10 Weird Things Single People Discover On Dating Apps

Hi guys, my name is Sami Schecht. I am 23 years old, and single. I’m not telling you this for any reason other than that you should know a little bit about me prior to reading this article.

I moved to Los Angeles from Ohio a few months ago, and I love it here. I’ve managed to be pretty social by attending a few concerts, checking out the nightlife, and doing some hiking. All that aside, since arriving in LA, I’ve had a few of my friends mention how hard it is to date here. So, I did what every normal, bored 23-year-old does to check out the dating scene in a new city: I downloaded an app. I downloaded an app that allows the girl to be the person deciding if she wants to talk; if she doesn’t message the guy first within 24 hours, the match expires. I particularly like this feature because it makes me be a little proactive.

Anyway, after using this app for a few months, I’ve come to a few conclusions that I thought I'd share with whoever wants to read. Now, obviously these are just my thoughts so others may feel differently, but they are some things to note if you were wondering about how to best portray yourself, or what to avoid, on a dating app.

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6 Don't Be Unemployed

5 Guys Won't Read Your Bio

Again, this is a generalization, so if you’re a guy and you read the bio that a girl puts with her profile, I applaud you. Personally, I think that I’m particularly hilarious so I try to make my profile reflect that. However, assuming that you’re somebody who acts as my guy friends do, you’re apparently not too interested in what my bio says. No big deal, just an observation. I know many guys who barely look at the photos until you match and then they go back and determine if they feel like contacting you.

4 Conversations Don’t Last Long

This isn’t meant to be a good or bad thing, it’s just the truth. Even once you’ve started to talk to a match on a dating app, who knows how long you’ll hold their attention for or vice versa. It’s easy to get distracted and uninterested when you’re talking to someone you barely know, plus it’s through an app so it’s less personal.

3 Being Creative Is Key


2 People Lie All The Time

This is something that was truly shocking to discover. People lie on dating apps… a lot. Listen, if you want to put a bio about yourself, go ahead. I mean, as I mentioned above, if someone really wants to make a decision about meeting you in person then the bio helps. However, do not lie about going to college, where you live, or what your hobbies are because that’s just stupid. This isn’t a game show. The goal isn’t to win.

While I mentioned that you should be creative with your job title, I don’t mean just pick a random profession and lie about it. Believe me, she won’t just believe that you’re a lawyer if you’ve never been to law school. You’re still trying to find a person who likes you so I’m not sure how lying is going to help you achieve that goal.

This isn’t exactly something that I discovered on dating apps, more just a fact to live by but it applies here especially. I wish that I could just say this to people directly but sometimes that type of bluntness offends them. So here it is the truth: we are all looking for somebody to talk to or meet on these apps, whether for just the next few days or the long term, but if a few messages into our conversation, I clearly lose interest or vice versa, don’t be annoying.

1 Dating Is Awkward

Newsflash: dating is a very awkward process. You’re essentially interviewing another person to see if they fit into your lifestyle while you consider being attracted to them. That sounds totally fun, right? Well, it should be fun but here’s the thing that you haven’t really thought about yet: the first date. How do you avoid being awkward? There’s a good chance that you can’t avoid being awkward at first, but you just get through it as fast as possible. If you’re both meant to be together, you’ll move swiftly past the moment when he tried to hug you but you went in for the handshake. Consider it like a blind date that you’ve already vetted a little. You are both normal people (for the most part), so it really isn’t all that much worse than regular dating. Dating can be weird in any form but persevere! It could be worth it.

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10 Weird Things Single People Discover On Dating Apps