10 Signs She is No Longer Into You

Women are funny creatures. On one end of the spectrum, they love sharing their feelings. However, when it comes to ending a relationship, they often find themselves at a loss for words (probably the only time a woman is at a loss for words).

Women and men view relationships very differently and approach relationships very differently. Often times, when a couple breaks up, the guy claims “it was out of nowhere.” As much as we would love to believe that, if the woman is the one who ended it, she has most probably been giving you signs for a good amount of time.

Women are very analytical, especially when it comes to making a big decision such as ending a relationship. They will weigh out all the pros and cons, seek advice from other women and slowly begin to distance themselves.

These are the ten signs she is no longer into you. If you find yourself reading this article and finding it similar to how your girl is behaving, chances are she is getting ready to call it quits.

Relationships are very tricky, and when you start falling for someone you always need to remember that you can get hurt or you can hurt someone else. Although being straight forward is the most valued form of ending a relationship, sometimes it is simply too hard for someone, so they begin to give you signs - never ignore the signs.


10 She Stops Making Plans in Advance

Girls are all about making plans; plans for the weekend, the month and even the future. So, if a girl who once loved making plans with you is not jumping to the occasion to organize a fun trip or even a fun night together, chances are she is slowly distancing herself from you. Trust me, if a girl wants to be around you, she will be making plans. Women love making plans - that is, of course, with people they are interested in seeing. If she is not making plans with you, she is making plans without you, meaning she no longer considers you guys as a union but as something she is trying to push away.

9 She Avoids Seeing You


Have you ever been dating a girl and everything seems to be going okay, but then, out of nowhere, you start getting the impression she is avoiding you. This is quite possibly one of the worst feelings in the world. There is nothing quite as hurtful as putting all your efforts into wanting to see a person and having them continuously make excuses. If you sense that a girl is avoiding you, chances are she is. Women are sympathetic people which makes them not want to hurt someone. By icing you out, she is indirectly telling you she is no longer into you.

8 She No Longer Sleeps With You

Okay, so this is a big one. Women have a strong link between emotions and sex. There is a huge link between the two for women and often sex is used as a way of feeling closer to someone you care about. If a woman once loved sleeping with you and now avoids it at all costs, chances are she is not really into you anymore. What happens a lot of the time is that when a woman is confused about ending a relationship she tends to hold onto the friendship she shares with her significant other. However, that is never enough, sex is an important part of a relationship and if someone has no desire to sleep with you, the relationship is over.

7 She Replies to Texts Vaguely


We all know women love texting, they can text all day and all night. So if a girl, who was once extremely chatty via text message, begins to respond to your messages with one-worded answers, it is most definitely a red flag. Women think that by answering they are being “nice,” however men often see that as “leading them on.” Men and women are different and if a man is no longer interested he will no longer answer. Women on the other hand, feel bad, so they answer, but pay attention to how they answer. Vague, cold and uninterested responses usually mean she is moving on.

6 She Starts Going Out More

Ah, this is a telling tale of a girl no longer being interested. At one point, in most relationships, you no longer go out as much. Friday and Saturday nights are either spent eating a nice dinner or staying in to watch a movie. It is rare to find a couple that is always hitting up the club together (although it is possible). When a girl starts going on “girls nights” every weekend without extending an invitation your way, sorry to break it to you but that girl is no longer into you. Girls nights and guys nights are not only healthy for a relationship, they are necessary. However, when you find your significant other going out every weekend with her ladies, chances are she is looking around elsewhere for someone to replace you.

5 She Posts More “Selfies”


Social media has made dating even harder. Most people in our generation have experienced some sort of relationship drama due to Facebook or Instagram. One of the most common fights happens over the beloved selfie. Girls love taking and posting selfies and men often think it is for the “attention.” Well boys, you are right, girls do post pictures of themselves to receive some sort of attention, which is why if your girlfriend stops posting pictures with you and focuses solely on her selfie game, your relationship is in trouble. Chances are she is trying to get attention from another guy…sorry to break it to you!

4 She Doesn’t Like to be Touched as Much

As women, we often use touch as a means of connection between us and our partner. Even if it is the slightest graze of the arm, touch is extremely sensual. When a girl is into you, whether it is date number 1 or year number 3, she will find an excuse to touch you. Women in return, love being touched by the one they desire. If you notice that she is cringing and tensing up whenever you touch, it means she is not emotionally connected to you or your actions. This is a huge problem for your relationship and if you aren’t ready to lose her you need to figure out what is causing her to put up this wall.


3 She is on Her Phone When She is With You


Let me specify here, girls will be on their phone when they are with you, it happens. However, when it begins to become a continuous problem that she is always on her phone, that is not a good sign. If the two of you are having a serious talk, or a nice dinner together and she feels it necessary to be texting, Instagramming, tweeting or plain old fashion talking on the phone, she is not into you. Girls are self-absorbed but when they really like someone, they give them all their attention. Women love making the one they like feel heard so chances are if she is not paying attention to you it's because she’s just not that into you.

2 She Talks About Other Guys Even if They Are Just Friends

Classic. A girl who is trying to give you a hint that she is no longer into you begins to talk about other guys, not only in front of you, but also to you. Most times these guys she speaks about are just friends, but subconsciously she is bringing it up to let you know you are not the only guy on her mind. If a woman is really into you, she will be careful with what she says and how she says it. However, once she realizes she is no longer into you she will try and paint that picture for you by having you picture her with another guy. Crazy, I know, but hey, girls can be a little crazy!

1 You Just Know


This is more telling then any other sign. In a relationship, you know when something is wrong and the earlier you address it, the earlier you will be able to get to the bottom of it. Most men avoid the problem until it's too late and a lot of the time men end up losing someone they didn’t want to. However, if someone is not into you, it was just not meant to be. There are a lot of hardships that can be faced in a relationship; however, the way you guys feel about each other should always be the easiest thing to know. When something is worth it, two people will fight for it, but if one person has already checked out, you have already lost them.

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