10 Squeaky Clean Celebrities Who Have Been Unfaithful

Decency is the death knell to Hollywood careers. Even Taylor Swift, at the age of 25, and after making hundreds of millions of dollars, is trying to get rid of her squeaky clean image. Like most she is afraid to see her career fall as the public starts perceiving her as a goody two shoes. The list of people below all made their riches by trying to stay squeaky clean in the public's eye, but were unsuccessful because they all had the same human fatal flaws as the rest of us. This is Hollywood. It's pretty hard to stay faithful when you are surrounded by so many fans who'd give their left kidney to be with you, or so many people who spend millions staying beautiful. How do you stay faithful when to sell movie tickets, you need a steamy sex-scene with your co-star? Obviously not many people can. What's ironic is that many on this list didn't even cheat with someone famous. It seems the hired help poses a greater danger to a celebrity marriage than anything else. Maybe it's some teenage fetish that needs to be satisfied, who knows.

I am sure in a generation or two, cheating will not be the taboo it is today. But at least for now, cheating is still seen as the ultimate betrayal of trust between any couple, and trust is the foundation of any relationship. It's unfortunate that the public gets involved in something that is none of their business, as affairs should matter only to the people involved considering how often they occur. But everyone seems to associate themselves so much with the success of the celebrities they love and the failure of celebrities they hate, that it's almost natural that they take an interest in their personal lives. Very few celebrities fall from grace completely in the public's eye from an affair, with a few notable exceptions. It takes a little more. Even Tiger Woods can still attract millions of viewers after such a disgrace, but somehow you know that image is tainted in the back of the public's mind.


10 Unknown Woman Who Is a Figure of Great Public Trust Whose Identity is Blocked By The Courts

This is an intriguing piece that came out on September 13, 2015, in the UK. Supposedly a very famous woman was caught having an affair, but the courts won't let us know who it is. Is this possible? Apparently it is. A top female celebrity was granted a gagging order over her affair with a famous married lover. The woman, named only as CHS, described as a 'figure of public trust', went to court under the Human Rights Act after her boyfriend discovered the affair when he read her diary. Her married lover is described as 'very high profile', and given the acronym Mr. Y. She is trying to block the photos in the diary from ever being released. You know some tabloid is going to get their hands on these photos somehow. When they do, the public can finally satisfy their curiosity and see the latest 'Squeaky Clean' celeb come crashing down.

9 Tiger Woods

By now, Tiger Woods is not squeaky clean. But prior to that fateful day in 2009, he was untouchable and so clean, he had every mother wishing that he could be their child's role model. The story, first released by The Enquirer, stated that Tiger Woods cheated on his absolutely gorgeous wife, with a woman named Rachel Uchitel. No one believed the story at first, until several more women came out claiming affairs with the superstar. At that point, Tiger was forced to admit the improbable. Tiger has never recovered his golf game since that day. He lost endorsement contracts that he would never regain, but managed to keep his Nike and EA contracts. Something must have happened to his mind as well, because all of a sudden he became an average pro golfer, rather than the greatest who ever lived. Six years later, even as an average athlete, he still attracts more attention than even the best modern golfers every time he plays. People must really want their hero to return to form. But chances are he never will, but the money will still keep coming in.

8 Jesse Jackson

A politician and a preacher who continued the fight against racism that Martin Luther King Jr. started, emulated his predecessor in other ways as well. In 2001, The Enquirer reported that the long married activist, had an affair and a love child while married. Jackson confirmed the report before the story could reach the stands. According to ABC, the age of the love child indicated that Jackson was likely having the affair with Karin Stanford, a 39-year-old worker at his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition office in Washington, even as he counseled President Clinton after public revelations of his affair with Monica Lewinsky came out. Even the greatest people are only human.

7 David Letterman

David Letterman is the only man alive that can announce an affair on his show and get the audience to applaud him with laughter. Soon after, Letterman found atonement like so many others before and after him, on the Oprah Winfrey Show, where he not only admitted to having an affair after being married for only 6 months, but also admitted to having sex with many female sub-ordinates. Amazingly his wife still stayed with him. I guess it pays to be funny in more ways then one.

6 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Thankfully for Arnold, his affair came out after he left office as Governor of California. The good news is that the public forgave him, the bad news was that his wife didn't. Everyone loves the story of an immigrant making it big in America, and Arnold had a great image because of it. He rode that image all the way to the governor's chair. But in 2011 he admitted to cheating on his wife of 25 years (Maria Schriver), 14 years earlier with Mildred Baena, their housekeeper. What's worse is that he fathered a love child who was born exactly one week after Maria gave birth to their youngest son, Christopher. On top of that it was later revealed that Arnie cheated on Maria with is ex-girlfriend, action queen Brigitte Nielsen. Come on Arnie, you can't mess up twice, what's wrong with you?

5 Lisa Robertson

Who is this you ask? If you watch Duck Dynasty, then her name is familiar to you. She is the wife of the show's beardless brother Alan Robertson. Alan is a preacher these days and being affiliated with a show all about family values definitely gives you a squeaky clean image. This was not the case about 15 years ago. According to Us Weekly, in the couple's book they detail Lisa’s abortion at the age of 17, Alan’s days of drug use and drinking, and Lisa’s wild affair with an old boyfriend in 1999, which luckily for them did not tear the couple apart. Alan's family though, took many years to forgive Lisa for the affair. The couple has been happy ever since. Forgiveness is oftentimes a good trait and sometimes rewarded, at least in this case.

4 Matthew Broderick

Look at that face. How can you not trust the guy? He is the epitome of squeaky clean. All of the characters he has played have been 'G' rated. Back in 2008 he supposedly fell off the wagon (so to speak) as he supposedly cheated on his wife Sarah Jessica Parker. The actor first met his alleged mistress at a bar in New York City and the two began their affair at a friend’s townhouse. The relationship reportedly continued while SJP was filming Sex and the City: The Movie, in Los Angeles. This story was a rumor published in many newspapers, but the couple denied the rumors and thus we can never confirm them.


3 Julia Roberts

After her breakout role in Pretty Woman, people just associated that one character with Julia forever -- the kind-hearted victim who found happiness hooking up with the attractive rich gentleman. Almost like a Lady Diana in the movies. Well the princess was not so sensitive and not so nice, as she committed the one taboo in the world of cheating; breaking up a family. Even in this world of sexual openness, plenty of people luckily still reserve respect for a family. She hooked up with her cameraman, Danny Moder. The relationship was not a short term fling though, as the couple did have three more children and only recently broke-up. That's a long marriage in Hollywood years. So I guess we can cut Julia some slack. The heart wants what it wants.

2 Mel Gibson

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The man became a hero to many via the public's association with the characters he played. The Australian born actor played a rousing American Hero who freed the people from that oppressive regime in The Patriot. He famously uttered the words "Freedom" in a loud gut-wrenching voice before getting his head chopped off in Braveheart. He even played Jesus Christ. He was as American as apple pie and hamburgers, which ironically like Mel, aren't American at all, but the nation adopted him in the same vein as its signature dishes anyway. What a fall from grace he had. The man was caught saying and doing so many crazy things. But this article is about having an affair. In 2006, it was revealed that he cheated on his wife of 26 years with Oksana Grigorieva. What's funny is that Mel didn't lose half of his almost billion dollar empire to his first wife of 26 years, but to the lady he had an affair with. Now that's a costly mistake for both him and his first wife. I mean why couldn't his first wife get more money out of 26 years? Poor lady, lost that money to the women who broke up her marriage. Don't cry for Mel though, as he still has more than enough money to live happily ever after and get divorced at least ten more times.

1 Bill Cosby


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This is the man that I think broke all of our hearts. Hollywood is famous for making people ultra-rich by having a bad boy/girl reputation. The badder your image, the richer you got. Bill was everyone's father whose fortune came from comedic performances that were also G-Rated. He was supposed to be the guy that proved to the world that Hollywood had room for everyone. Next thing you know, even Ray Romano and Tina Fey will be in the headlines. Where is the world going to? The story of Bill requires an article all of its own. Although not convicted of anything yet in courts, he has been accused by countless women of sexual assault. In the public's eye he is already guilty. In reality, you can have one or two accusers, maybe 3 with Bill's super clean image, but not more than 12. There is something wrong with this picture. Not that his actual life was squeaky clean, but image and perception is everything and man did Bill ever have that image. Luckily for him, his family is standing by him though, so are the people who know him well, which depending on whose side you're on, could be a good or bad thing.

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