10 Signs That You Will Become Rich

Making money is on the minds of many Americans these days, so it may be worthwhile to review some of the determining factors for wealth in the country. This is important to many people, because they w

Making money is on the minds of many Americans these days, so it may be worthwhile to review some of the determining factors for wealth in the country. This is important to many people, because they will want to do all that they can to make the most of their finances. They might also just be generally curious about the future that is in store for them given some of their current personality traits. This is clearly a hot topic among many people, so it may be worthwhile to review some of the biggest determinants that people may face when they are trying to calculate their amount of wealth that they will accumulate over the course of their lifetime. Think about whether you may be able to expect to improve your earnings when you look through this list of factors. You may just be surprised by how effective it can be to get a clear picture of your financial future

While you are reviewing this list, it is important to take many of these facts with a grain of salt. These are typically statistical representations of the general population in America, but they won't be hard and fast rules that will determine your life. Hard work and dedication are often major contributing factors to success in the world, so don't forget to include these in your plan. Think through how you may want to work with some of these personality traits to boost your earning potential and make your life more wealthy as a whole. You should also realize that this list is not exhaustive, since there may be a number of other important factors that can change the lifetime earnings of people out there. Just try to imagine how these different factors tend to impact our lives and change the way that our course has taken us so far.

10 Being Blond Increases Lifetime Earnings

There is a growing body of evidence that blond women really do enjoy more of certain privileges throughout the course of their lifetime. A study has demonstrated that blonds will actually earn up to 7% more money during their careers than non-blond women. This is likely due to a number of factors, including increased perceptions of attractiveness among these women. Some bosses may simply be more willing to hire a blond woman off of the street, since they know customers will tend to react more favorably to them.

9 Attractiveness Improves Your Opportunities In Life

Building on this theme, there has also been research that indicates that being attractive will tend to boost your lifetime earnings as well. This may be welcome news to the good looking, who can expect to get up to 9% more from the earnings at the their jobs. They may be more sought after by employers as well, which can further boost their earnings.

8 Unpopularity Improves Net Worth

This may be one of the biggest surprises on this list, since we generally associate popular people with being successful. But research has shown that unpopular high school kids will end up making up to 10% more over the course of their lifetime. This has got many parents pushing for their kids to spend their high school years reading books and making plans to attend college. This may be much more important to their future earnings capacity than attending parties and supporting school functions. Think about this if you are struggling to make friends in high school, because there is often a silver lining to consider.

7 Drinking Can Boost Your Income

There is some evidence that shows that drinking alcohol can actually prove to be beneficial to some careers out there. It was found that drinkers will tend to generate upwards of 14% more money than those that abstained from alcohol. This may be happening for a number of reasons, so there could be many possible explanations. Many drinkers are often presented with opportunities to socialize with their friends, which can provide them with more networking opportunities. This could allow them to get linked up with the support that they need to get high paying jobs and better earnings.

6 Intelligence Increases Total Earnings

It is estimated that intelligence will tend to increase earnings over a person's lifetime by about 20%, which may not be surprising news to many people out there. Some people may have found that new skills come naturally to them, simply because they have been born with a gift. They can often pick up on new information quicker as well, which makes them a more valuable commodity in the business workplace. As expected, this will help contribute to greater overall earnings that will be accumulated throughout the course of an individual's lifetime.

5 Being Born In To Wealth

When you are born to wealthy parents, you will be much more likely to stay wealthy over the course of your lifetime. There are many people who will argue the reasons why this happens, but the data does seem to support this general conclusion. It was found that children of wealthy parents will tend to make more than 36% more than their counterparts over the course of their lives. They may have more support from their parents to take on a number of different issues.

4 Abstaining From Smoking

Non-smokers can expect to enjoy many health benefits, but they will also tend to earn around 50% more over the course of their lifetime than smokers will. There may be quite a few different issues at stake here, including information regarding the socioeconomic backgrounds of both smokers and non-smokers. However, there is a growing body of evidence that indicates that smoking really does take quite a toll on your budget, so try to quit as soon as you can. Not only will your doctor thank you, but your pocket book will likely do so as well.

3 Graduating From Ivy League Colleges Enhances Incomes

This may be one of the biggest benefits of all, since it is estimated that attending an Ivy League school can increase your income by up to 62%. There may be many reasons why this still continues to help people get better jobs and access to a higher standard of living. It is possible that they simply receive a better education, which will of course be beneficial to the income levels of many people out there. Think about how these Ivy League grads will also be linked in to one of the most extensive alumni networks around. This will help people get the support that they need to get started on their career soon.

2 Getting Married Improves Your Outlook

There is some strong evidence that indicates that getting married to someone will actually help improve your earnings over the course of your life. Think about whether you might want to get married soon, because it could boost your lifetime earnings up by around 77%. This is a substantial amount of money, which is likely appealing to quite a few people out there. They might want to also realize that children of divorce are less likely to succeed in life, so they will need to take their wedding vows seriously.

1 Earn A Degree In Math Or Science

Most people will instinctively know that getting their degree in a math or science field will typically produce better earnings. This is a large reason why these fields tend to be competitive over time. These graduates can expect to earn up to 100% more than someone with a liberal arts degree. This may be plenty of incentive for these grads to focus on getting their degrees in lucrative fields out there. Think about getting a degree in Petroleum Engineering, since this is one of the hottest degrees around.

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