10 Ways You're Messing Up Her "Big O"

At this point in time, you probably know exactly what makes you tick and exactly what ticks your boxes. With a bottle of hand cream, a quiet spot and five minutes on your hands, you can probably satisfy yourself and move on with your day. But if your woman (or women) seem to not be as satisfied as you and your night ends without her screaming to the holy gods above, you might be doing something wrong. There are ten ways you might be screwing up her "big O" and here's how you can change that.

10 Focusing only on her genitals

9 Thinking you can make it happen through intercourse

8 Focusing on areas that don't turn her on

7 Not asking her what she likes

6 Not arousing her mind

5 Taking care of yourself first

4 Thinking she's an adult star

3 Not using lubrication

2 Not employing help

1 Not admitting defeat

No woman enjoys being rubbed raw and there are some women who just can't reach the "big O". About 10% of women overall, with a higher number for younger women, can't climax, for whatever reason. Don't spend hours stimulating her only with that goal in mind, especially if she's told you she's never had one. Letting her relax is one of the first steps towards this happening for her and she can't relax with constant probing and prodding. Move on, enjoy your time together and hope that once she gets to know you better, she'll open up to what she really enjoys and allows herself to release that pent-up energy.



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10 Ways You're Messing Up Her "Big O"