10Alyssa Milano’s Tattoo Fetish

Alyssa Milano's Tattoo Fetish
Alyssa Milano's Tattoo Fetish

Alyssa Milano of the Charmed series truly has a tattoo fetish. She has multiple tattoos spanning all major visible areas of the body. To sum up some of her tattoo work, Alyssa has a winged angel holding a cross on her left ankle, a chain

of colored roses on her right ankle and a fairy kneeling on some grass on her lower abdomen. She also has a sacred heart on her lower back, the symbol of ‘Om’ on her left wrist and an ouroboros circle tattoo (a snake biting its own tail) on her right wrist. With regards to significance and originality of placement, Alyssa has a rosary tattoo on her right shoulder and the Buddhist symbol of HUM on the back of her neck. While the former holds significance in the form of her connection to religion, the latter stands for depth of wisdom and unity.

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