10 Supposed Ways To Make Your Junk Bigger

For as long as guys have been guys, some of them have been trying to find ways to make their junk bigger. Whether they really need it to be bigger or just want it, men have tried multiple methods to enlarge or enhance their size. The top Google member-related search on the Internet is “how to make my penis bigger”, which returns about 1.65 million results! On top of those search results are advertisements to things like a penis exercise book and selected supplements. There is a lot of money to be made in this area because lots of guys are looking to do whatever they can and don’t stop and think about how ridiculous some of these “solutions” actually are.

Depending on where you look the average size of a guy’s junk usually starts with a 5 and ends in inches. Studies say that most men are within an inch of the average, and that most women are fine with average. In fact, 85% of women have reported being satisfied with their partner’s size, while only 55% of those men were satisfied with themselves. Some of these ways to make your junk bigger might be more reasonable than others.

10 Losing Weight

9 Manscaping

8 Popping Pills

7 Pumping It Up

6 Using Weights

5 Jelqing

4 Clamping Down

3 Surgery

2 Using an Extender


1 Foods

Certain foods are said to be good for helping your junk look bigger. Bananas contain lots of potassium which aids in heart health and helps with proper blood circulation. Blood flowing to the penis is what makes it larger, so that makes bananas very a-peel-ling. You can also try eating onions if you can avoid crying. Onions are essential for the healthy circulation of blood and the prevention of blood clots. Salmon is also rich in essential fatty oils and acts as a natural blood thinner and circulation aid. All of these foods are good for you anyway so why not give them a shot?



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10 Supposed Ways To Make Your Junk Bigger