10 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Women Swoon

Dressing well comes so naturally to some men that you would think they came out of the womb looking ready for their first GQ cover. For guys who wear a jersey on their first date, this advice is for you. First lesson, there is one major fashion faux pas that can ruin any of the suggestions here, which is an ill fit. Nothing looks worse or turns off the ladies faster than clothing that doesn't fit properly. Jeans that sag below a man's butt, hanging off him with cuffs frayed from dragging when he walks, will never, ever look good. It doesn't matter what type of body a man has, there is no excuse to wear anything that doesn't fit properly. Go to a tailor! Getting clothing tailored is cheaper than buying something new. A good tailor knows how to hem pants, cuff sleeves, take in the waist on pants and jackets, adjust shoulders and fix or replace buttons and zippers. Furthermore, many national chains and department stores have in-house tailors, especially if the store sells suits. Make sure it fits. These words are applicable to most of the trends listed here.

10 Suit and Tie

In his hit song, "Suit and Tie", Justin Timberlake sings:

“And as long as I got my suit and tie

I'ma leave it all on the floor tonight

And you got fixed up to the nines

Let me show you a few things

All pressed up in black and white

And you're dressed in that dress I like

Love is swinging in the air tonight

Let me show you a few things.”

The very fashionable JT is certainly right. There is something romantic about a man in a suit in tie. Maybe he means business, maybe he means pleasure, but a well-tailored suit and tie on a man that flatters his body can make him irresistible. Every man should own at least one good suit that reflects his personality. Try Barney's New York and Brooks Brothers. If you want to get a very inexpensive, but nice basic suit, look for the Thompson Suit from the J. Crew Factory Outlet (they also have a website).

9 Tattoos

Much to the dismay of many perfectly worthy nice guys, women will always be attracted to bad boys. What says bad boy more than a tattoo does? To most people, tattoos just scream the words, “I am trouble.” Whether it’s a part of a tattoo peeking out of a shirt cuff or an entire sleeve on one or both arms, ink makes the ladies want a second, closer look. It also gives women an opportunity to makes the first move because it’s an open window to ask a guy about the bird on his calf. Still not convinced? Studs like Adam Levine, Dave Navarro, Colin Farrell, and David Beckham all have tattoos.

8 Glasses

While we know ladies lust after the bad boys, they can still find nerdy sexy. Glasses make a man look smarter and more mature, which are qualities women say most men need to improve upon. From hipster Ray-Bans to retro styled Warby Parkers, men in glasses can be very intriguing. What size is the brain behind those big frames? Hopefully big. As if they couldn't get any hotter, did you know that Brad Pitt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Kwanten, Johnny Depp and the king of all hot nerds Chris Hardwick all wear glasses? It's not hard to see how sexy a man wearing specs can be.

7 T-Shirt And A Blazer With Jeans

Wearing a t-shirt and blazer with jeans is the perfect mix of formal and casual for most men. It says, “I try, but not too hard.” This look works best with an unlined jacket, especially in warmer weather. Lots of fashionable Hollywood men have rocked this look including Joe Jonas, Brad Pitt, Jason Segel and Colin Farrell. Tip: this look works best when the t-shirt is fitted, but not too tight. It looks sloppy if the shirt is too big.

6 The Preppy Look

To pop or not to pop? That is the question when it comes to shirt collars. There is something very distinctive-looking about a man who looks ready to go sailing or for drinks at a country club. Achieving this smart look is also idiot-proof and requires zero to very little effort It's a simple formula: find a well-fitted pair of khakis with a simple leather belt (or ribbon belt, if you are feeling bold), add a Polo shirt or button-down and a pair of loafers or Sperry Top-Siders. Pop your collar or don't. Baseball caps can even work well to dress down this look. For men who want to experiment and take the look a step further, try wearing bold colors or even prints. Stores like Vineyard Vines, J. Crew, Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers are great places to buy quality threads to achieve this look.

5 Beards

Whether it’s a five-o'clock shadow or something that requires daily grooming to keep neat, there's almost something primal about this look that makes the ladies swoon. While it sounds extreme, this natural, manly look has become so popular that men will go so far as to have plastic surgery to achieve it. Costing between $3,000 and $7,000, depending on the amount of hair desired, beards can be way more costly than just investing in quality razors and trimmers to maintain it. Beards make all types of men look even more attractive. From traditionally handsome men like George Clooney and Chris Evans to the not so conventionally attractive, but sexy nonetheless types, like Jack Black, Seth Rogen and Horatio Sanz, men all over Hollywood are rocking beards.

4 Long Hair 

There’s something distinctive about a man with long hair. He always stands out in the crowd. As long as his hair is neat, not too long and absolutely never ever kept in a ponytail, it’s a look that men who are blessed with full hair and good hairlines can pull off. Think about it this way, a woman should want to run her fingers through a man's long hair or pull it gently, not want wash it. Josh Holloway, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Johnny Depp, Tom Brady, Hugh Jackman and James Franco all have lovely locks of varying lengths.

3 Leather Jackets

Every man should own a good leather jacket. While it is often an investment piece because good leather isn't cheap, a nice leather jacket will attract the ladies. The colder ladies may even ask to borrow it. Leather jackets come in many styles from motorcycle, to bomber, to basic more traditional, less "bad boy" looks. A properly fitted black or brown leather jacket works on men of every body type and height. For the most part, men’s leather jackets are cut to fit snugly, so when trying one on, make sure you can breathe and move when it is zipped. Not sure where to start looking for one? Try Rag and Bone, John Varvatos, Gucci and even Banana Republic.

2 Cologne

No one likes a stinky dude, but when a man smells good, he is instantly more attractive. However, most men need guidance when it comes to what colognes won’t send the ladies running. Ax the Axe and cool it with the Cool Water by Davidoff. And by ax and cool it, I mean, those scents will repel women and quite possibly make them nauseous. Why wear those (there are so many men that still do) when there are so many great men's colognes that are subtle, but delicious. Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille is heavenly. Dolce & Gabbana’s The One Sport, any of the colognes by Creed, and The Scent of Peace by Bond No 9 are also great. Keep in mind that the scent of every cologne varies with the body chemistry of the person wearing it, so what smells great on you, might not work for your best bro and vice versa.

1 Just Boxers

If you're down to just your boxers (or boxer-briefs), congratulations, you've probably turned your lady on with your outfit and hopefully, your wonderful personality too.

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