10 Signs That You Have Found "The One"

In life, whether you admit it or not, we are all looking for that special person to spend the rest of our days with. When you are in love, you never know when or if the relationship is going to end. We all hope the person we are sleeping next to is the one that is made for us, but the reality is that most people end up marrying the wrong person. That is a personal fear of many; marriage is believed to be a sacred bond between two beings, a unity of two souls that will remain until the day you die. At least that is what it should be. In today's society, we know that the divorce rate is quite high, that is why it is so important to pick wisely when choosing a person to spend forever with.

This brings forward the question: Can you ever really know if you have met “The one”? Sadly there is no foolproof test. However, you can be confident in your relationship by noticing the following ten signs. These ten signs are characteristics of a special connection between two people, which will most likely lead to a happy marriage.

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10 Their bad habits don’t push you away from them

Okay, so maybe you aren’t the biggest fan of his snoring or her nail biting, but for some reason it doesn’t irritate you. When the person you are in a relationship with is the one, their little habits seem to be part of their charm. If you are with someone and you can’t stand his or her little habits, chances are eventually you aren’t going to be able to stand that person at all. You should love every flaw about your partner, and if you don’t, maybe you should re-evaluate your relationship. It is normal to be annoyed once in a while, but when it gets to the point where you are constantly irritated, chances are you should think about cutting your losses.

9 You are completely yourself around them

When you are with the right person you are able to be completely and utterly yourself around them - no excuses. You can either look like you just crawled out of a sewer or look like you are about to walk the runway; either way they love you. When you are with the right person you don’t feel like you need to hide your silly side or tame your big personality because that is part of the reason your significant other loves you. No one is perfect, including you, and you know you are with the right person when you know you are being loved for your imperfections.

8 You have similar goals

Ideally, in a relationship you want to know that in the long run you are looking for similar things as your partner. Perhaps one of you dreams of backpacking through Europe while the other fantasizes about lying on the beaches of Bali, which are healthy differences. What we mean by similar goals is, do you both believe in marriage? Do you both want children? You are in control of your future and if you have always dreamed of having children don’t let someone influence you otherwise. If you are with someone who doesn’t want the same things as you in the long run, chances are you are with the wrong person.

7 You have fun doing nothing with them

You don’t have to be at a crazy party or music festival to be having a good time with the person you are supposed to be with. Fun happens everywhere from the grocery store to your own living room when you are with the right person. With the right person, going to see them should not feel like a chore, it should be something you want to do. Many people think that love is being taken out on extravagant dates, although dates are nice (and necessary) love is being with someone in complete silence and still managing to have a good time, just by being in each other's company.

6 They're the first person you turn to (besides your mom)

So mommy should always be number one, and number two should be your significant other. If you are having a bad day, your significant other should be the one to understand you. The person you are meant to be with should never make you feel guilty for being you, they should ever make you feel crazy or alone. Finding the person you are meant for means you no longer need to face the world alone. Finding “the one” is choosing a partner to go through life with; if you pick the wrong one you can lose terribly. That is why you need to make sure that the person you are with understands you and is there for you unconditionally.

5 You can’t picture yourself without them

Imagining yourself without this person physically pains you. The thought of losing them is almost too much for you to handle. When you envision your future, that person is by your side. When you picture yourself at 80 years old, this person is still sitting right next to you holding your hand. You can never know for sure when it comes to marriage, but if you can't picture yourself far down the line with someone, they are not the person you are meant for. The thought of spending the rest of your life with your boyfriend or girlfriend should excite you and not scare you.

4 You don’t keep secrets from each other

The person you will spend the rest of your life with should be the person you trust the most in your life. In a relationship, you shouldn’t hide secrets from each other especially big ones. It's okay if you watched the latest episode of Scandal without him and lied to him about it, however it is another thing to lie about where you are, what you are doing or who you are with. You should be able to be fully open and honest regarding your feelings. If there is a lack of honesty and communication in your relationship, the probability is you aren’t with the right person.

3 You let them live their own life

Although it's normal for “I” to become “we” when you are in a relationship, that does not mean you guys need to do everything together. It is important that the person you end up with allows you to have your own life, be with your friends and family and spend time doing the things you are passionate about. “The one” will never hold you back from doing anything and you will never try to hold them back. The right person is supposed to push you to follow your path, not restrict you or make you feel trapped or suffocated.

2 They bring out the best in you

Sometimes love and passion lead you to someone who brings out the worst in you and other times it is someone who brings out the best version of yourself. You need to find a person who compliments your character and brings out your better side. Many people are in relationships where they are constantly fighting or behaving in ways that they are not proud of. When you are with the right person, they bring out the best in you and make you proud of yourself and the choices that you make. Whoever it is, if somebody makes you the best version of yourself, they are probably worth keeping.

1 You only have eyes for them

Knowing you are with “the one” is knowing that there is no one else is the world you would rather be with. Let's say you are at a bar or a wedding without your significant other, then across the room you notice a man or a woman that catches your eye. Being human, you act on it and maybe flirt a little. It is normal to have little crushes on people, but when a crush turns into a fantasy and you begin wanting to be with another person, you know that you are not with the right person. Before saying "I do," you must truly feel that there is no one else in the world that will make you as happy as the person you are about to spend the rest of your life with.

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