11 Crazy Thoughts Every Woman Has Regularly

crazy thoughts every woman has

There is no denying that women’s minds are constantly on the go. Whether they’re thinking about what they are going to wear, who they have to meet, what is on their “to-do” list or what events are coming up in the next few months, women’s minds always have that green light flashing.

In comparison to men, women are often classified as overly analytical or obsessive. While they often do put a lot of thought into things, it isn’t necessarily bad. Women like it when things are well presented, thought out and properly displayed. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? However, they sometimes let their endless thoughts get the best of them and cause them to stress out over things that shouldn’t necessarily worry them as much as they do.

A lot of the time, the things women worry about have to do with the men in their lives. Wondering what he is going to think if she does or says something is one example. Most of the time, guys are so laid back that they wouldn’t even notice half of the things that we are concerned about until we actually tell them that we are. Even at that, most of the time guys will tell you that there is actually nothing to worry about at all. In the end, such trivial things that don’t have a major impact on their lives at all often consume women’s minds. Here are a few of them.

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11 “I haven’t had sex but my period is late. I’m pregnant.”

Alright ladies, we’ve all had this scare before. Your period is slightly late and suddenly we jump right into panic mode. Then once it arrives, your stress level drops significantly. Unless you’ve been slightly irresponsible, you shouldn’t be worrying about it so much. Periods can be late for a variety of reasons, EVEN if you’re on the pill and expect to get it at the same hour of the same day every month. One of the most important things to remember is that your mind and body are inevitably connected. So if you’re stressing out, it will definitely have secondary effects. Chill out.

10 “I can’t go to the bathroom here!”

Here is another famous one. Women are generally hesitant about going to the bathroom at places other than their own home. More specifically, they are worried about having to go to the bathroom at their boyfriends house. Let’s face it…we are all human, we all have the same needs…it’s inevitable. Instead of holding it in to the point where you’re totally uncomfortable, get over the fear and go. It doesn’t mean you can’t be discreet about it, but to the point where you need to leave his place early in order to go to the bathroom? It’s a bit much. Truth is, he doesn’t care anyway.

9 “How did SHE get engaged before me?”

Oh the joys of wedding season. Who’s engaged versus who isn’t. With social media taking over the world, it takes a few seconds (literally) before everyone finds out that someone got engaged. Whatever happened to keeping things low key? While some couples still hold to the idea of keeping things private, others enjoy sharing the news as quickly as possible. The problem in all of this is the sooner people find out, the sooner they have negative things to say about it. Sure, it’s normal to sometimes feel frustrated when you see others getting hitched before you, but why do we have to compare and bash others? They’ve found the person they want to marry. Your time will come eventually. Who left it up to us to decide whether or not that person should be engaged? Relax!

8 “Maybe I should have shaved my legs…”

Especially during the summer months, shaving our legs seems to be the most tedious but necessary thing to do. Every shower becomes that much longer, but it’s worth it once it’s done. All of a sudden you take a shower and think, "nah I can skip a day, no biggie"…and boom! You’re invited to a spontaneous pool party or you find yourself on a date thinking “Maybe I should have shaved my legs…who knows where this will go.” Once again, most guys won’t care if you skipped a day of making your legs silky smooth. To be quite honest, most guys won’t even notice because it’s often not as big of a deal as you make it.

7 “Is that girl pregnant, or is she just getting fat?”

Unfortunately this one is sad but true. As soon as we look at a girl who doesn’t have a flat stomach, the questions come to mind. Is she pregnant? Is that post baby weight? Or is she just getting fat? It’s even worse when it’s someone we know and haven’t seen in a while. It’s human nature to wonder what’s going on with someone and to come up with our own assumptions. But in reality, how do we know what that person is going through? Perhaps it’s a medical condition. Perhaps it IS related to pregnancy. It could also very well be that the person has let themselves slide. What difference does it make in our lives really?

6 “Maybe my phone isn’t working. I’ll reboot it in case I am not receiving messages”

The classic “Why aren’t they answering my texts” move. There is no denying that in 2015 people are completely glued to their phones. But the moment they don’t respond to your text message you start to wonder what exactly is going on. Why aren’t they answering me? Are they mad? Maybe my messages aren’t going through! While all of these scenarios could absolutely happen, the majority of the time the person is busy. Yes that’s right, some people invest themselves in their work and forget to look at their phones for more than five minutes. Unless you haven’t heard back for hours, chances are they are simply busy. Your phone is most likely fine.

5 “Why are my boobs hurting?”

Let the panic begin. While it’s totally fine to be cautious and ensure that you’re in good health, it’s also very easy to get carried away with everyday aches and pains. More often than not, the soreness can be due to simple things like PMS, rigorous movements you may have done, the quality of bra you’re wearing or a simple exercise you did at the gym. There is no need to panic every time you’re sore in that area. Panicking only makes things worse for you when the discomfort will likely go away quickly.

4 “I wonder what he’s doing with his friends”

We all do it. He’s out with his friends and we sit and mull over what is it that they could possibly be doing. While ideas such as clubbing, bars and strip clubs immediately pop into mind, most of the time guys are doing exactly what they tell you they’re doing. Chances are they bought a case of 24 and are sitting around in one of their basements playing video games or watching some ridiculous television series. It’s harmless! If you trust your man then cross this one off of your list. There’s one less thing to occupy your mind so that you can enjoy a peaceful and well-deserved evening to yourself.

3 “What do you think that actually means?”

To sum it up in three words, we overanalyze everything. Whether it’s deciphering the tone of someone’s text because they forgot to put a smiley, or simply dissecting a very simple and often meaningless comment, we spend more time wondering what it “could have meant” than how much time it took the person to come up with it. Although analyzing things can sometimes be quite helpful, it often turns into a snowball effect where the analyzing turns to questioning which then turns into stress and uncertainty. There are so many other things going on in the world, why create our own ideas over things that are often meaningless? It doesn’t mean that we should stop caring, but we should stop worrying so much.

2 “If I skip lunch, can I have that piece of cake?”

How often do we find ourselves feeling guilty about eating something and making excuses for it? Unless you’re a fitness pro, it is very likely that you’ve found yourself in this exact position. Obviously it isn’t exactly healthy to skip lunch and jump for dessert instead. But if you’re going to do it, then do it and don’t obsess over it for the next few days. If you choose to be a rebel that day and go against your ideal regime, then go with your gut. But if your gut is uncertain and telling you no, then you probably shouldn’t do it. No one will be impressed if you skipped a proper lunch but replaced it with a piece of cake and then hear you talk yourself into thinking it’s fine. If you’re having a YOLO moment, so be it.

1 “Do I smell bad?”

Ninety-nine percent of the time, we think we smell bad but we really still smell like the perfume we put on that morning. If you have to ask someone if you smell bad, then you probably don’t because you would notice it without having to seek confirmation. Either way, most of us carry a back-up deodorant or body mist in those treasure chest purses of ours. We may feel as though we “smell” but we really don’t. Most of the time people don’t notice these things until they hear us expressing our concern.

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