10 Things That Will Kill Your Drive Immediately

Intimacy is always a hot topic; it plays a major role in society as a natural occurrence that has benefits beyond the bedroom. Unfortunately, having a libido is not something that is a God given right, it is not even something that you should assume will always be there. Having no drive to be intimate is a medical condition that has affected more people that one would assume, considering that in our everyday lives the topic of intimacy is thrown in our face through the media and other outlets, we would assume that no one anywhere is having a problem performing. We are inundated with adult entertainment and magazines that have photo covers so racy that they could be considered adult entertainment. So what kills our drive? How can we stop this from happening? And what could we change in our everyday lives that may be affecting how intimate we can become with someone? These are questions that are not easy to answer. We could be affected by our environment, maybe our bodies are deficient in something essential, and maybe medically we are not up to par. This is a problem that affects both men and women and not one that can be taken lightly. Ultimately having a low drive is one of the worst things that can happen to someone and while there are not many options out there to help you, it can sometimes help just by being aware of what is going on in your life. Here is a list of some small and some big things that could be affecting your drive.

10 Red Meat

9 You’re An Over Thinker

8 Kids

7 Snoring

6 Adult Films

5 Over Eating

4 The Ol’ Ball And Chain

3 Depression

2 No H2o

1 Birth Control

A 2010 study found that oral contraceptives were lowering the libido of women all over the world; they were no longer feeling aroused and their own sexual desires were going down the drain. The study that was done on over 1,000 women proved that the pill is not the best choice of preventative care for all women. However, it does seem to be doing its job; no sex drive means no sex, no sex means no surprise babies, so at least it does what it says it is going to. But really, what is life like without a sex drive?


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10 Things That Will Kill Your Drive Immediately