10 Ways For Men To Get More Right Swipes

Blake Jamieson, a social media marketer for a pool supply company in Phoenix, wooed two-thousand women on Tinder by applying marketing principles to his profile.

Instead of having a plain profile picture, he edited onto it a “A Match of the Day” filter similar to the Snapchat geofilter. This addition made it seem like Tinder endorsed him. Although some users felt misled, many found it to be funny and charming. It brought him 800 more likes. After tinkering a little bit – adding captions to all his pictures, editing his bio, and changing the original filter to something even more cutesy – he reached two-thousand followers.

Blake Jamieson is probably not a charismatic Casanova who, with one electric glance, makes women swoon in prostration. He just knew how to make his profile pop. If you are interested in getting 2000 matches on Tinder, follow these ten tips and you might be able to.

10 Tinderize Your Profile

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Every brand, and especially every app, has a voice. If you try to fight the voice, like by having a bad-boy Tinder profile, you probably won’t do too well. Jamieson tried to match Tinder’s style in his own profile, almost like native advertising for the app. Instead of having photos of him brooding, for example, he had captioned photos of him smiling. These captions, for instance, “He’s taller than you,” mimicked Tinder’s tendency to speak to its users, like when they get a new match and Tinder says: “Go ahead and message ‘em!” He used the style, designed by a professional team, that so many people have taken to, and used it to his advantage.

9 Face The Camera

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Although brooding can be considered sexy, Tinder isn’t really the place for it. Studies have shown that standing “energetically” in a photo – chest puffed and facing forward – will make you seem more affable and easier to swipe right. The point of Tinder is to make matches. If you’re on it but seem distant or closed off, then you’re sending two different messages: I want to make matches, but I don’t. If you show willingness in your body language, people will show willingness back.

8 Smile

This one kind of goes without saying, but the amount of people on Tinder who are either expressionless or frowning in their profile pictures means it could maybe use repeating. If there is anything in the world that makes you seem approachable, it’s flashing someone a smile. And if you’re not smiling, you could seem like a jerk because of a syndrome comically deemed resting a**hole face. Even though there is this myth floating around the internet that good guys finish last and get ‘friendzoned’, a person still wants to feel like they have a chance. Give ‘em a style and maybe you’ll get one.

7 Be Alone In Your Main Photo

But have other photos where you’re with people. This one is a little complicated, but it’s like: “Do this and also DON’T do it.” But the psychology is this: Tinder is fast paced. Unless you have like a full-face tattoo or tangerine hair, people are probably not going to be able to distinguish you from the torrent of people that will follow you in the Tinder deck. If your profile pic is you with others, you’re making yourself even more unremarkable, which works to your detriment. But, in your other pics, you want to look socially engaged, so have pictures with your friends. Again, having all-solo pics makes you look like a solitary man.

6 Keep Your Arms Behind Your Back

People with their arms behind their back appear more confident. Because your arms, whether consciously or not, are there as a means protection (they spring out in front of you if you fall, for instance), when they are ‘tied’ behind your back (even loosely), you seem confident enough to face the world without armor. The earlier tip to face the camera and puff out your chest compounds this. If you are not only unarmed but boldly facing the world, people will think you are confident, interesting, and probably sexier.

5 Adjust Your Face

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Okay, we admit that there isn’t a great deal you can do about your face. You can use lighting – and makeup, shh! – to play with shadows to make your face seem different in a picture, but in person you’re always going to look like same ole you. That said, women have expressed a general preference for men with stronger features and more facial hair. Aside from taking HGH or maybe like straight testosterone, there isn’t really much you can do about the strength of your features, but if you keep clean shaven, try letting it grow out and seeing if your matches grow out, too.

4 Dress It Up

This one sort of flows logically from the other suggestions, but again, the amount of people dressed badly in their tinder pictures makes a person wonder. We suppose that if you do not tend to care about your clothes in real life, then why should you suggest that you do in your Tinder profile? But still… A Tinder picture is almost like a special occasion. No one is going to accuse you of being dishonest for being better dressed in your picture than you are in your day-to-day. It’s like no one is pissed at McDonald’s for beautifying Big Macs on the menu picture. You gotta make something easy to fantasize about.

3 Fill Out Your Bio

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As princelessdiaries over at TotalFratMove puts so eloquently: “Write something in your bio section. The little emoji with eyes is better than a blank space.” It’s true. Once again, Tinder is a place to make matches. There is no way you can say about Tinder, like you can plausibly say about a bar and a club, that you were only there to hang with your friends. If you’re over there looking too cool for school, people are gonna let you be too cool for school on your own by left-swiping you into the dustbin.

2 Be Present

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And by that, we don’t mean say “Aye” when the teacher says your name during roll call. Tinder can access your age via your Facebook profile. If you’re 24 but your picture is of you in an obvious high-school football uniform, potential matches are gonna be put off by both your dishonesty and what you might be hiding behind your high-school peak. Even star athletes are susceptible to the freshman fifteen (or even the senior sixty.) If your provided stats don’t match your picture, people are not going to give you the benefit of the doubt. Tinder is Darwinian. Cover your back.

1 Swipe Right More Often!

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If you want more matches on Tinder, give more matches on Tinder. If you only say yes to like 5% of people, you’re only realistically gonna get like 20% of that 5% back (unless you have like a 10/10 hit rate, in which case kudos.) Maybe someone isn’t totally, smokin’ hot, but she has an adorable personality and it turns out that she just doesn’t photograph that well. You never know if you only swipe right when Gigi Hadid pops up. You gotta give the Khloe Kardashians a chance and let them grow on you!


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