areola size. If you had big ones that took up half of your breast, you can opt for smaller ones; keep in mind that it may not matter for anything because you risk oozing sensation in your nipples and other parts of your breast during any augmentation, but hey at least they will look petite and pretty and fall in line with the rest of your body. The option to change your nipple is kind of cool when you think about it and remember it is not for everyone. Normally people with a bigger areola are the ones who opt for this procedure.

5 Choose Whatever Size You Like


Going to a breast augmentation consultation is like going to a mall and getting to try on different outfits until you find what looks right on you. There are a bunch of different breast implants on display, ranging from shape and size and silicone or saline. This may be one of the only times in life when you can choose your own breast size; unless you have a direct line to a higher up to send a special request to. Always remember in situations like this, the size of the breast is one of the most important things to be definite about because no doctor will go back in a short amount of time because you do not like the size.

4 Clothes Fit Better

If you have never filled out a top before then you are in for a treat, because it can be one of the best feelings in world when you put on an item of clothing and it fits beautifully in all the right places. A silhouette is one of the most important assets that a woman’s body can have; it is a tease without having to show off any real skin. After all, what is sexier than a basic v-neck T-shirt with a little cleavage popping out of the top or a work blouse that hugs and lays in all of the right places?

3 Out With The Old, In With The New


If you are an old school kind of chick you may be able to see the benefits of silicone more than the benefits of its younger cousin, saline. Saline is kind of the newcomer in the game and although both options are safe and healthy, silicone is the OG and FDA approved so when people say that silicone is deadly, that is the worst possible case scenario. Ultimately, go with what feels best to you. This means that when you get to handle the merchandise, you should really take a good hand full feel of it and decide what you want living inside of you.

2 Instant Confidence Booster

Several studies have shown that the reason why most women obtain breast implants is because of a lack of confidence in their body. Now, the normal response would be to seek treatment and learn to love yourself, but it is not always that deep. Sometimes you just want to get new boobs and be happier. Augmenting any part of someone’s body is an instant confidence booster but always know that this confidence booster will wear off eventually. But, until it does at least enjoy your new look and take advantage of the stares you get. Better yet, use those compliments to help you boost your confidence.

1 Perkier Bosoms

Probably the best part about getting a breast augmentation is the thing that women complain about the most; having a perkier bosom. Universally, whether big or small, all women want that perky set of twins that they are lacking. It is not true that younger women have perkier breasts, granted it is more likely but the size of the bust and the natural droop disappears quickly and you are left with an elongated set of breasts. Not even good genes can save you sometimes. A perkier bosom is probably the best part about having a breast augmentation done. Big or small your boobs benefit from it dramatically.

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