10 Ways To Impress A Woman With Your Bachelor Pad

Okay, bachelors – this one’s for you.

For many smooth bachelors, it’s easy to think up places to take a woman you’re interested in on dates. From an intimate live music venue to see an awesome local band to that adorable hole in the wall restaurant that makes the best enchiladas, you’re probably an expert on all the venues around your city that communicate exactly the message you want to your girl.

However, eventually, whether it’s on the third date or the thirtieth, that girl is going to end up at least seeing your apartment. Maybe she decides to meet you there before you head out to your date location. Maybe things go well after a couple of dates and that’s where the night ends up. Maybe you’re in a semi-serious relationship and she’s started to hang out there for Netflix marathons and take-out. Either way, at some point, a girl is very likely to step foot into your man cave. And for many bachelors, it’s definitely not pretty.

Sure, your house will never be as perfect in her eyes as her own home – after all, she decorated her own space exactly to her tastes. However, you also don’t want your space to scare her away the minute she walks in the door. You want it to be welcoming, and to say something positive about who you are – not that you’re a big, messy slob.

Here are 10 ways to impress a woman with your bachelor pad.

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10 Keep. It. Clean.

We literally cannot stress this enough. Your bachelor pad doesn’t need to sparkle and shine like the house in a cleaning product commercial, but she also shouldn’t warily wonder if the space is condemned the minute she steps in the door. It’s really not that hard. When you finish that pizza, throw the box away instead of leaving it on the living room floor. Put your dirty boxer-briefs in a laundry basket instead of all over the apartment. Swipe a disinfectant wipe over the bathroom and kitchen counters. Women aren’t asking you to have a spotless apartment, we just want to sit down without getting two-day old marinara sauce on our dress. We just want to leave our shoes on the floor without fearing a cockroach will make its home in our new pumps. Just keep it clean. That’s all there is to it.

9 Keep It Considerate

A bachelor pad is a bit of a loose term. Perhaps you make your home with your adorable pup who has been with you since childhood. Perhaps it’s a larger space that you share with two or three fellow bachelor bros. Whatever your living arrangements are, women love to see some evidence that you’re considering the others who live there – it helps us see that hopefully you’ll be as considerate of us if we ever co-habitate. That means filling up your dog’s water dish if it gets empty, or replacing your room mate's chips if you accidentally finish off the bag. You don’t need to be the house mother – we just like to see that you can care for something besides yourself.

8 Some Kind of Art

If a man has some kind of art in his bachelor pad, women will generally be impressed. Perhaps it’s a gut reaction to all those bikini posters hanging on the walls of young bachelors’ places. We’re not saying it needs to be a priceless Monet, and we’re not saying you need to build your own home gallery wall. Art just shows that you put a bit of thought into your place, that you appreciate culture. Hell, it doesn’t even need to be art in the traditional sense – even if you just slap a frame around some of your favorite posters from when you were younger, it makes a world of difference, trust us.

7 Real Furniture

Let’s be honest – pretty much every single girl furnished her first apartment almost entirely from IKEA. We know that sometimes budgets can affect what kind of furniture you buy. However, ladies have seen far, far too many examples of furniture made solely out of milk crates. Or, even worse, patio furniture indoors – something that men seem to have taken from Chandler and Joey’s example on Friends. All we’re asking for is somewhere to sit that doesn’t make us feel like we’re going to crash to the floor at any moment. The pieces don’t have to be expensive – it just needs to not look like you’ve been robbed when we enter your bachelor pad and see one recliner positioned in front of the television and nowhere for us to sit.

6 Toiletries

Guys, we get it. You use 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, and sometimes you even use it for body wash. When you run out of hand soap, you just use your shampoo for that too, because why not? Sure, you usually have toothpaste and toilet paper, but anything else is kind of unnecessary, right? Wrong. You don’t need to have all the products that we know and love, but you do need to have the bare minimum. Please don’t make us search for the soap after we use your bathroom, and then be forced to wipe our hands on our jeans because you have no hand towels. Just keep your bathroom stocked with some essentials and we’ll be forever grateful.

5 Something To Drink

If you’re a bachelor, I’ll wager that you probably have at least a few bottles of beer in the fridge. However, if you’re looking to impress a lady when you invite her over for a drink, you have to have a bit more. Sure, sometimes we want a beer too. And we’re definitely not saying you need to stock all the fixings for cocktails that you’d never drink. However, maybe have a bottle of wine stocked away in the pantry (unless you’re a wine connoisseur already, in which case, color us impressed!) and a box or two of tea. While we may very happily drink that beer, it’s always great to be able to offer a woman a choice when she comes over. It doesn’t take much effort, but it’ll definitely impress her.

4 Evidence of Something Besides Pizza Boxes in the Kitchen

We get it – you’re on a first name basis with the guy at the pizza place down the block. If you don’t order your weekly meat lovers pie, he gets a bit concerned. However, while it’s great to go out to new restaurants on dates, sometimes it’s nice to just make a meal at home and enjoy a nice night in. You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay – but even seeing a few boxes of pasta and a couple items in the fridge makes us think you could maybe whip up a simple pasta dish. We’ll bring the wine, you make some simple spaghetti Bolognese, and we’ve got a great date night in – we’ll even let you pick what to watch on Netflix.

3 A Pleasant, Fresh Smell

This kind of goes hand in hand with cleanliness, but with a bachelor pad, it needs to be said. We don’t want to walk in and smell nothing but sweaty gym gear with a cursory spritz of cologne or Febreze to cover it up. Guys, we hate to break it to you, but it definitely does not cover anything up – it just adds another scent to the nostril assault. Now, we’re not expecting you to nestle a candle in every corner of your bachelor pad. But, every now and then, crack those windows, let some fresh air in, and maybe spritz some fabric freshener around. If you’re keeping things clean, the odour shouldn’t ever get out of hand, but that little extra step will make her love your pad the minute she steps foot in it.

2 Nice Linens

We’re not talking about your couch here. This step concerns those bachelors who have managed to woo a woman enough that she decides to spend the night there. We know you don’t care about what kind of sheets you have, or whether they’ve been washed on a regular basis, but we do. First, keep your sheets clean, please. Please please please. Second, get one step above the basic minimum. We’re not expecting Egyptian cotton, but at least select some sheets that won’t scratch our skin. Third, extend the courtesy to your towels so that when your lady takes a shower at your place, she’s not left wrinkling her nose at your brutal towels.

1 Personality

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This may seem like we’re contradicting ourselves, because yes, women often want a certain standard – a few window treatments, nice linens, a well kept place, some solid furniture, etc. However, we don’t want you to just rip out a few pages from an interior design magazine and bring it to someone, asking them to help you get the look. Ultimately, a home should reflect the person who lives inside it, and we want to know more about you by looking around your place. If you have a hobby, no matter what it is, we want to see a little something about it. Not only is it a great talking point when we’re first checking out your bachelor pad, it tells us a lot about you without you even saying a word.

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