10 Tips And Tricks To Help Prevent (And Cure) Any Hangover

What is the worst part about being hung over? It might be knowing that you did all of this to yourself. Plus, the worse you feel, the more money you probably spent to make yourself feel this way. It can be in those awful initial moments of waking up the next day that you wonder why on earth you would ever drink. There are so many other ways to spend money, I mean heck, you could have spent your night making puzzles! But nope, you drank, and now you are sitting there and your head is pounding.

I have lost track of the number of times that I have stated that I am never going to drink again. If you are reading this list, then you may be uttering a very similar sentence this morning. I hate to drop the spoiler bomb on you, but it probably won’t be your last time drinking. So if you do find yourself with some alcohol in your vicinity again, make sure you are prepared.

There are steps that you can take the night before that will drastically reduce the impact of any upcoming hangover. You just have to hope that you are not too drunk to forget to do them! For those who are already feeling the hangover, it may feel like there is nothing you can do but sit there and wallow in your own misery. That isn’t true! There are cures for anything that ails you, and you are far from the first person to ever suffer from a hangover. By properly utilizing both the techniques to eliminate, and then prevent, you are setting yourself up to actually feel like a human the next day instead of a hung over husk of a person, and who doesn't want that?


10 More Alcohol

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Now this might not be "doctor recommended," but you cannot be hung over if you are drunk again! This is a tried and true method for anyone that has attended camping or any other events that span over the course of a few days that involve drinking (such as music festivals). Sometimes waking up the next day and having a Caeser, or some nice sangria on the patio can be the perfect cure. Be warned though, the day that you do need to face your hangover (so likely Monday morning) may be something fierce so you best bring your game face.

9 Water, Water and More Water


Water is easily the biggest thing that you can do for yourself to prevent a hangover. Make sure that as you continue to drink that you are also being aware of how much water you are having. Your hangover is largely present due to the lack of water that is not present inside of you. Drink water the next day, but perhaps almost more importantly, drink it before you go to bed. Slam that water back once you get home if you need to, but the less drunk you are when your head hits that pillow the better off we are all going to be. This can also help reduce the dreaded "drunk spins" when you close your eyes and feel like you are going to throw up.

8 Take Some Medication

While Advil is only some people’s choice, many recommend taking some kind of medication either before sleep or soon after waking up. Be careful though, because certain medications do not mix with alcohol and can cause more harm then they are worth. That being said, if you wake up the next day and all your muscles hurt? It might not hurt to throw some Tylenol down and drink some water. Others may recommend Gravol or other medication that is specifically meant to target nausea. Make sure you know what type of symptoms you normally develop the next day, and do your best to have the proper medication on hand to help. The last thing you'll want to do the next day is stumble into the drug store.

7 Sleep


You can’t notice a hangover if you are asleep! Hopefully when you go out drinking, you plan yourself a nice easy next day just in case the hangover comes knocking. Sleep is also great for letting your body feel rejuvenated and you always have the hope that maybe you will wake up and not be hung over. Drinking can also severely hinder your regular sleep schedule and it can be important to let your body catch up. Make sure if you do sleep that you do your best to keep yourself hydrated when you are awake. This can be achieved by making sure there is a bottle of water on your bedside table.

6 Eat Greasy Food

A tried and true method, sometimes the day after drinking, you just need some greasy food. If this wasn’t true, then how would Denny’s be so popular? Your stomach might be craving something that is not alcohol mixed with Red Bull, and breakfast/the first food of the next day can be a great help. This can be especially beneficial if your night didn’t end on the dance floor, but instead on the bathroom floor. Make sure it is food that your stomach is used to, because the last thing you want to combat nausea with is something new or potentially dangerous (I’m staring at you, Taco Bell!).

5 Drink Gatorade or Coconut Water


If you are not a big water fan (you should be) then Gatorade is another great cure for the next day blues. Gatorade rehydrates you while also replenishing the electrolytes that you may have lost from drinking the night before. Gatorade also has the added benefit that if you do decide to throw up, it might be a nice lovely shade of blue. For those who don’t want the sugar associated with Gatorade, coconut water is a fantastic alternative for the next day and also contains the needed electrolytes to recover. For those that may be calorie conscious, coconut water also provides a healthier alternative.

4 Do Not Smoke

I know for many individuals this sounds crazy. There are countless movies where a character is in a bar and starts to smoke. The outside of bars are often littered with smokers, and yet it is going to make your hangover worse! Research conducted by Brown University has found a correlation between smoking and next-day hangovers. Their research had a focus group of 113 students, some of whom drank as well as smoked and others who only drank. Those who experienced both substances, were shown to suffer from hangovers that were both longer and stronger in duration. Make sure you remember that when deciding if you should light up.


3 Exercise


I know this might sound absolutely crazy, especially as you are lying in bed and you find the move to the couch to be a struggle. That being said, if you can make it to the couch then why can’t you make it outside for a run? Working out the day after drinking can be a fantastic hangover cure. It will not only release natural endorphins, but will also make sure that you are consistently staying hydrated with water. Plus, then you get to tell your friends that while you drank last night, you still totally rocked the gym. How impressive does that sound? Pretty darn impressive, buddy.

2 Hot Bath/Hot Shower/Hot Tub

The day after, you might not feel like you can move at all. If you don’t have to, just find your closest source of hot water and relax. Drinking can wear down your entire body, and after a night in a club, a shower is never a bad idea to begin with. For those who may battle nausea, having a relaxing bath might be a cure to settling your stomach and letting your body recover. For those who want to exercise but can’t imagine doing anything involving running or weight lifting, swimming or relaxing in a hot tub might be perfect. Even if you get in the pool and decide swimming is too much work, it never hurts to relax in a hot tub.

1 Have Coffee


Now this definitely depends on how much coffee you normally drink, but coffee can be a great kickstart for the next day. The last thing you want to be doing is compounding your already existing headache with a caffeine withdrawal if you are used to some coffee in the morning. That being said, give your body some time to wake up before slamming some coffee back. You don’t know how your hangover is going to feel and perhaps sleep will be a far more viable option than coffee. If you find that you need to get moving in the morning coffee may be the only trick to get your body moving.

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