11 Celebs With The Hottest Body Modifications

Minor body modifications (like body piercings and tattoos) have long been popular with celebrities. That’s also a large part of the reason why people who aren’t celebrities want to make these adjustments to their bodies in order to have something in common with their favorite famous people. While some celebs get out of hand when it comes to tattoos and piercings, there are some who have done the whole body art thing pretty tastefully.

Some famous people hide their piercings and tattoos pretty well, so on the rare occasion that you get a glimpse of the body art, it can be pretty fascinating. Of course, seeing a piercing or tattoo on your favorite celebrity can also remind you that he/she has a bit of an edge, even if the celeb is known for being on the conservative side.

If you’re thinking about getting a small piercing or have always wanted a tattoo, you may be able to look to the celebs you follow the most for some body art inspiration. Some of these creative body modification choices also look great with certain outfits or accessories, which is good to know if you want to change your overall look. Here are 11 celebrities who have the hottest body modifications.

11 Jessica Alba


10 Cara Delevigne


Model turned actress, Cara Delevigne may have been getting some negative feedback for showing her irritation during an interview, but some feel that her responses were warranted. Delevigne certainly is a free thinker in any case, and that’s evident in her body art. She has several tattoos, including a new one that says “breathe deep” in white ink. She’s also got body art of a lion on her index finger (which looks really cool) and a wrist tattoo that says “silence.” Perhaps she should have gotten the inspiration tattoos before her interview as an artistic reminder to keep her composure. Delevigne also shows her playful side with her body art, since she’s also got some arm ink that simply reads “bacon…”.Either she doesn’t exactly follow the “model” diet, or she figures the safest way to have bacon in her life is in the form of a tattoo.

9 Britney Spears


8 Pink


The edgy singer and songwriter has about 24 tattoos and counting. Just because she’s gone from the girl with the short pixie singing There You Go, to a wife and mom, Pink is still a rocker and she wants the world to know that. She also gets body art to remind herself of the different phases she’s gone through in life. The three-time Grammy winner has a tattoo around her wrist that says “what goes around comes around,” which is pretty self-explanatory, but bears repeating. She’s also got an arm tattoo to honor her late bulldog, Elvis. The body art features a poem inspired by Ecclesiastes as an ode to her furry friend. Pink got inked to honor her brother and father, who is a Vietnam war veteran, on her ankle in the form of dog tags.

7 Miley Cyrus


America’s favorite (?) wild child has about 40 tattoos, and they’re getting crazier. One of her latest tattoos is half of an avocado, but she has yet to reveal the meaning behind the ink. Even though she’s been in the middle of a lot of controversy following her hosting gig at the VMAs recently, Cyrus still has a bit of a soft side. She has a tattoo underneath her breast that reads “just breathe” as a tribute to her friend Vanessa, who passed away from cystic fibrosis, and as an ode to her deceased grandfather. She also has a tattoo of the word “love” in her ear. Miley has stated that the tattoo is a reminder to drown out negativity and only let love in. Inspirational, indeed.

6 Beyonce


Powerhouse singer and unofficial queen of the world, Beyonce has a tattoo on her ring finger that has several meanings. The tattoo is the Roman numeral for the number 4, which represents the day she and rapper Jay-Z, tied the knot, April 4th. The number tattoo also represents her birthday (September 4) and her husband’s birthday (December 4). Obviously, 4 is Beyonce’s lucky number. Looks like it’s been working for her, too, since she’s won a plethora of awards and is bound to attract millions whenever she performs or releases an album with no prior publicity. There have been rumors that Beyonce was having the tattoo removed, but it’s likely faded naturally because it’s not in black ink.

5 Drew Barrymore


It’s no secret that Drew Barrymore has had a pretty tumultuous life. She was in rehab and wrote a memoir by the time she was a teenager, and has even attempted suicide more than once. Barrymore was an adorable child actress and made her debut in the classic film E.T. She’s also known for acting alongside Adam Sandler in a string of romantic comedies, including The Wedding Singer and Blended. Barrymore also has some body art to prove that she’s turned over a new leaf and wants to continue maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Barrymore’s arm tattoo simply says “breathe,” and is a reminder to her to meditate, and prompts the wife and mother of two to take time to relax and enjoy life.

4 Kesha


3 Mel B


Spice Girl Mel B, has several tattoos. She’s got body art of a phoenix as a tribute to her daughter, who is named Phoenix. Mel also got a tattoo with her husband Stephen Belafonte. The couple got inked together when they visited a tattoo parlor late one night. Mel B and her husband weren’t forthcoming with the tattoos initially, and that probably has a lot to do with the fact that Mel also got a tattoo of Eddie Murphy’s name on her hip just two weeks after she started dating the famous actor. Clearly, she realized that was a mistake. Mel is in the process of getting her tribal bird tattoo removed from her arm, but she’s also got some inspiration tattoos of dragons and Chinese symbols that are signs of strength and peace.

2 Rihanna


Fans have been following Rihanna’s body art for years. Aside from having impeccable taste and clothing and hairstyles, the singer also has tattoos that she can show off whether she’s fully clothed or wearing next to nothing. She has a series of small stars on her neck and shoulder, and an elaborate tattoo of angel wings underneath her breasts that is a tribute to her late grandmother. Rihanna’s got a tattoo that was inked backwards as well. When she looks in the mirror, she’s reminded that the things she’s been through in life were “never a mistake, only a lesson.” The music note and treble clef on her foot are obviously signs that she’s in love with music.

1 Demi Lovato


The singer and former Disney star has her share of body art as well. Most of Lovato’s tattoos are signals that she has overcome hardship in her life and wants to continue living in emotional balance. She went to rehab a few years ago for anxiety and self esteem issues, but has now regained her confidence, which is evident in her music and the radiant disposition she displays during interviews. Demi has a tattoo of a cross on her hand to symbolize her faith, as well as body art on her wrists that reads “stay strong.” On the right side of her ribs, she has a tattoo decorated with feathers that says “you make me beautiful.”

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