10 Things All Men Should Have in Their Sex Drawer

Time to pick a DD, men! And we aren’t talking about a designated driver. No, we’re talking about a designated drawer. A designated drawer that has one specific purpose, making the act of getting down and dirty more enjoyable! This drawer will be your easy-to-reach-from-bed drawer, full of all the best things for creating an unbelievable night. Anything you could ever want during a sexual encounter should be within arm’s reach.

Nothing beats preparation when it comes to sex. A little foresight can get you out of pickles that would have derailed a lesser sex train conductor. But you’re king of the sex train conductors, so you thought of everything.

Well, just in case you didn’t think of everything, we put together a list for you. This list has ten things that should definitely find their way into your newly-christened sex drawer.

This list is full of good items, but it’s not comprehensive. Feel free to add your own sexy items into the drawer. Anything that makes sex easier, better, or more exciting can find its way into a drawer like this. This list has more than enough on it to get you started on the path to a respectable sex drawer. What you do after that, well, that’s up to you!

10 Condoms

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We hope you saw this one coming. Of course you did, who are we kidding? Condoms are a necessity (unless you and your wife are trying to make a baby). But it shouldn’t be just any old condom! (Note: for best results, It also shouldn’t be an old condom) You need to experiment, man!

9 Vibrator

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You probably think this one is all for the ladies. And you’re mostly right. A little vibrator can go a looong way, especially in regards to clitoral stimulation. Big O’s come in small, vibrating packages.

8 Batteries

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It is important to be prepared. We mean fully prepared. For everything. Whether it’s a zombie outbreak, power outage, or just that the vibrator is low on juice, bedside batteries will improve your odds of coming out unscathed.

7 Ring for Your Thing

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That’s right bad boy, time to domesticate the bull. Have you ever tried a ring? It can be a real game changer. Basically it traps a bit of extra blood in an erect penis, making it slightly larger, slightly harder, and it can even help guys last slightly longer.

6 Massaging Oil

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5 Lubricant

A little wetness goes a long way. Since you have the body oils lined up, why not be prepared with lubricant for your downstairs puzzle pieces? Dryness happens, stress or other distractions can keep her from getting welcomingly slick. So what do you do? You prepare!

4 Tissues/Wipes

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3 Book of Positions

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2 Fleshlight

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1 Restraints, Blindfolds

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So you have the sex book… What about other kinky options? Some light bondage experimentation can go a long way in bringing that freshness we talked about earlier. You have some options, too. Fuzzy handcuffs, some rope, maybe some older ties you don’t mind wrinkling. Tie her up a little! Or have her tie you up! Whatever you two are feeling, run with it (have a safeword, though).

If you need to start a little more gently, tuck a blindfold in your drawer too. You can use it to get a great night’s sleep, sure, but you can also use it to take away sight. Talk about heightened, tantalizing experiences! See how she reacts to light, sensual touches when she can’t see them coming!


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10 Things All Men Should Have in Their Sex Drawer