10 Things Women Don't Want Men to Know About Them

Things Women Don't Want Men to Know

As wonderful and as beautiful as women are, they are full of secrets. Women create illusions in society in order to give off an appearance of perfection. However, in reality women are flawed, just like men. Men and women are very different from one another. Women tend to be more complicated than men and although it drives men crazy, it is part of what they love about women.

Girls seem as if they are able to do everything, which they are, however what men don’t know is what goes into looking so good and knowing everything. Even though many women claim to be 100% honest with the man in their life, we know that is not true. There are just some things men will never know, like why we go to the bathrooms in pairs. However, there are some secrets I think should be revealed. We hide some of the following things from you because we don’t want to hurt you, but mostly because we don’t want to admit that men are right.

There is a continuous war between men and women that has been passed down from generation to generation. The two sexes need to come together as one and open up about them although that is an unlikely option, which is why I am writing this. This will give men insight into some of the things women just don’t want you to know, and by knowing them maybe they will help you understand the ladies a bit more. For all you women out there, don’t worry, I didn’t reveal all our secrets!

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10 How Much Our Things Really Cost

Women often downplay how much money we spend on our luxury items. Men often don’t realize how much our beloved bags and shoes cost us and often women don’t tell the entire truth. It's not as though we lie about the cost, we just embellish…If a bag is 25% off we may say it was 50% off and if it wasn’t on sale at all, well, we say it was. Women don’t think men will be all right with the amount of money they spend in the name of fashion and we are right, most men don’t understand. They also don’t understand how much manicures cost or face products and makeup. All this to say, men just don’t know how much money we really spend because most men just don’t get it.

9 Heels do hurt

It's no secret that women love their shoes, heels especially. I'm sure many men have said to their ladies on countless occasions “wear comfortable shoes,” however for the sake of fashion, women strap on their highest pair of heals. What we hate to admit is that our expensive pumps kill us. Heels are painful but women don’t like to give in because of how much money we spend on them. We hate to admit that you men are right so we suck it up and pretend we are comfortable when in reality we are dying from the feet up!

8 We fix things after you do them

Men think it's romantic to make the bed for us, or put away our groceries but truth is a lot of women hate when their boyfriends or husbands touch their things. Women have particular ways of doing things and tend to re-do whatever you men do in our place. Women don’t want to tell men that we fixed whatever they helped us with because we want to make sure men feel needed. We don’t want men to feel as though their efforts are unappreciated because they are appreciated, it's just that most men don’t know what to do with our 20 decorative pillows we put on our beds. Women have a certain female touch when they do things and we like our home having our own personal touches, which include the way we make our bed.

7 We actually have hair other places than our heads

Women do not want men to know that we actually have hair other places than our head. We spend so much time and money either shaving, waxing or having hair removed by laser treatment to make men believe that women just don’t grow hair… anywhere. Even though men know women have hair in places, they don’t want to believe it, and women don’t want men to know about it. Women like giving off the image of perfection, and if they have a uni-brow or hairy armpits, well that is not perfect. What men do not know is how painful some of these processes are and we do it all to look good for you guys, so next time we are frustrated after our “spa-day,” do not be so quick to judge.

6 The amount of time we spend getting ready

Girls never want a guy to know how long it takes them to get ready. Women have a much longer getting ready process then men do. Guys are lucky; they are able to shower, put a bit of gel in their hair and leave. However, when it comes to women getting ready there is a process. Each individual has their own routine but most of them go a little something like this: shower, moisturize, blow dry hair, straighten hair, makeup and then the hard part…choosing something to wear. If that is not enough, there is also, waxing of everything along with long hours at the hairdresser trying to get that perfect color. Even girls with the “au natural” look take maintenance, so men, don’t be fooled.

5 That we tell our friends everything

Yep, girls tell their friends everything and I mean everything. From the moment a girl meets a guy, her besties will know the same information she knows about them. They show their friends conversations the two of you have had, show them pictures and tell them all your personal details, and I mean everything. Men should understand that when you date a woman, you in a sense date her closest friends. She will tell them about your fights, problems and sex life and there is no use talking to your girlfriend about it because she will most probably deny it. If her friends don’t like you, it could be problematic, so make sure you are always extra charming around them.

4 How much we have stalked you

Girls will never admit how much they have stalked your social media, and on how many occasions. If a girl really likes you, she will go through all your pictures on both Instagram and Facebook and she has read all your tweets. She has even gone as far as finding your ex and checking out the competition. Girls also won't admit that they Google you, they want to make sure they know everything before making a commitment. Women also want to make sure they aren’t about to jump into bed with a convict! All this to say, women are stalkers and if any guy knew how much their girlfriend has stalked them they would probably run away.

3 We have secretly changed you

Men really don’t realize how much women have secretly changed them. After a year or so of dating men will begin to realize that they dress a bit better, think more about their future and begin to take more pride in the décor of their place. As their taste evolves the female in their lives can't help but to pride themselves on the masterpiece they have created. Women do not do this to transform men, they do not touch their core, however, since women are somewhat shallow beings, they want their men to look as perfect as they do. I see it not as changing but as tweaking what is already pretty good to start with.

2 We all think long term

Women can play the easy going card as much as they want, but it's no secret that women want that fairy tale ending they have been hearing about since they were girls. Women want marriage and children and whether they mention it or not, they think about it. It is part of female DNA, we can't help but think about our future especially when we are in a serious relationship. However, women don’t want men to know about how long-term they think in fear that they will scare off their man. The next time you are on your girlfriend's computer, snoop around a bit and I am sure you will find a secret wedding folder filled with pictures of rings, dresses and even table settings!

1 We are afraid of losing you

Women often put up a strong front; however the biggest secret they keep from guys is how much they fear losing them. Women feel if they express how deeply they need a man that they will come off as weak. Women are so afraid of showing a man how they really feel only to have them break their heart. We don’t like to feel vulnerable and the one thing worse than feeling vulnerable is looking it. Girls think that by letting a guy know how much they fear losing them that it will give men the upper hand in the relationship. However, what women don’t realize is that most times opening up on a deep level is the best thing for your relationship. Men, make your women feel secure and ladies, let your man into your heart, it's not as scary as it seems.

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