15 Stars Who Waited Until Marriage

Remaining a virgin until marriage was once considered an honourable thing for a woman to do -  it was even the norm for most. Today there are less people making the decision to wait until marriage.  And for a big name celeb to make that claim - that they waited or want to wait until they walk down the aisle before they go ‘all the way’ – it’s practically unheard of.

We’ve compiled a list of female celebs who have remained virgins (or have publicly pledged to) until their wedding nights.


15 Julianne Hough 

Over the years,  former Dancing With the Stars cutie, Julianne Hough has had a slew of high-profile relationships including perpetual bachelor Ryan Seacrest, country singer Chuck Wicks and most recently, Washington Capitals player Brooks Laich.  Though it may be hard to believe it now, back in 2008, Hough told CosmoGIRL!: "I think [the choice] to have sex before marriage is an individual one, but if you're just with one person, it's only for one good reason and [waiting] will strengthen that relationship. I’m not trying to preach consequences here, but I think when you say no, down the line it will be a better decision.”

14 Neetu Chandra 


This Maxim India cover girl and Bollywood star may ooze sex appeal,  but don't let it fool you: 29-year-old Chandra is still a virgin. The sultry actress recently let it slip that despite her love of racy photo shoots, she's celibate. In an interview with, she admitted to having one fear: "I hope I don't die a virgin!" Of course the Indian media went crazy after she made this statement making her one of the most talked about starlets in India - smart girl!

13 Teresa Giudice 

Though she may not be an 'official' celebrity, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was an 'official' virgin when she married husband Joe in 2009 at the ripe old age of 27. "I've known Joe my whole life. We grew up together and we were friends but we didn't get together until we knew we were going to be serious," the mother of four told Life&Style in 2012. Telling the mag it was "definitely" worth the wait, she unfortunately doesn't believe her daughters will make the same decision. "I don't know in this day and age if that's going to happen."

12 Kathie Lee Gifford


The Today show host, Kathie Lee Gifford revealed in her autobiography, I Can't Believe I Said That, that she waited until marriage to give up her V-card. The lucky man?  Paul Johnson, owner of a Christian music publishing company and her bible study group leader. "My lifelong self-consciousness about my body seemed, miraculously, to fade away… It was like, yabba dabba doo! I lost every inhibition I've ever had. It was time for candles and romance, time to boogie and swing from the chandeliers," she says of the experience in true TMI Kathie Lee style.

11 Jessica White 

Though she may not be planning on waiting until marriage, Sports Illustrated model Jessica White doesn't plan on giving up the goods that easily. "Women nowadays, we connect physically too soon without actually getting to know the person ... I thought to myself, you know what, the next man that I give my body to will be the man that God brought into my life," she revealed in an interview with Essence. "I'm keeping my power to myself and my glow. I'm not giving anybody my glow anymore."

10 Lolo Jones


Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones is very proud of her decision to remain a virgin until her wedding day. So proud in fact that the athletic beauty decided to make the announcement at the age of 29 via twitter - to her 55 thousand followers! "The journey has been hard. It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. Harder than training for the Olympics. Harder than studying for college has been staying a virgin before marriage," she told Bryant Gumble in 2012. "It's just something, a gift I want to give to my husband."

9 Leelee Sobieski 

Eyes Wide Shut actress, Leelee Sobieski admitted in a 2009 interview with that she may have been a tad 'mature' when she finally lost it. "I guess 26 is kind of old to lose your viriginity, but it was important to me that I remained a virgin until after I was married. It wasn’t for any religious reasons or anything like that, but simply because, to me, my virginity was the most precious gift that I could ever give to a man, and I wanted to be sure I was giving it to the right man." The actress married fashion designer Adam Kimmel in 2009 and daughter Louisanna was born later that year.


8 Tamera Mowery 


Though not exactly a virgin when she married Fox News correspondent Adam Housley in 2011, the former Sister Sister actress recently revealed the details of her first sexual experience in a 2013 interview with HOT97NY. "I’m religious, so I waited until I was 29 to lose my virginity," she explained. "You may not understand this [but] I did it, then I felt guilty, then I became celibate until I got married.” The reality star dated Housley for more than six years before tying the knot. The couple have a son Aidan, born in 2012.

7 Meagan Good 

"Our wedding night will be the first time we're actually together. He was willing to be celibate with me for a year. He loves God, more than I love God, so I don't think there's anything wrong [in that]," said Anchorman 2 actress Meagan Good  in an interview with Life&Style magazine prior to her marriage to Sony Pictures executive and preacher, DeVon Franklin. Though she may be known for the sultry characters she plays onscreen, she's really just an all around good girl.  "When you know somebody and you know their heart it's not even a question about the physical part of it. That comes into play completely later on. It's just icing on the cake," the devout Christian told Sister2Sister.

6 Lisa Kudrow


On the much-loved TV show Friends, Phoebe Buffay is definitely no prude: long-term relationships are for losers, casual sex is more her thing. Portrayed by actress Lisa Kudrow, things couldn't be more different for the star in real life. She waited until her 1995 marriage to French businessman Michael Stern before 'giving it up.' She was 31. "I decided pretty early on that I should stay a virgin until I got married," she said in an interview with W. "My virginity was something I had decided was very precious, something that I owned, to give away. It was an honour I was bestowing on a young man, and he had to be worthy of it."

5 Jordin Sparks 

Back in 2007 and fresh from her American Idol win, 17-year-old Jordin Sparks made headlines when she talked about remaining 'pure' until marriage. "My parents gave me a purity ring and talked to me about waiting until I'm married to have sex. It wasn't forced; it just made perfect sense. It's going to be awesome to say to my husband that I waited my whole life for him."  Now 24, Sparks who has been in a high-profile relationship with R&B singer Jason Derulo for the last three years, still makes the headlines for those revelations she made in 07. Is she still honouring that pledge? When asked in a recent interview with Access Hollywood Live if the couple planned on getting engaged anytime soon, Derulo replied: "When the time is right and the stars are aligned perfectly…What we have is amazing and what we have is forever, so there is no rush." Sounds suspiciously like he could be referring to more than just an engagement ring…

4 Jessica Simpson 


“It was the most amazing moment of my life. I’m so lucky I didn’t lose my virginity in the back of a jeep or something," said a candid Jessica Simpson back in 2003 when asked about 'losing it' to her longtime love Nick Lachey on their wedding night. The pop singer told Blender: "Abstinence, for me, is about romance. It has nothing to do with my relationship with God. It’s about giving something special to that person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.” Jessica must have learned a thing or two during the three years she was married to Nick. In an interview with Playboy, rockstar John Mayer's revelations about his relationship with Simpson (they dated from 2006-2007) had tongues wagging. "Sexually it was crazy. That's all I'll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm"

3 Adriana Lima 

Though it may be hard to believe that a man would wait two years before going 'all the way' with any woman, it's understandable when the woman you're waiting for is one of the most beautiful in the world - Victoria's Secret supermodel, Adriana Lima. "Sex is for after marriage," she told GQ in 2006. 'They have to respect that this is my choice. If there's no respect, that means they don't won't me." In 2009, the devout Catholic married Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric. They have two daughters, Valentina, 4 and Sienna, 2.

2 Tina Fey


Who would have thought sharp-tongued comedian Tina Fey could be so chaste? Maybe chaste isn't really the best choice of word, more like desperate. Back in 2009 she awkwardly told talk show host David Letterman, "I couldn't give it away. That's just good, Christian values, or being homely." All jokes aside, while Fey may not have abstained until her 2001 wedding to composer Jeff Richmond, the couple did date for an eternity (seven years) before saying 'I do' so we'll give her props for that.

1 Carrie Underwood 

In 2007,  American Idol winner Carrie Underwood told Slate Magazine  that she planned on remaining a virgin until her trip down the aisle. That day came in 2010 when she married Ottawa Senators player, Mike Fisher when she was 26-years-old. The country crooner told People magazine that while there was no immediate future plans to have children just yet, they weren't ruling it out either being happy just to practice. "There's always something new to look forward to and something new to plan. [Having a baby] will just happen when it happens."

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