10 YouTube Fitness Channels You Need to Watch

The world of fitness can seem like an exclusive club. You’re either in great shape and have solid knowledge on how to improve your physique, or you're sitting on your couch channel surfing, completely

The world of fitness can seem like an exclusive club. You’re either in great shape and have solid knowledge on how to improve your physique, or you're sitting on your couch channel surfing, completely out of shape. Thanks to the Internet and these intrepid fitness content creators, you can find a fitness channel that meets both your needs and can teach you something new about the world of fitness for free on YouTube.

Whether you need to work on your form or need motivation to just get off the couch, these ten fitness-based YouTube channels will give you tips that will meet all your physique needs. From free classes for any and all fitness levels from both well known and lesser known trainers, to personal experience on keeping your head in the game while getting in shape to nutrition plans and how to balance your social life with training, each of these YouTube channels are dedicated to showing how diverse, fun and realistic being fit and healthy can be long term.

From bodybuilding, bikini competitions, powerlifting, weight loss, yoga and everything in between, these YouTubers have it all. Each of these channels can give you a good overall picture of what being committed to a healthy (and buff!) lifestyle is like and how fitness can fit into your life right now. With thousands (and in some cases millions) of subscribers, these fitness channels prove their worth with consistent content that’s not only inspiring but fun to watch.

10 BeFiT


If you enjoy doing workout programs from high profile trainers, but don’t want to have to shell out the cash to buy a DVD box set, the BeFiT channel on YouTube may be the answer to your fitness woes. BeFiT features free workout videos from a variety of trainers like Jillian Michaels, Scott Herman, Billy Blanks Jr. and others.

The workouts vary in intensity and styles, including cardio, weights and area specific exercises. BeFiT workouts can vary in length from around 10 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the video you choose. With 1.8 million subscribers, the BeFiT channel has something for fitness fanatics of every ability level.

9 Megsquats


Young, fun loving, with a body that could intimidate most in the weight room, Meg on the MegSquats channel is a beast. This young Washington DC based powerlifter shows all aspects of her fitness life—from daily food logs to training sessions, Q&A videos and competition prep.

Meg isn’t shy about sharing both the ups and downs of her fitness journey, and chronicles her transformation from a self proclaimed couch potato to a serious powerlifter. What makes Meg’s channel interesting is that she shows that when you are dedicated enough, you can make anything happen without coming off like a stuck up gym rat. The MegSquats YouTube channel currently has 18,000 subscribers.

8 Josie Mai


Josie Mai is a certified personal trainer who isn’t afraid of any food. On her channel, Josie talks openly about her past with binge eating, obsessive exercise and how she found a way to balance working out with healthy eating habits. Unafraid to take on any food, Josie promotes a flexible lifestyle, which means eating healthy, listening to your body and not killing yourself if you indulge every now and again. Josie is also a certified personal trainer.

Through her workout routine videos, eating videos and Q&A’s, Josie is a great example of where dedication to a healthy lifestyle can take you both physically and mentally. Josie Mai’s channel currently has 39,000 subscribers and counting.

7 HumerusFitness


Working as a certified personal trainer and competing as a mens physique competitor, Brian Turner aka HumerusFitness on YouTube, is a gym buff who not only has a professional edge on the industry, but his videos show that you can be a bodybuilder without having an inflated ego. Brian not only shows what he eats in a day, his training routines, and fun with his friends, but he also points out his flaws, like his journey with battling severe acne.

When you need help with your fitness goals and want someone who’s an experienced professional with an approachable attitude, watch HumerusFitness. Turner’s channel currently has 59,000 subscribers.

6 ChelseaLifts


Female weight lifting often gets a bad rap. Many women fear that lifting weights, especially lifting heavy weights will give them masculine, bulky bodies. Chelsea Karabin at ChelseaLifts on YouTube proves that this myth has no substance. In addition to being a female bodybuilder, Chelsea owns her own gym, a fitness apparel line and does online coaching and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specalist (CSCS).

Chelsea shares her diet, fitness routines and gives insight into being a young entrepreneur. She takes the idea of being a fit female to the next level, showing that not only can women be toned and strong, but that gender has nothing to do with your success. The ChelseaLifts channel currently has 86,000 subscribers.

5 MattDoesFitness


Matt from the YouTube channel MattDoesFitness is a bodybuilder from the United Kingdom who shares his training through his channel. Often, Matt shows his meals following a “If It Fits Your Macros” (IFFYM) style of eating and training as a powerlifter. If you haven’t heard of powerlifting before, it’s what it sounds like — ultra heavy weight lifting.

Matt also does food challenges (like the 10,000 calories in one day challenge) and other fun videos to show that being fit doesn’t have to be boring. Like some other YouTube fitness channels, Matt breaks the bodybuilding mold with his humorous and his humble attitude. MattDoesFitness is a budding channel with just over 20,000 current subscribers.

4 FitnessBlender


If you enjoy working out at home as your primary source of exercise, or you need something to motivate you to get off the couch on a rainy day when you can’t train outside, FitnessBlender is the channel to watch. As their website (of the same name) notes, trainers Daniel and Keli are professionals in the health industry, with Daniel holding a degree in Food and Nutrition while Keli has a degree in psychology and sociology.

FitnessBlender YouTube videos provide both cardio and weight training routines that can be modified to any level of fitness. These get in and get it done style videos are a great alternative when you are too busy to hit the gym. This free workout video channel currently has over 2 million viewers.

3 Fightmaster Yoga


If you’ve ever been curious about taking a yoga class, but you didn’t want to go into a studio without some idea of what you’re getting yourself into, or you just want a different instructor from time to time, Lesley' Fightmaster Yoga channel is for you. Lesley has classes for both the novice and experienced yogis. Classes range from as few as 10 minutes to over an hour depending upon the practice you are watching.

On her channel, Lesley talks about her channel existing to provide free yoga classes to anyone who wants them. Her channel also notes that Lesley is a Yogaworks Teacher Trainer, making her a sound instructor. Lesley will help you push toward your goals in a way that is both safe and encouraging. The Fightmaster Yoga channel currently has 133,000 subscribers.

2 Nikki Blackketter


Nikki Blackketter is an force to be reckoned with. From competing in bikini competitions to sharing her flexible dieting tips, being a GymShark sponsored athlete, director of Alphalete Athletics and offering online training, Nikki’s channel offers a glimpse into the world of a successful athlete.

Often posting with her partner Christian Guzman, Nikki shares how she’s training, what she eats and how she likes to splurge post competition. With a killer body, a clear drive to succeed, a wanderlust lifestyle, and a fun personality, Nikki offers solid fitness advice in a realistic and relatable manner to her 250,000 YouTube subscribers.

1 Obese to Beast


If John David Glaude looks familiar, you may be one of the millions who have seen his viral loose skin video on YouTube. This young twenty-something lost an incredible 170 pounds all through healthy diet and exercise. John’s viral video (which was filmed by fellow fitness YouTuber Brian Turner) was so inspiring, it landed him a spot on the Ellen Degeneres show.

On his channel, John discusses various viewer submitted topics about getting fit, weight loss “scams”, posts training videos and full day of eating videos. Despite his growing success, John has managed to stay humble about the entire process and has dedicated his channel to helping his viewers while also documenting his own journey. The Obese to Beast channel recently reached 100,000 subscribers.


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