10 Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating On You

There are many reasons to end your relationship. No matter what your reason is, if you feel like it is time to call it quits, then you need to hope that your partner will respect you enough to understand. Breakups are not always easy, and as you get older and more intertwined with your partner's life, it may seem all the harder to imagine.

Before you got close with your partner, there may have been certain deal breakers that you knew would end your relationship if your partner committed them. One of those deal breakers for many individuals, is the promise of monogamy between you and your partner. Unfortunately, relationships end all the time because one of the partners in the relationship has been unfaithful.

There is never an excuse to cheat on your partner. I will always understand if your relationship has problems, but the solution is never cheating All this accomplishes is weakening your relationship, and permanently altering the level of trust that will ever be possible to develop between you and your partner.

Cheating is not only an incredibly big sign of disrespect toward your partner, but also something that can severely impact their ability to trust future partners.

Sometimes it is extremely obvious that your partner is cheating on you, and sometimes that is the hardest pill to swallow. Other times your partner may have been cheating on you for a while, but you eventually found out through a variety of different methods.

Make no mistake that cheating is often a result of several different problems in your relationship, and if you decide to take your partner back after such a distrustful act, some things will have to be radically different in your relationship.

If you are already feeling like your partner may be cheating on you, take the opportunity to have an open and honest conversation with the person you love. If you are unsure, perhaps these 10 signs will help nudge you in the direction that you need to be in, to have the conversation that you deserve to have.

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10 They Start Projecting Their Own Lack Of Trust

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Unfortunately, a guilty partner may start projecting their own guilt onto you. If they can cheat, why should they be so sure that you are not able to cheat as well? Projecting can lead to some hurtful comments and accusations made that only work to weaken your relationship. This is especially frustrating when you find out that your partner was only projecting their own issues onto you. If your relationship already has a lack of trust, cheating on your partner, and then starting to accuse them of cheating, is a sure fire way to make sure there is no saving your relationship going forward.

9 They Become Possessive Of Their Phone

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This one may be a bit straightforward. If your partner all of a sudden starts to become possessive of their phone, it may be time to have a question about their behavior. Plenty of relationships unfortunately end when one partner stumbles upon some text messages that are inappropriate, and if they start getting defensive, that may be what they're trying to avoid. Everyone has their own right to privacy in regards to their phone, but it's still concerning if their defensiveness was a new pattern. This may also be combined with them texting a new or old friend that seems to dominate their attention.

8 They Become Possessive Of Your Life

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One thing that happens when someone cheats, is that the trust of that relationship is forever altered. If your partner has cheated on you, they may start becoming possessive of your own life and who you're able to see. This is very similar to them projecting their own guilt and fear onto you once they have already cheated. Nobody deserves to have a partner who makes them feel like they don't have any independence or trust. Unfortunately, that trust that has already been violated by one of you is going to lead to some changes in how your partner acts in your relationship, and that's not an ideal trait.

7 They Start Becoming Vague About Details/Life

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If you and your partner used to have really open conversations about your day and that has changed, it may be time to ask yourself why. Perhaps you used to hear all about their coworkers, but now the details become fuzzy or vague on what your partner did on the weekend. If your partner is trying to hide something, especially something as monumental as cheating, then it is in their best interest to try and be vague in their details. If you guys get into the habit of openly talking about your day, at least it will be a strong starting off point for the moment you notice that behavior start to change.

6 They Start Becoming Defensive When Asked About Someone

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Sometimes relationships end because your partner cheated on you with a complete stranger. Unfortunately, other individuals have their relationship end when their partner cheats on them with someone that is known. If you start having trust issues about a certain individual, you should hope that your partner welcomes an open and healthy communication about that. If instead they get angry or accusatory when talking about someone, it may be worth finding a calm way to talk about their relationship in a positive way. Nothing will make you feel less secure in your relationship than feeling like you cannot trust your partner with a certain individual, and have your partner say nothing reassuring to convince you otherwise.

5 They Start Lying More

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If someone is cheating on you, then unfortunately they are lying to you. Not only that, but they are lying about something that could impact your health, which is a definite deal breaker for many relationships. A smaller pattern that may create the seed of distrust is if you start catching your partner in smaller lies. He said he was working late? Then why did his breath smell like alcohol when he walked through the door? You thought he was playing video games with his best friend? Turns out he was out at the movies with a good girl friend. Your relationship needs to have honesty about all areas of life, big and small.

4 They Disappear At Certain Times

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It may start to become increasingly suspicious if your partner starts to fall off the grid for certain periods of time. "Oh, your phone died when you were out with Brad? I totally understand, except that's happened to you 4 times now. Can't you bring a charger?" is not a conversation that you want to be having. I understand the need for privacy and their own life, but at the same time if you all of a sudden become unavailable around the same time you're hanging out with someone that fosters distrust, then you should be expecting a tough conversation at home.

3 Your Sexual Activity Changes

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Whether there is a positive or negative change, you may notice a dramatic shift in your sexual relationship at home. Perhaps you guys have been in a dying sexual relationship for a while, but eventually you both stop trying and communicating about your relationship. It may be less of a need to work on your sexual relationship if you are finding satisfaction through another avenue, and as a result sex at home may start to completely vanish. Others may find that having sex with another partner may be a sexual spark that could translate to a more enthusiastic sex life back at home with your partner.

2 Time Together Isn’t A Priority

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It is important to remember that physical cheating is not the only type of cheating there is. Emotional cheating can occur when you start to feel your partner is drifting away from you, and prioritizing or falling for another person. It can be displayed by your partner become incredibly distant, or defensive when asked about the new person of their affection. It can also really sink in if you start feeling like your partner no longer cares enough to plan nice dates or take time out of their week to make you feel loved and special. Make sure that your relationship and love is growing every day for your partner, and that you feel like you are important in their life.

1 There Are Physical Signs

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One of the most telling signs of cheating may be that you physically see some signs of it happening. This can include, but is not limited to physically walking in on the act. You may see some texts that prove it, which may explain why some people become defensive of their phone. Perhaps you come across a bra that you know does not belong to you when you are cleaning up the apartment. Physical signs of cheating, while painful to come across, are at the very least a definite sign that your partner has disrespected you and should be promptly shown the door.

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