10 Signs You Are Dating A Millionaire

In the dating world, some people really want to know if they are entering a relationship with someone who is extremely wealthy. It doesn't mean that they are all “gold-diggers,” sometimes it just means that they want someone who can take care of them. Or sometimes the person looking is the one who is a millionaire, and is looking for someone who is of the same caliber and doesn't want to find somebody who makes less money than they do. It is possible to find out if a man has millions, but there are also phonies. In this article, there are ten ways to see first-hand if your new mate is a millionaire, and there are also warnings listed after every one. For every one millionaire out there, there are most likely a thousand fakes, all pretending that they are rich just so they can get someone beautiful to fall for them; thinking that they have a lot of money. Don’t fall for the charlatans. Make sure that you know your facts before making assumptions.

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10 He Drives a Ferrari and Lives in a Mansion

Let’s say that you are on your first date, and your prospective mate pulls up to your house in a beat up, rusty old Chevy. Or maybe he decides that you two should use your bus pass in order to get to the movie theater. Chances are, this person is probably not a millionaire. If you look outside and see a fancy Italian sports car parked in front of your house, with your date sitting in the driver's seat, it may mean that he has a large sum of money.

If the man of your dreams invites you to his house in Beverly Hills and it just happens to be a large mansion close to Rodeo Drive, it is very likely that this person is worth millions.

Beware: Just because he drives a fancy sports car or you visit that mansion, doesn't mean that those things actually belong to him. He could have rented that car to impress you, or that extravagant house could possibly belong to his parents. The only sure way to find out is to ask, but if it’s only the first or second date, it probably isn't a good idea.

9 He Owns a Jet or a Yacht

Sometimes your dates might consist of going to unusual places, and many times he treats you by taking you in his jet. He has a limousine with a chauffeur that whisks you away to the airport with a pilot that takes you to France for a lunch date. Maybe he even takes you on his personal yacht for a quick dip in the ocean, or to show you how to sail. These are pretty good signs that the man you are dating is a millionaire.

Beware: Again, the boat could be rented. It is possible for someone who does not make a whole lot of money to pretend that he or she is loaded by renting expensive things. The airplane could belong to someone he knows and it just so happens that he knows a pilot. If this man is really into you, he may be blowing his entire paychecks on your dates.

8 He Knows Many Foreign Languages

When you get whisked away to France for that lunch date, he may know French very well.  He even orders from the menu in the romantic language with a beautiful accent. He is probably familiar with other languages as well. There is also a good chance that he is very fluent and perhaps, has spent years studying in other countries.

Beware: Just because he knows other languages doesn't mean that he is a millionaire. He could have just bought Rosetta Stone and learned via his computer. He could also be partaking in illegal activities in foreign countries. It doesn't mean he’s not a millionaire, but you may want to learn a little bit more about each other before jumping into a serious relationship.

7 He Has Elegant Style

If your date dresses very elegantly, with his clothes in pristine condition, and has a Rolex watch, he could possibly be a millionaire. Most people with money take care of their property really well, and it usually shows (we don't blame them, especially if they are going to spend a part of their fortune on their clothing). They normally have someone who does their laundry for them, so their clothes are always clean and pressed. His shoes will most likely be new, or at least, very well maintained and shined.

Beware: He could find his stylish attire in discount stores and wear knock-off designer watches.

6 He is Always Busy Working

If he rarely has time for you, or is constantly breaking dates because he has to go on business trips or meetings; it is a possibility that he could be a millionaire. Maybe he is so busy trying to keep up that portfolio that he doesn't have a lot of time to date, or for anything else.

Beware: He could be married.

5 He Has All The New And Latest Gadgets

When your new beau comes to pick you up in his limo, driven by Francois, does he always have the newest and latest gadgets to call you from? Does his keyboard look like something out of a sci-fi movie? If he has gadgets in his Ferrari that make James Bond take notice, chances are he’s either a millionaire or pretty close to it.

Beware: He could just be a beta-tester for Apple. They sometimes hire people to test out the latest gizmos before they hit the market.

4 He Has An Assistant


Does he always have someone following him around, taking notes for him and telling him who called? Most millionaires don’t just have an application on their phone that acts as their assistant, they have actual people who take notes for them, answer their phones, and make sure that their life runs as smoothly as possible, without having to do more than absolutely necessary. This is almost a dead giveaway that the person you are dating has a considerable amount of money.

Beware: It could be his stalker.

3 He Has VIP Passes For Every Event He Takes You To

You’re at the Katy Perry concert that he bought you tickets for, and you get front row seats. He ushers you backstage so you can meet your teen idol; and it is somewhat of a common occurrence whenever you go to concerts, shows or other events. If you are given the VIP treatment at every happening that he takes you to, then it is possible that he is a millionaire.

Beware: He could be a very good scalper.

2 His Name Comes Up Listed As A Millionaire When Googled

In this day and age, almost no one goes on dates without first “Googling” the person they are going to meet, to see what they can come up with on their own. Most of the time, we will just see a few basic facts; their Facebook page, a Twitter account, maybe their hometown or a few places they frequent. If this person is actually a millionaire, chances are high that it will be shown when someone “Googles” their name.

Beware: Not everything on the internet is true. Be sure to check other reliable sources.

1 He Just Comes Out and Tells You That He Is A Millionaire

This is one that is a pretty good giveaway that he is worth a lot of money. It probably isn't a good idea to come out and ask, but if he just tells you, then chances are, he is a millionaire.

Beware: He could be lying.

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