11 Reasons Why Being Kate Middleton Actually Sucks

Every little girl wants to grow up and be a princess, right? At least, that’s the widely accepted generalization.

After Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, she quickly became a cultural icon and a woman who many other women envied. I mean after all, there was much to envy about Kate. For starters, her hair is spectacular. Like, how does one even get hair that shiny and perfect? She is like a walking Pantene commercial.

Next, there is her engagement ring, a 12-karat Ceylon sapphire. What woman wouldn’t want to wear Princess Diana’s old engagement ring? Kate Middleton just walks around everyday with a ring worth a cool $500,000 on her finger. You know, no biggie.

On top of the engagement ring, she also has access to the family jewels, like the Lotus Flower tiara, Princess Diana’s favorite. No wonder Kate has sported it herself on a few occasions. Not only does Kate Middleton have access to tiaras, she also has occasions to which she can wear tiaras. When, besides her wedding day, does a regular woman actually have a chance to wear a tiara? Like, never.

While Kate’s life may seem like a whirlwind of fancy events, jewelry and fame, it would actually kind of suck to be her, if you really, really think about it. Yes, I know, it’s hard to get past to jewelry but when you start to realize how little freedom she is granted and how much of her life is in the public eye, you may begin to value your anonymity over her 12-karat sapphire ring. Here are eleven reasons why being Kate Middleton would actually suck.

11 No Career Of Her Own

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Unfortunately for Kate, her title is Duchess of Cambridge. I say unfortunately because her title will never be astronaut, CEO, defense attorney, actress or whatever the hell she dreamed of being as a child. Sure, she, like many other little girls, may have actually dreamed of one day becoming royalty, but now that she is royalty, that is all for her. Forget writing a novel, like sister Pippa, or taking up that pole dancing workout class.

10 No Social Media

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Considering the fact that many 34-year-old women have several different forms of social media, isn’t it odd that Kate does not? There is no authentic profile on for Kate Middleton on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Even if she had a form of social media, she wouldn’t be able to use it like us normal people do, you know, sharing updates about life and staying in touch with friends. Nope, she’d have to carefully curate everything to be in line with how the royal family wants to be perceived. She could never be tagged in a photo where she looks a little bit tipsy or get into a Twitter war with a Kardashian family member.

9 Pictures From The Past


Speaking of social media, how many tagged photos from college would you rather the world not see? Probably a handful, right? If you were to ever marry someone royal, those pictures would come back and haunt you, the same way they haunt Kate. How many times have you seen the above photo of her wearing that see-through dress in college? It’s everywhere. She wore this dress in a fashion show at St Andrews University and supposedly Prince William could not take his eyes off her. Ah, the see-through dress that launched Kate into queen-dom.

8 Paparazzi

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That’s not where the embarrassing photos would end. Can you possibly imagine having your picture taken every single time you step out of your house? That’s exactly what happens to Kate Middleton. There are photos of her grocery shopping, eating at a restaurant, or getting coffee. These are things people do on the weekly basis but they don’t have to worry about being photographed.

7 Everything You Do Is News

Literally, everything single thing Kate Middleton does is news. If she attends an event, it is news, what she wore is news, who she spoke to is news. It is news that she breastfed her children. When she steps out of the house six weeks after giving birth, looking quite thin, that is news. You get it, anything she does is news, even what she buys at the grocery store.

6 Queen Elizabeth Is The Boss

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Kate Middleton isn’t the queen yet and until she is, she’ll have to answer to ol’ Queen Elizabeth II. The rumor mill has reported about the Queen Elizabeth vs Kate Middleton throw downs ever since Kate was linked to William. Whether there is truth in all the rumors of Queen Elizabeth’s disapproval, one thing is for sure: Queen Elizabeth is still in charge.

5 She Can’t Even Wear What She Wants


4 Windsor Castle Is Probably Haunted

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3 All The Small Talk


2 Those Awful Post-Labor Pictures


1 Her Inability To Lead A "Normal" Life


Before the royal wedding, 1,000 British women were polled as to if they would like to be Kate Middleton. A whooping 86% said that they were not jealous of Kate at all and the reason being was her “inability to lead a normal life.”

This last point is basically a summary of all the above points. Despite being a princess and seemingly having it all, Kate does not have the ability to lead a normal life. She will never experience life the same way most normal people do and that is actually really, really sad. While Kate Middleton has all the treats that come with being royalty, you know, like jewelry, privilege, castles, security, money, she doesn’t have the precious anonymity that we common folk have.


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11 Reasons Why Being Kate Middleton Actually Sucks