10 Celebrities With Unrecognizable Bodies

Many of us struggle with our diet, weight loss/weight gain and personal image. Celebrities are not an exception to these struggles. Hollywood has an almost untouchable ideal of what the human body should look like. Feeling the pressure, celebrities often endorse diets, lose weight, gain it back and repeat the cycle. Often, we are able to watch them stay accountable while they lose weight. Celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Winslet, who have naturally beautiful women curves have sometimes been labeled as, fat in Hollywood. That may not be by the global standard but it is, however, evidence of the pressures that actors and actresses, face in the spotlight.

Not all celebrities lose weight through endorsement deals, some lose weight via surgical methods, others undergo strict diet changes. Often we pair weight loss with vanity, but sometimes the stars need to lose weight for specific roles. For instance, you wouldn't expect to see a healthy and well fed person playing the character of someone starving. These celebrities don't lose the weight over night but it sometimes sure seems that way. They transition from the image we know and associate them with, to much thinner or larger versions of themselves. Sometimes it's particularly difficult to discern who they are and we are forced to do a double take. This is a list of some of those celebrities.

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10 Drew Carey

9  9. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

Nicole or "Snooki" Polizzi, made into a celebrity because of the show Jersey Shore, has had her first child and since, has lost 42 lbs in the past couple of years. For her tiny frame, 42 lbs seems like a lot of weight to lose. She attributes much of her weight loss success to becoming a mother. After the birth of her son Lorenzo, she is said to have wanted her body back. The 4'9" celebrity has been vigilant about her diet and has taken on work-outs with a personal trainer. Polizzi, looks very different from her before shot. Her entire face transformed with this weight loss.

8 Randy Jackson

In 2001, Randy Jackson was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. That set him on his weight loss journey. Then in 2003, after reportedly trying every diet he could think of, Jackson made the difficult decision to have gastric bypass surgery. Jackson has since lost over 100 lbs. Opting for a surgical procedure in order to lose weight is not the easiest option, however, Jackson paired his surgery with eating right and exercising to keep the weight from returning. Having been raised in the south where food is known to be an important staple, Randy has had to learn moderation. Clearly, for Jackson, it works.

7 Nicole Richie

6 Christina Ricci

5 Kelly Osbourne

The Osbourne family is no stranger to weight loss. Both Kelly's mother and brother have also lost weight. Looking at Kelly's weight loss, of around 70 lbs, it seems to also be attached to an overall self-image change. The dark make up an ill suited clothing, to a bombshell in make up and fashion. Kelly has challenged herself by making the best decisions regarding food and exercise. She does 30 minutes of interval cardio everyday, followed by some sort of strength training. Splurging on the fattiest cravings for breakfast and finishing the day with oatmeal is another one of her secrets.

4 Boy George

Having started his career as a slender man, it was difficult to believe that Boy George had gained so much weight. With his weight gain, also came a mean streak. Now back down to where he hadn't been in over 20 years, Boy George attributes his success to Amelia Freer, a nutritional therapist. The diet spans meals 5 hours apart with only water or fizzy water in between, no sugar or bread and coffee and tea are allowed at meal times only. Since his return to his slender self, it's reported that he is far more pleasant.

3 Christian Bale

Here is an actor we have become accustomed to seeing gain and lose weight. From his healthiest physique in Batman to his 40 lbs weight gain for American Hustle to, arguably, his least healthy skin and bone appearance in The Machinist. At his thinnest of 121 lbs, Bale is rumored to have survived on coffee, one apple and a can of tuna a day to lose over 60 lbs in approximately 4 months. This diet rendered the, usually muscular star, virtually unrecognizable. His skin seems to stick to his bones. Christian Bale is certainly one dedicated actor.

2 50 Cent/Curtis Jackson

1 Lisa Lampanelli

One year after Lisa Lampanelli decided to go under the knife for sleeve gastrectomy, a type of gastric bypass, she had lost a total of 106 lbs. With this procedure the patient's stomach, in this case Lampanelli's, is changed to be shaped like a tube. It restricts the amount of calories that the body will intake. Lampanelli says that this is not a quick or easy fix and she will have to discover the source of her addiction. At first, second and even third glance it's nearly impossible to see the former Lampanelli in her smaller frame. For decades this comedian has endured being the catch line to fat jokes. This comedian had tried everything to lose weight even food rehab. Instead, she decided to treat her situation like an addiction and used surgery as a tool. It's safe to say that this tool has worked in her favor.

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