10 Things Stoners Want You to Know About Them

The term "stoner" often has a negative connotation around it. However, in the past few years the stigma which surrounds marijuana has been slowly fading. With the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes in states such as Colorado and Washington, people have begun to better educate themselves regarding this "drug."

Stoners have long been stereotyped as having a lack of work ethic or for being lazy, but this has evolved. Many stoners are high functioning members of society. Whether they are killing it on Wall Street or winning cases in the court room, some people enjoy smoking weed after a long, hard day. As weed smokers become more and more socially accepted, the good behind the “drug” begins to be exposed. The reason we use the term “drug” is because people still consider marijuana a drug. But with alcohol proven to be more harmful to the human body and with more of a personality altering effect, the stigma which once surrounded weed is slowly disappearing, and with good reason.

The modern stoners are coming out of the woodwork and standing up to those who do not believe in what they stand for. Stoners are capable of doing anything, and doing it with a smile on their face. People’s use of marijuana should not define them, nor should society judge them. The term stoner's evolution is still in progress and the following ten stereotypes must be put to rest. People around the world, both old and young, find the good in weed. That does not mean everyone should start getting high, but it means that people should educate themselves and be less judgmental to those who have found a bond with Mary Jane.

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10 They Are Not Constantly Napping

People think stoners are always passing out, but that is not the case. People who enjoy puffing on the magic green dragon do it because it relaxes them. Even though the typical stoner loves a little joint before going to bed, they usually don’t pass out after getting a little buzz. True potheads do everything stoned, from going to a movie, to a club, to dinner, to bowling or ever mini-putt. Stoners embrace their lifestyle and are able to live a normal life while indulging in their guilty pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, napping when you are stoned is awesome, but being active while stoned is even more fun.

9 They Are Not Dropouts

Just because you enjoy smoking weed does not mean you are uneducated or a dropout. Numerous forms of media have stereotyped stoners as being educational misfits. Although there have surely been stoners who have ended their education early, it is not because they smoke weed. It's about time management and being responsible, the same goes for any hobby or activity. People, especially students, are known as procrastinators; whether it's Facebook, video games or Instagram, there are more distractions out there than marijuana. Stoners are usually quite productive when it comes to schoolwork because they focus and are easily captivated by whatever it is they are doing.

8 They Are Not Lazy

If you are a lazy person you will be a lazy stoner, if you are an active person you will be an active stoner. As previously mentioned, being a stoner is not for everyone. Many find it easier to blame the weed then to admit that they are lazy. A lot of modern day stoners are able to function regardless of their sobriety. Stoners become more creative and take on unusual late night activities like rearranging the furniture, or working out at 3 am. Stoners have more energy then they are given credit for, if you are a lazy stoner, it is only because you are a lazy person.

7 They Are Not Messy

A messy stoner is really just a messy person. Neat freaks that happen to smoke a lot tend to be the cleanest people around because cleaning almost becomes an OCD activity. Stoners do not have disorganized cars, rooms, apartments or lives, messy people do. There really is no correlation between being messy and smoking weed, this stereotype is not only unfair, but it is also false. The idea that a person who smokes marijuana is disrespectful to their surroundings is the image this “drug” unfairly gets. Being a messy person has nothing to do with smoking, that's just how society portrays it.

6 They Are Able To Hold A Conversation

Stoners know how to say more than "man," "dude" and "bro." When smoking weed in a small group, there is a good chance a philosophical debate of some sort will go down. Whether it's a discussion about religion or one about Kylie Jenner’s giant lips, stoners love to engage in deep conversations. What started as a question regarding what song was playing turns into a political debate. Stoners love getting philosophical and taking conversations to a new level entirely. They actually love to talk when they have something interesting to say, however, they do get quiet and if they do it is usually because their mind is busy thinking.

5 They Are Not Always Eating

So here’s the deal with the whole munchies thing. When the food is in front of you, when you are not on a diet, you will eat pretty much anything. However, when you aren’t stoned you will most probably do the same thing, it just won't taste as good. Stoners are normal people; they diet, exercise and eat junk. It's all about the person. As was previously mentioned, weed is not a drug that controls or changes your character, so if you are constantly eating when you are stoned, chances are you would be constantly eating sober. Get control and stop blaming this magic herb.

4 They Are Not Drug Addicts

Just because you found weed in your kid's room does not mean he is a drug addict. Marijuana is the kind of drug that actually has numerous health benefits and it is from the earth. Although marijuana can be seen as a “gateway” drug, it is not necessarily that. Weed, to numerous people, should not even be classified as a drug. If in 2015 you still believe that marijuana and cocaine are comparable you must educate yourself on the different effects they have on your body. Again, legal substances such as alcohol are known to cause more damage than weed.

3 They Are Always Thinking

Believe it or not, stoners are actually thinkers. Our minds as humans are constantly evolving and stoners are just humans with equally active brains. Just because someone smokes week does not mean that they are not intelligent thinkers. Stoners tend to be very creative people who are known to think outside the box. Stoners get deep into their thoughts about things like conspiracy theories or aliens (and also more productive things); they sit in silence as they go through all their thoughts on a specific topic. Being stoned does not mean you shut your brain off, numerous people take a hit of the green to allow their creative juices to flow.

2 Their Significant Other Doesn’t Need To Smoke

Stoners do not only date stoners, in fact stoners prefer to date non-smokers because it creates balance in the relationship. Two stoners together can sometimes be unproductive, especially if both people are lazy at their core. However, it is sometimes difficult to find someone who supports your habits and that is why it isn't easy to come out with it at the beginning. Many couples try to hide their weed smoking from their significant other. This creates tension and eventually you get caught lying, which then turns into an argument. Do not let it get that far, be honest from the beginning.

1 You Can Enjoy Smoking And Still Do Great Things

Micheal Phelps is known for being the greatest Olympian of all time. In February of 2009, the then 23-year-old Phelps was caught on camera smoking weed out of a bong. This event took place only three months after the Olympics where Phelps won 8 gold medals. It came as a shock to many people, and America was divided in two: the stoners, who were proud to call Phelps one of their own, and the non-stoners who were repulsed by his harmless behavior.

The most decorated Olympian is a perfect example which proves that enjoying smoking weed does not prevent you from doing great things. Those who use this as an excuse are the ones preventing themselves from accomplishing their goals in life, not their recreational habits.

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