10 Secrets You Didn't Know Lie Inside Your Mouth

Your serves for countless purposes in your life and is used on a daily basis; you can't live without your mouth. If we ever really stopped to think how complex our mouth is, we could stew for hours. Really, think about everything that resides within it right now. You have your teeth, your tongue, your gums and that little dangly thing all the way in the back that nobody ever knows the name of. It's time we start to appreciate this hole of ours and understand how much work it does for us to complete basic tasks throughout our day.

With all the wonderful, naturally beautiful biological processes our mouths undergo 24/7, there are also big and bad dangers in the world that can damage it, unfortunately. Like any part of our bodies, the mouth can contract disease, injury and pain due to many reasons. Whether it is burning our tongue on that piping sip of coffee, (which leaves a sandpaper-like taste for the rest of the day) to serious cancerous diagnoses, our mouth faces it all.

We owe it to ourselves and our precious puckers to take care as much as possible and nurture, clean and monitor the inside of our mouth. Believe it or not, our actions can make a huge difference in the overall health within our mouths. Both little and big actions make a difference. So buy a new toothbrush, book your dental appointments and open up wide to read 10 secrets you didn't know that lie inside your mouth...

10 Kidney-like Stones In Your Mouth


9 Spit Increases Sexual Appetite

8 Saliva Can Reveal Your Age

7 The Tongue And The Skeleton

6 Your Teeth Are Alive

5 Your Gums Are Talking To You

4 Oral Herpes Is No Joke

3 Luscious Lips

2 The Uvula


1 It's Important To Smile

It has been proven that 96% of people perceive an attractive smile as appealing. In terms of the sexes, studies proved women were reportedly smiling on average 8 times a day compared to males at an average of 2 times per day. Flashing your pearly whites conveys your emotions to the world, it messages how you're feeling and is a universal sign of happiness and content. Reasons for smiling more often relate to an improved smile due to dental hygiene. Feeling confident about your smile improves one's attitude causing one to smile more. "The perfect mouth" was drawn out by several plastic surgeons resulting in very specific requirements. The width must be approximately 1.6 times the bottom of the nose. Your lower teeth should not be visible when your lips are open and should remain below your upper lip.


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10 Secrets You Didn't Know Lie Inside Your Mouth