10 Signs She Will Be Awful In Bed

Lets be honest, ladies, most of us think we are pretty awesome in bed. The reason we all think this is because no guy has ever complained about our performance. However, the truth is that there is a chance you suck in bed.

Most people think that when it comes to intercourse, the man is the one who sets the tone of the performance. That is so not true. Women and men play different roles when it comes to sex. Although sex is portrayed everywhere, it is still a topic couples have trouble talking about. It's not like a man can tell the woman he is sleeping with that she sucks in bed, and sadly a lot of the time sex is make-it-or-break-it in relationships.

The following are ten signs she will be bad in bed. Read on, guys, so you don’t find yourself falling in love with a starfish (a woman who just lays there). Whether we admit it or not, sex is a huge part of relationships - it is a way of connecting with someone on a physical and emotional level at the same time. However, if you are not compatible with someone in the bedroom, it will definitely take a toll on your relationship.


10 She's a Bad Kisser

Kissing can be deceiving. Sometimes the best kissers are the worst lovers, but that’s unusual. If a girl is a bad kisser, chances are she won’t blow your mind in bed. Kissing is an extremely sensual act, which wields the power to turn a man on and even make him fall in love with you. However, it can have the opposite effect as well. If a woman’s kiss does not get you going, then chances are she is going to be just as boring in the bedroom. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sleep with a girl if she isn’t a good kisser, I mean it's always worth a try!

9 She's Bad With Non-Verbal Communication


Girls who are good in bed usually exude a sense of sexual confidence when it comes to body language. Non-verbal communication, meaning eye contact and body language, are very telling of person’s sexual desires. Women who are good in bed tend to not be intimidated by non-verbal communication; in fact, women who are good in bed thrive on it. Body language and eye contact for some women are part of foreplay, building the sexual tension throughout the night to intensify the sex. This is a great way to get an idea of how the chemistry will be in the bedroom, and if there is no spark at the start, you won't find that spark in the bedroom.

8 She's a Bad Dancer

This doesn’t mean the girl needs to be able to move like Beyoncé to do the job right. However, if a girl has no rhythm on the dance floor, chances are she won’t have any rhythm in the bedroom. Sex has been compared countless times to dancing; the way a woman moves to the music shows you a preview to how she will move with you. Next time you are at a club, notice the way a woman sways her hips to the music and winds her body to the beat. I promise the women who feels the music is most likely to know what she is doing when it comes to feeling you.

7 She's Afraid to Try New Things


Let me put it this way, if a girl is afraid to try a new restaurant, chances are she won't be up to trying any new sex positions. A man should look for a girl who has somewhat of an adventurous side. Relationships get hard and a lot of the time the spark fades away, so you need a girl who is going to be willing to take chances with you both inside and outside the bedroom. However, men must be careful, sometimes if a girl is too adventurous you end up doing some things that aren’t too kosher. Make sure the girl is sane…although a girl who is a little crazy will always be a little crazier in the bedroom. I guess what we're attempting to convey is that you are better off trying new things with someone who has some sense of adventure.

6 She's Easily Intimidated

A woman being easily intimidated is a big sign that she won't be phenomenal in bed. There is a certain confidence that strong women have that lets them be confident in the bedroom. You want to find a girl that can hold her own and be strong. If she scares easily, chances are she will look like a deer in the headlights during intercourse. It’s not like you need to find the loudest or most confident girl in the club, but don’t go for a girl who is clearly easily influenced. Some men find timid women who they can control sexy, however the majority of men want a woman who walks into any room and owns it, including your bedroom.

5 She’s All Talk


You know exactly what kind of girl I am talking about, the one who says things like “you should be so lucky to sleep with me” or “every guy I have slept with still wants me.” Women like this are the worst because they give the illusion that they will be mind-blowing in bed, but in reality they usually don’t know what they are doing. Silent confidence is worth more than talking about it, and those who talk the talk usually have trouble walking the walk. At the end of the day, even if you are the best lay he will ever have, don’t say anything. If it's true, trust me, he will know it.

4 She’s Uptight

The more uptight the girl is outside of the bedroom, the more she will be in the bedroom. If a woman is strung extremely tightly it will be a challenge to get her to let her hair down. Free spirited women tend to be better in the bedroom because they live in the moment. Uptight people in general, but especially women, have a way of over analyzing every situation, including sex, while it is happening. It's difficult for a woman to relax when she doesn’t know how to relax. There is nothing sexy about calculated uptight sex, so if I were you, I wouldn’t even try.


3 She Has No Sense of Humor


A sense of humor is huge when it comes to sex. Sex is not like what you see in the movies. Sometimes sex is sensual and loving and other times it is more like an animalistic act. However, the best lovers are those who have fun during sex. It is proven that if two people laugh a lot with one another the sex will be that much better. People don’t realize that laughter is an act that triggers emotion. Having a good sense of humor is an extremely attractive quality in both men and women. There is nothing fun or sexy about a boring girl with no personality, no matter how good she looks.

2 She Never Works Out

This has nothing to do with weight and everything to do with cardio and flexibility. Some of the skinniest girls in the world have the worst cardio and absolutely no flexibility. If a girl is active she is more likely to blow your mind in the bedroom because of her stamina and core strength alone. If you are having sex properly, it should be some sort of workout and if you don’t work out and train your body, chances are you won't be amazing. Flexibility has a lot to do with a woman being good in the bedroom because it opens up the door to different positions they can try. Ladies, start stretching, working on your core and most importantly, get that cardio going!

1 She is Insecure


Confidence is key when it comes to sex. When a woman is super insecure she is less likely to lose her inhibitions in the bedroom. Sex is extremely intimate and personal and for someone who is extremely insecure it could be very uncomfortable. The sexiest thing a girl can be is confident, and if she is not confident with her clothes on, there is no way she will be confident with her clothes off. Ladies, you need to understand how important confidence is and how unattractive insecurity is. Even if you are the most insecure person on the planet, you need to fake it until you make it or you are going to have a lot of trouble finding a compatible lover.


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