10 Secret Fantasies Every Woman Has But Won't Admit To

A lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets! That’s what most men are looking for. However, a lot of women have a hard time verbalizing what they really fantasize about. Although women like to be respected and keep a clean reputation, sometimes getting a little dirty is exactly what they need.

If you don’t think women are as imaginative as men when it comes to sex, you are truly mistaken. Women have perfected the art of fantasy and they don’t bother with the generic fantasies, they go all out. The female sexual imagination is filled with naughty things and the next ten fantasies are the most popular and common ones for women (although men won't have a problem with any of them.)

If men and women both have sexual fantasies, people should be more open about what secretly turns them on. By knowing a partner's fantasy, you can strengthen your bond and truly share something more than just sex. A fantasy is something you desire, but believe to be unattainable. By living out a fantasy, couples can grow while making both their sexual connection and emotional connection stronger.

When you don’t ask for what you really want, chances are you will never get it. Ladies, do not be shy to tell your man what goes on in the sluttiest parts of your mind, and men, don’t be afraid to ask your lady what her biggest sexual fantasy is.

In today’s society, women are encouraged to have a healthy sex drive but it doesn’t mean all of us are open to talking about it. Some women are Samanthas, others are Charlottes, but if Sex and the City taught us anything, it's that sexually open or not, women are all sexual beings.

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10 Being Taken Advantage Of

There is something really sexy about being willingly taken advantage of. By playing coy and shy, men will have full control, which we all know they love. In reality, women don’t love being taken advantage of, but behind closed doors they sometimes just want to be objectified and there is nothing wrong with that.

This common fantasy is one that is lived out on a regular basis because a fantasy for males is taking advantage of a girl (no big surprise there.) If this is something you are interested in, it is as easily done as said, just have the confidence to let your guard down.

9 Being a Stripper

What woman hasn’t thought about what it would be like to be a stripper? In a man’s ideal world, after a few shots of tequila a woman would be willing to get on a table and strip. But most women won't do this even after drinking the entire bar. Stripping takes a certain amount of confidence and self-awareness. Many women fantasize about what it would be like to have an audience of people fawning over them. Men, if your lady is up for it, don’t be shy, take a few dollar bills and stick them down her G-string, give her the full stripper experience. This is both a fantasy for men and women so it can kill two birds with one stone.

8 Another Woman

Women are beautiful, and many girls have openly admitted to being attracted to other women without wanting to act on it. However, it is a common fantasy for women to fantasize about another woman. Their smooth skin, and luscious red lips are something many women find themselves thinking about experimenting with. It's a very common fantasy that can easily become a reality.

Men, ask your women if they have ever been turned on by another woman, you may be surprised with the answer! Women think about having a threesome with another woman more than you would know. In their fantasy everything is perfect, and she is the star of the show. In reality women fear that letting another women into the bedroom will cause their man to wonder what else is out there. Even with that in mind, this is a fantasy that numerous women have acted on, and almost every woman has thought of.

7 Another Man

Probably not exactly the threesome your boyfriend was hoping for. Women fantasizing about having a threesome with two men is extremely common. To have not one man but two fawning over you and giving you all their physical attention is a pretty sexy thought.

A lot of women think it would be really hot to have their boyfriend watch them with someone else and then steal them away from the guy, taking over where he left off. This can be connected to women wanting men to fight over them. As much as women hate to admit it, having a conflict where two men want you is not the biggest nightmare.

6 A Stranger

A lot of women feel uneasy about the idea of sleeping with a stranger and having a one-night stand, but a lot of girls secretly want to know what it feels like.

There is a certain sexiness about knowing you will never see someone again. When a girl lets her inhabitations down, sex becomes a different experience.

The erotic idea of not even exchanging names is something a lot of girls fantasize about but not many girls act on. The mysterious anonymity will add a lot of flavor and your fantasy will easily turn into a reality. If you want to try this with someone you know, for those moments, forget what you know about each other, dress differently, pick a different name and get things going. Both of you will find that this is a really fun way of spicing things up.

5 Domination

A lot of women are in control of numerous things on a daily basis. So the idea of someone taking control of them really turns them on. But domination can go the other way as well, the rush of power is undeniable and plenty of women dream about men obeying and bowing down to them. Literally! Why not unleash your inner dominatrix vixen and try it out in the boudoir.

Take control or be controlled, whips and handcuffs are always a fun to mix in. Either way, you will either be in complete control or be completely controlled, it's a win win!

4 Having Sex Outdoors/in Public Places

Having sex somewhere other than the comfort of your own home is a really big turn on. Many women feel the need to be safe when it comes to sex locations and only fantasize about what it would be like to make love with the risk of getting caught.

Having sex outside in the open is something a lot of women are too shy to do but think of regularly. Sex can get repetitive in long relationships and changing the scenery can help spice things up. Public places indoors are also part of the fantasy; airplanes, public bathrooms, dressing rooms are all places many women have thought about having sex.

Don’t be scared if you get caught, you can just move the party to the next public place you find, or even outside. Being scared is all part of what makes it so hot!

3 Authority Figures

Whether it is fantasizing about your boss or day dreaming about your professor, women must admit there is something sexy about figures of authority. It could be that they are teaching you, or that they're more powerful than you and more successful. Another aspect that adds sexual tension to the mix is the fact that it is against the rules. The rush you get from sexually rebelling against social rules is really thrilling and many women crave that sexual excitement.

The idea of having sex with your professor on his desk or sleeping with your boss in the boardroom really turns a woman on.

2 Doing it Yourself

Sometimes if you need something done right, you got to do it yourself. Women find it sexy to have their man touch himself while watching you touch yourself. This is an interesting way of heating up your sex life without even touching each other. Most women won't admit to it, but this really turns them on. Seeing how turned on a man can get by just watching gives women a sense of power, which we love.

Many women feel that living out this fantasy would be awkward, but if you let your inhibitions down, nothing is awkward. By the time you guys finally get to touching one another, you will both be so turned on that the sex will be incredible.

1 Heroes

This is probably the reason why women find policemen and firefighters so sexy; the idea of being saved is a big fantasy for women. Since most women were girls, they have been drawn to fairy tales, all of which have a princess being saved by her prince. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the thing that turns women on the most is being saved. Think about it, it is a huge turn on if a guy saves your life, and the only way you can thank him is by giving him your body…hot.

For those ladies who are in a relationship, or for you other adventurous gals, have your man pretend to have saved you in some way. It won't be as good as actually having sex with a firefighter after he saves you from a burning building, but it is a fun way of spicing things up in the bedroom.

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