10 Stars We Love That Don't Have Hollywood Bodies

In a world where people are judged by their jeans size and praised when they stick to their diets, Hollywood may be the worst culprit of fat shaming. The standard set by the film and music industry is one where only the most sculpted, bronzed bodies rise to the top, regardless of talent.

But as with any rule, there are exceptions. Some entertainers have proven that thin isn’t better when it comes to talent. Whether these stars are racking up Grammy Awards and Oscars, or simply becoming international fan favorites, they are beginning to redefine perfection.

Though some of these stars have garnered big attention when they shed pounds over the years, most of them have experienced their greatest success at their highest weight, not their lowest. And all of them seem to eventually settle back in with a less-than-traditional physique. Read on for 10 superstars that continue to blow away the competition, regardless of the numbers on the scale.

10 Rebel Wilson

9 Jonah Hill

8 Adele

7 Alec Baldwin

6 Queen Latifah

5 Seth Rogen

4 Kevin James

3 Melissa McCarthy

2 Jack Black

1 Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is Hollywood’s “It Girl” these days. Coming onto the Hollywood scene as recently as 2010, Schumer has won fans with her raunchy, honest and unapologetic rants on sex, relationships and fumbling through young(er) adulthood. Schumer started her career in stand-up and went on to break rules and cross boundaries in shows like, Inside Amy Schumer and Amy Schumer: Mostly Sex Stuff. It was with the film she wrote and starred in, Trainwreck, that Schumer officially threw her hat in the ring to compete with the top-paid female comedians in the game. Schumer has said, “I feel very comfortable in my own skin. When someone makes jokes about me being heavy, it makes me mad. It's not true. I'm right where I should be.” Critics seem to agree, as Schumer took home a 2016 Critic’s Choice Award for her role in Trainwreck.


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10 Stars We Love That Don't Have Hollywood Bodies