10 Royals Who Break The Mould

At one time, the monarchy actually had a function. The “unwashed hordes” needed one person to lead them into war, govern and generally organize their lives. But with history showing just how that system of government sucks, how come there are still so many royal families in power today?

Many of them only have ceremonial functions, yet still they cost their governments millions in annual upkeep. Anti-monarchists are even more peeved by young royals, offspring who are often in the press for all the wrong reasons. They 'live in the lap of luxury', don't seem to have jobs, and still lord it over commoners.

The British Royal family catches a lot of flak, as one of the more prominent royal families, but do they really deserve it? The young princes, William and Harry, served in the British military and have since found other jobs. Yet, anti-monarchists moan about their jobs only being a public relations maneuver. They're quick to bring up Noblesse Oblige, which means that nobility should fulfill the responsibilities of their position.

We don't know about you, but flying a rescue ambulance and hunting poachers is pretty gutsy, in our opinion. Especially since they don't have to do it. But are there other royals with non-royal job, or even careers? Are there royal families that actually have jobs, not just "charitable activities"?

Turns out there are. The following is a list of hard-working royals who are carving a path for themselves IRL. Some have abandoned their titles, others merely put it on the backburner, but all are striving to be darn good at their other jobs.


10 Charlotte Casiraghi 


Being the granddaughter of a style icon like Grace Kelly comes with high expectations. But the 29-year-old rises perfectly to the occasion every time. Blessed with her grandmother's looks, Casiraghi takes time off her royal duties to model for high fashion brands. She's been Gucci's equestrian ambassador since 2010, and she also helps design their equestrian collection.

Speaking of riding, Casiraghi is also an accomplished showjumper, participating in the Global Champions Tour since 2009. She's a published writer and magazine editor, and her work has appeared in AnOther, The Independent on Sunday, Above, EVER Manifesto, etc.

9 Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland


Often lauded for his movie star looks, Prince Carl has proven that he's more than a pretty face. Following his secondary education, he completed a two year Graphic Design program in Stockholm. An internship at the National Geographic Society in D.C., was followed by more study at the Rhode Island School of Design.

While here, he took part in (and won) a competition to create a logo for Martha’s Vineyard Museum in Massachusetts, in 2008. In 2011, he attended the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, to study Agricultural and Rural Management.

The Prince is an avid sportsman, and in 2003, he completed the longest cross country ski race in the world. Prince Carl also competes in the Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia racing series where he recently finished in the top 10 for the 2016 season.

No wonder some call him the 'James Bond of royals'.

8 Peter Phillips & Zara Tindall


Occasionally, royalty choose not to pass their titles on to their offspring, but this doesn't affect their claim to the throne. Case in point: the two eldest grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II, Peter Philips and Zara Tindall, nee Philips. Their mother, Princess Anne, chose not to 'burden' them with titles, but the decision hasn't hampered them in any way.

As a teen, Peter was a gifted athlete, who played every team sport available. He even played on the junior international Scottish Schools team and toured South Africa with the Scottish rugby team in 1996. After studying sports science, he had stints with Jaguar and Williams team F1 racing teams. Moving on to banking, he soon returned to sports by organizing the 2014 Longines Global Champions Tour.

On her part, Zara studied Equine Physiotherapy at Exeter University. She's been the equestrian eventing world champion, has won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year and was part of the team that won silver at London 2012.

7 Prince Haji Abdul Azim


In sharp contrast to the conservative nature of Brunei, the 33 year old Crown Prince is regarded as a playboy...of sorts. The diminutive prince has wined and dined some of the world’s most glamorous women including Faye Dunaway, Caprice, even Pamela Anderson.

Described as 'very friendly and extremely generous', he's known to spare no expense for those he considers friends. He sent Jerry Hall, a diamond bracelet, after seeing her perform in The Graduate. He's picked up bar tabs (one for $27,200), sent Usher diamond-encrusted sneakers and has had diamonds delivered to Mariah Carey, by private jet.

Unlike many royals who keep low profiles, Azim is often in the spotlight, hosting one of his many over-the-top parties. For New Years Day in 2014, he paid almost £1million for Mariah Carey to perform at London's Dorchester Hotel. In 2012, at his pre-30th birthday party, his guests included Lizzie Jagger, Jerry Hall, Raquel Welch etc. There were also performances by Mariah Carey and Dionne Warwick. Professional party hosting is a profession too, you know.

6 Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark


The 32-year-old princess is referred to as the 'Princess without a Palace', since her father, King Constantine II of Greece, was exiled when the Greek monarchy abolished. Despite this, Princess Theodora retains her royal title, as her mother is still a member of the reigning Danish royal family. She's also the youngest goddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II; she was once tipped as a possible bride for Prince William.

After graduating from Brown University in 2006 and completing graduate studies in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, the Princess moved to LA to pursue a film career. She made her acting debut in popular soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful in 2011, and had a recurring role till 2014. She has since featured in movies including 2013's June and 2015's Little Boy.

5 Jean-Christophe, Prince Napoléon


His claim to the throne may be contested by some, but there's no denying that Jean-Christophe is the great-great-great-great-nephew of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. In his 1996 will, Jean-Christophe's grandfather, Louis, mandated that 11-year-old should succeed him as Head of the Imperial House of France. Louis disinherited the boy's father, Charles, because he had re-married without his consent.

But the 29 year old prince isn't actively contending for the European throne. After graduating from the HEC School of Management in 2011, Jean-Christophe chose a career in financial services. He spent two years at Morgan Stanley as an investment banking analyst, before becoming a Private Equity Associate at NYC equity firm, Advent International.

4 Princess Sirivannavari


The 28 year old princess is the daughter of Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn and granddaughter to the current Thai King, Bhumibol Adulyadej. Her impeccable dress sense and appearances at top fashion shows have led to her being described as a style maverick.

But the princess isn't just a budding style icon, she's also a fashion designer with her own clothing and jewellery line. She has shown her collections at Bangkok’s fashion week and even showed a collection during the 2008 Paris Fashion Week.

Princess Sirivannavari isn't just a pretty face though; at the 2007 Southeast Asian Games, she represented Thailand in badminton. At the 2014 event, she competed in dressage individual event.


3 Princess Haya bint Hussein


The daughter of the late King of Jordan, Princess Haya is considered one of the most stylish first ladies of the Middle East. The 41 year old is married to the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The Oxford graduate is a skilled equestrian who has competed for Jordan at international show jumping competitions, including the Sydney Olympics. In 1992, she won a medal at the Pan-Arab Equestrian Games, and remains the only woman to have done so. In 1996, the Spanish Equestrian Federation named her the Equestrian Personality of the Year.

The fashionable princess has channelled her love for horses into managing them. Two of her horses, New Approach and Raven's Pass, have won the 2008 Epsom Derby and the $5 million Breeders' Cup Classic respectively.

2 Prince Fahad bin Faisal Al Saud


Prince Fahad is the great-nephew of the former king of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. As a member of the Saud Family, he could get a cushy role running a Ministry in the Kingdom, but the entrepreneurial bug bit the young prince.

In 2009, the Stanford grad was appointed as the Head of User Operations for Facebook Arab, where he launched Facebook in Arabic. Fahad soon left to launch/invest in startups like Na3M Games, Appiphany and Popover Games. His expertise as a social media evangelist led to his appointment as the Head of Student Affairs for the Saudi Foreign Ministry. The 32 year old also consults for the Saudi government on cyber-technology.

1 Prince Albert of Thurn and Taxis


This German aristocrat has been a billionaire since he was 7; I'll let that sink in. The Thurn & Taxis family is credited with having invented the modern-day postal system, and have amassed an impressive property portfolio in Germany.

But instead of laying back in any of the 19th century castles or monasteries he owns, Prince Albert has been racing for Reiter Engineering since 2006. Following his military service, he bagged two degrees from the University of Edinburgh, and has been racing cars since.

And it's not just for fun, since starting his racing career in 2006, he participates in the ADAC GT Masters championship. A runner-up in 2007 and 2008, he has since won the title in 2010. He still competes till date.




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