10 Ways Getting Rich Can Ruin Your Life

winning the lottery

It is a dream had by people located all around the world. You walk into your grocery store or local market, plop down a couple of dollars for a lottery ticket, and then learn you that you have hit the jackpot, Life as you know it is forever changed for the better! Your debts disappear in the blink of an eye, you can buy just about anything that you want, and you do not have to worry about doing anything that you do not want to do on a daily basis. The reasons why so many dream of becoming rich are numerous and easy to understand.

That old famous adage teaches us to be careful what we wish for because fate may just give it to us. There is also that other saying that claims money to be the root of all evil. Becoming rich can undeniably fix certain problems that plague you on a daily basis, but it can also lead to you experiencing new issues you may have not been ready for at the time that your bank account exploded. Consider that before you head out of your home or office to buy the next lottery ticket that you hope will land you rich and better off.

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10 Strains on Personal Relationships

It is a common tale as it pertains to the dating world and marriages. An influx of money can lead to arguments that could eventually split up even the strongest of relationships. Perhaps you and your significant other argue over how to spend the money or who among family members and friends that you help out since you are in such a prosperous financial situation. Those disagreements do not, of course, disappear if the relationship comes to an end, as future discussions over the money lead to additional problems that could make you wonder if it would not have been better if you never would have been rich in the first place.

9 Violence

The struggle between the “haves” versus the “have-nots” is very real, and it often leads to cases of violence such as robbery. Some of these occurrences could be random – bad things do happen to good people now and again, of course – but there are also instances of even family members and supposed friends looking to do harm to those who are rich all because they want to cash in. Remember that celebrities and professional athletes do not hire security to escort them in and out of public places just so that they can appear to be important. They do so because they need the protection.

8 Taxes

One of the first pieces of advice offered to individuals who hit on lottery jackpots is that they contact a money-managing expert who will inform you of the taxes that you are going to owe on your winnings once you become rich. No massive check that you cash, whether it be earned through a lucrative job or won via a lottery, comes without you owing a large sum of taxes to the government, and the amount that you have to fork over can catch you off-guard if you are unprepared. There are multiple cases of rich celebrities crying poor and even going to jail all over unpaid tax money.

7 Lack of Privacy

Those who are rich are able to lead lives of luxury that include trips all over the world and also frivolous spending. You may choose to share that glorious lifestyle with the world via social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be prepared for such information to be reposted among the masses, especially if you became rich in a public manner such as hitting the lottery. Privacy concerns play a role in why those who hit the jackpot are advised to consult attorneys and even accept those winnings via an alias or even through a trust that does not include first and last names.

6 Money Can't Buy Happiness

The reasons to explain why some rich people go flat broke are far and wide, and every scenario is different per the individual involved. Some of those cases can be broken down through that old saying which teaches that money does not buy happiness. A miserable person who cashes in on becoming rich is, as history has shown, more likely to look for joy and peace through big spending on items such as mansions, fancy cars and other items. Those pieces of property can lead to additional problems if the spending becomes so out of control that the person does not have any money left over.

5 Scams

One of the first things that you should be ready for if you do become rich through one method or another is the inevitable scams that you will be hit with once your new-found wealth has become public knowledge. Those obviously phony email scams are not what are being referenced here. Would-be successful business-minded people and even those you may know or trust could look to take advantage of your money and your desire to make even more cash. The stories of once-rich professional athletes becoming broke all because of bad business deals are numerous.

4 Guilt

Odds are that you are familiar with what are known as “guilt trips” that are handed down from friends, parents and other family members. Those are only going to increase once you become rich, and they can wear down any person in time. Some who become rich are filled with a desire to improve the lives of all that they know, which is an impossible task unless you have what is an unending amount of wealth. Emotions of sorrow and guilt can lead to those who are rich handing out money and spending cash to the point that they have little or nothing left for themselves.

3 Resentment

Money can breed resentment even among the tightest of friends, as a person can be left feeling bitter at the fates over their current state while looking at a buddy who has become rich. Those emotions can build up to the point that friendships are strained or even broken. One would hope, in a perfect world, that those who are closest to you would be happy to know that you are rich and living what could be considered to be a dream life. Such a universe does not exist, however, and you can be sure that becoming rich will likely lead to you losing a friend or two along the way.

2 Boredom

Different people handle becoming rich in different ways. Some dive right into business endeavors that keep them busy during weekdays, while others choose to take early retirements. It is in those retirements where some find that being rich is not all that it is cracked up to be if only because there is only so much one can do during the day. Your friends and other acquaintances are busy with their work lives and with personal matters, after all, and thus such free time had by the rich is sometimes filled with activities that can be hazardous to one's health.

1 Addiction

Head on over to Google or to any other search engine that you use, and search for the terms “lottery” and “addiction.” Only do this, however, if you have some free time on your hands, as you will be busy reading for some time. There is no one reason to explain why some who become rich turn to substances such as narcotics and/or alcohol. Feelings of anxiety and depression affect some, while others, as referenced earlier in this piece, become prone to addiction all because they do not have anything else to do with their lives. Money plus addiction is a recipe that can ruin your life in a hurry.

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