11 Celeb Parents Who Have Dysfunctional Relationships With Their Kids

When a celebrity's personal life rolls over into their public life it can get embarrassing, violent and even awkward. Equally, when a celebrity has to juggle parenthood and personal issues, that includes a feud with a significant other or family member spills into the public, all hell can break loose. Celebrities do not seem to have normal family issues, as you can see through gossip sites and magazines like TMZ, People and Perez Hilton, it often involves a salacious scandal, a rift that is never ending or even accusations of abuse and alcohol and drug dependency. It is a common stereotype that most celebrities live in excess and enjoy all the aphrodisiacs that life has to offer. Is it safe to say that these perks could be the root of their problems? As unfortunate as it is, it is a celebrity's job to entertain us the viewers and regrettably, it comes at the cost of their privacy and the ability to deal with their very personal matters in front of a camera. Some famous parent/child rifts include Lindsay Lohan and daddy Michael, Joe and Michael Jackson, and rumored Demi Moore and her three daughters. When these dysfunctional relationships can no longer be kept a secret, the ultimate betrayals begin to come to light, including writing tell-all books, giving exclusive interviews and worst of all, the unfiltered Twitter or Facebook rant. Read on below to see a list of some of the most dysfunctional celebrity parent/child rifts in Hollywood.

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11 Lindsay Lohan & Michael Lohan

When child star Lindsay Lohan premiered on the big screen in the classic film The Parent Trap, there were high hopes for her foray into Hollywood. However, behind this talented child was a parent who was battling alcohol and drug addiction, a prison sentence and his own personal demons. Michael Lohan’s crazy antics quickly overshadowed Lindsay’s career. Needless to say, Lohan had to cut toes with her father for the sake of her career and one would assume her sanity. Michael has gone on to cause more trouble in Hollywood and place an even bigger rift between him and his children, including another stint in jail, an illegitimate child and associating himself with several domestic abuse charges.

10 Ronan Farrow & Woody Allen

Famed director Woody Allen had a very public dispute with his son Ronan, when news broke that he sexually assaulted one of his adopted daughters for several years. This rift went public when Ronan, an avid social media user, sent out a series of Tweets, blasting his father for the accusations made against him as a tribute was being made to him during the 2014 Golden Globes. Well, at least that is when the rift went public, truth be told Ronan and Woody have had a rocky relationship for years, beginning with his mother, Mia Farrow’s disgust with Woody marrying their adopted daughter.

9 Ireland Baldwin & Alec Baldwin

8 Drew Barrymore & John & Jaid Barrymore

A lot of people did not know that actress Drew Barrymore came from and acting dynasty that included successful parents John and Jaid Barrymore. What they also did not know was that those parents were partially responsible for Drew’s journey into drug and alcohol abuse, at the age of 11. Drew has admitted that she never had a good relationship with either of her parents, stating to US Magazine that she has come to the terms that she and her mother cannot be in one another’s lives because of past issues that took place. Although Drew has empathy for her mother and father, she admits that relationships with either one of them are mostly non-existent.

7 Jennifer Aniston & Nancy Dow


Actress Jennifer Aniston looks like she has the perfect life; a loving fiance, a successful career and she is a millionaire. But beneath the surface, Jennifer has harbored a troubling relationship with her mother Nancy Dow, who Aniston describes as very critical of her in an issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Aniston stated that her mother was very critical of her and made her feel insecure. It is hard to believe that someone as gorgeous as Aniston would be insecure; it just goes to show you that a parent's opinion can truly crush even the most content human being. The rift grew more intense when Dow wrote a tell-all about Jennifer in 1999, prompting Jennifer to not invite her mother to her nuptials to Brad Pitt in 2000. Reportedly, Jennifer and her mother are on better terms and she is invited (with caution) to her marriage to Justin Theroux.

6 Courtney Love & Francis Bean Cobain

5 Bobbi Kristina Brown & Bobby Brown

Musician Bobby Brown has always had a rocky, questionable relationship with his daughter Bobbi Kristina, whose mother was the talented Whitney Houston. Seen on the one season reality show Whitney & Bobby, and played out in the media, Bobbi and Bobby had a rough time getting along. It could have a lot to do with his alcohol and drug abuse and a lack of presence in her life. However, they had begun to mend their relationship and were on good terms after Whitney Houston’s death. Unfortunately, tables have taken a dramatic turn as Bobbi Kristina is now fighting for her life after being found unconscious. Here’s to hoping she pulls through and they continue to work on their relationship.

4 Joan Crawford & Christina Crawford


Everybody by now should know about the tumultuous relationship between actress Joan Crawford and her adopted daughter, Christina. A movie released in 1981, documented the harsh verbal and physical abuse that Christina endured at the hands of her alcoholic mother. Accusations of ill treatment and dramatic fights prompted Christina to state in 2008, that she will never forgive her mother, describing her as cruel and her past as painful. Joan has been accused of trying to kill Christina by choking her, delivering relentless beatings with a wire hanger and sporadic bouts of fury. Joan died in 1977 and never got the chance to resolve her relationship with her daughter.

3 Angelina Jolie & Jon Voight

The roots run deep between actress Angelina Jolie and her actor father Jon Voight. Admitting in a 2011 interview that she does not speak to her father for numerous reasons that include her fragile and troubling childhood and Voight’s 2001 comments bashing Jolie in an Access Hollywood interview, where he stated that she has serious mental issues. Their feud has been on and off for over a decade, admitting on both parts that they have tried to reconcile. Jolie had once admitted that she did not think it was healthy for her to be around her father who has had a destructive past with his marriages and the media. At this moment they are on talking terms, however it would be no surprise to anyone if they fell out, yet again.

2 Beyonce Knowles & Mathew Knowles


There is nothing worse than being embarrassed by a parent in public (it stings as much in adulthood as it does in adolescents). Unfortunately, the extremely private Beyonce Knowles couldn't make all of her father's indiscretions go away. Mathew Knowles has implicated himself one time too many, with everything from a cheating scandal, to an illegitimate child and money issues. After all of the embarrassment, Beyonce fired her father as her manager and Mathew alluded to Beyonce no longer speaking to him in an article published in 2011. Mathew could have single-handedly ruined his daughter's career; he does take responsibility for his side though, going on record saying that a relationship between he and Beyonce has been difficult.

1 Tori Spelling & Candy Spelling

Habitual oversharer, Tori Spelling has been in an on-again, off-again rift with her mother Candy Spelling, for most of her life. When she was a teenager, Tori claimed that as a child, her father had given her everything she could have wanted and later in life, as her mother began to take more control over the family, she did not help Tori out. Tori and Candy have accused one another with everything from being cut off financially and emotionally, to not visiting one another in their time of need, and even accusations of foul play when it came to Tori’s inheritance. These two just seem to clash over everything. As soon as they build up their relationship, something minimal and not important seems to break it down.

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