10 Things That Annoy Your Boyfriend Most About You

It's crazy to think how different men and women are, and how most of us are so drawn to the opposite sex. Men and women are so different in so many ways. As much as men can annoy us, we ladies need to admit we are the more annoying of the sexes. Men are known to be very patient, especially when it comes to women. However, like everyone, they have their limits. There are certain things you do that just annoy your boyfriend. Maybe it's the way you chew, or your sneeze, however, those little things can also be endearing to them, kind of something they love to hate. However, there are some things that we as women do that just irritate our boyfriends, plain and simple.

The following ten things are stuff many of us women find ourselves doing to our boyfriends without even realizing. Sometimes in relationships it is the little comments or actions that can push a man away. The following ten annoyances are part of what can completely push a man away from you. As much as your boyfriend loves you, there are some things that you do that make him not like you so much. If you want to be the best girlfriend possible, these are ten things that you can work on. These ten things annoy pretty much every man so I see no reason why your boyfriend would be different. Ladies, enjoy, Gentlemen…you can thank me later!


10 “I’m Fine”

This is probably the most dreaded statement a woman can use. Every man knows that when his girlfriend says “I’m fine” it really means “I am furious with you.” All women have pulled this card and if I am being honest, it is not fair to our boyfriends. By doing this you are not only pushing your boyfriend away, you are slowly driving him crazy. By not being honest you are sullying your relationship. You can’t be happy if you aren’t open with what is bothering you. Just be honest, it works better than saying “I’m fine.”

9 Rejecting his compliments


Ladies, ladies, ladies, I get so disappointed in women when I see them rejecting compliments from their boyfriends. Every single girl just wants a guy that not only thinks she is beautiful but tells her she is, which is why I don’t understand when women turn down these kind words from their boyfriends. This is what you have to do, when your boyfriend compliments you, smile and say “Thank You”. Do not, I repeat, do not tell him he is wrong or make a face (you know what face I am talking about). When a woman rejects a man's compliment they see it as you not caring about what he thinks, which is not good.

8 How long we take to get ready

Women are known to generally take longer to get ready than men. This makes sense because women need to pick out an outfit, do their hair, shave their legs and do their makeup while men just need to get dressed. Although your boyfriend loves the way you look, he still doesn’t understand how it takes you so long to get ready. If a woman says she will be ready at 8, that means 8:30. Men often get frustrated with their girlfriends because women are usually running late, which often times derails his plans. Either women need to start managing their time better when it comes to getting ready or men need to stop expecting women to be punctual.

7 Your celebrity obsession


Men are not wired like us in so many ways, especially when it comes to celebrities. Women love to gossip, so it is only natural that we adore celebrity gossip. Women know which Hollywood stars are dating, what celebrity kids' names are and all the names and relations of the Kardashian Clan. Men couldn’t care less about reality television and Perez Hilton so it gets on their nerves when their girlfriends are so obsessed with it. A man wants to know about his girlfriend’s day, he doesn’t care about Kimye or Justin Bieber. The obsession most women have with celebrities is something that really annoys men, especially the ones you date.

6 Text him all the time

Men need their space, however a lot of girls think that if they are out of sight that means they are out of mind to their boyfriend, which is completely untrue. Your boyfriend should be allowed to go to bars with his friends without keeping you updated every 30 seconds. The best thing to do when he has a boys night is let him be. By texting him the entire night, you make yourself look both insecure and needy. Not only will your boyfriend think you are awesome, his friends will also. There is nothing a group of guys hate more than a crazy girlfriend controlling one of their boys.

5 Women tell their friends everything


I really can't explain why women do this, but we do; women tell their friends everything. If you are bad in bed, her friends know, if your mother is crazy, her friends know, if you got her a horribly tacky gift for Christmas, her friends know and they also know how much she hates it. Women pretty much tell their girls about 80% of what goes on in their relationship. From fights to vacations, her closest gal pals will know the play-by-play. Although this seems normal to women, men hate this about their girlfriends. Men want to know they can be vulnerable and themselves around you and trust that you will keep it to yourselves.

4 When women call themselves fat/ugly

It has been said countless times in many different ways and it is true, confidence is key. Men love a confident woman, especially when it is their girlfriend. If a guy is with you it is because he thinks you are hot, so ladies please stop asking your man if you are fat or ugly because it is not cute it is just plain annoying. Guys hate this, not only does it make them feel uncomfortable it also makes their compliments seem invalid. Women need to understand that in life there will always be someone richer, prettier and skinner than you, however, there will never be another YOU, embrace that just like your boyfriend has.


3 Talking while he’s gaming


When a guy is gaming he is in the zone and really doesn’t want to be bothered. Women, who have a hard time keeping quiet, do not quite understand why their boyfriend is not responding. Men game to block out the world, and to everyone else it may seem as if he is relaxing. He is really experiencing an adrenaline rush since they play these games to win and boost their ego, not to have you yapping in their ear. There is no reason to have a conversation with your boyfriend while he is playing video games because he won't be paying attention. What you should do is let him play, let him be a boy and then when he is done, talk all you want.

2 Asking if they are going to cheat

When it comes to relationship, everything boils down to trust and confidence and love, of course. When a woman constantly asks her boyfriend if he is faithful to her, it's not only annoying but also a huge sign of insecurity, both within yourself and in regards to your relationship. This is a big turn off to men. If he has given you reason to doubt him, you should ask yourself why you are still with him instead of questioning him about his faithfulness. The point is that you should trust your boyfriend and if you don’t, you really shouldn’t be dating him.

1 Your indirect comments


Women are known for their indirect comments. They act as if everything is fine when in reality they are raging inside and expect their boyfriends to know. Men are very direct people; they aren’t known to read between the lines. Women are complete opposites, if they say one thing, most of the time they mean something else, which is extremely irritating to our boyfriends. This creates a lot of tension between you and your man, which is something you should not want. Many girls make the mistake of starting fights to make sure your man cares about you, however that is the worst possible thing you can do. As my high school history teacher used to always say, “Say what you mean and mean what you say,” which is actually great relationship advice!



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