10 Romantic Gestures That Will Get You Closer to Scoring

Romantic gestures that will get you laid

Most men take girls on numerous dates before she puts out. As a woman, I respect a woman’s right and almost obligation to play hard to get, but I am also sympathetic to all the good guys out there who just aren’t getting any action. There are numerous things men can do that could get them closer to getting laid, but I have narrowed it down to the top ten romantic gestures a man can do that will get them closer to scoring.

Not every guy is Dan Bilzerian and can afford to take his “girls” on private jets around the world. These ten suggestions are for the average Joe who does not have access to unlimited amounts of cash. On another hand, if you are balling out of your mind, you can always take a girl to Paris for the weekend, or take her on a hot air balloon ride around a vineyard - girl’s love that stuff. However, what every woman really wants, even more than weekends in Paris, is finding a guy who does the little things on a daily basis. That is what this list is comprised of, not things to get you laid once, gestures that will continue to get you laid.

Once you get the girl, you don’t want to lose her, so keep this list on standby you may need it again.

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10 Clean for Her

There is something really sexy about a man who is helpful around the house. If you want to get closer to scoring, a great way to do so is to clean for her, and if you are lazy, you can hire someone to clean her place for you. This is a small but incredibly appreciated gesture that will not only impress her but will make her even more attracted to you. If you really want to “wow” her you can even do her groceries for her, so that when she comes home from work her place is clean and her fridge is full. This will help your lady in numerous ways and will allow her to focus her extra attention on you - and trust me she will find a way to thank you.

9 Cook for Her

Most dates involve a restaurant of some sort. Although girls love being taken out, there is something very romantic about a man cooking for you. Generally speaking, women are the ones who are usually spending the most time in the kitchen. If a man takes the time to cook his woman her favorite meal, he is most definitely getting lucky. This small gesture will show her that you are a romantic who pays attention to what she likes. Cooking is very sensual, personal and sexy, especially when a man you are attracted to is the one in the kitchen!

8 Buy Her Flowers

Okay so maybe flowers are a bit cliché but they still go a long way. Girls' hearts instantly melt when they receive a stunning bouquet to either their home or their office. Most men only buy women flowers on Valentine's Day, which is wrong, women should receive flowers more than once a year. I am aware that flowers can sometimes be expensive, and if you are not financially able to buy her a bouquet, a single rose can go a long way too. Remember, romance does not need to cost a lot, but it needs to come from your heart!

7 Write Her a Love Letter

Most men have a hard time expressing how they feel. Instead of verbalizing your emotions, try turning it into literature. Letter writing is a dying art, which is sad because it is one of the most romantic gestures out there. Letters are timeless and a good way of putting your feelings on paper, which can last forever. When my grandmother passed away, my family and I were going through her things, when we found a box. Inside that box were letters written from my grandfather before they were married. These romantic and beautiful letters helped me get to know and understand the love that blossomed into a life long marriage and it was the best gift my family and I could have ever received.

6 Share a New Experience

Women feel very connected to someone after they have shared an experience together. This is a really important part of any relationship, and for women it is a way of making them feel more connected to you. Doing an out of the box activity is special because it is something that she will never expect. Take a tango class or a karate class or even go skydiving - really anything that will make both of you step out of your comfort zone. I once told a guy that I had always wanted to go to a shooting range, and to my surprise the next week he brought me there. Although I will never be a gun person, sharing that experience with him made me like him even more. Conveniently for him, that was also the night I decided it was time for him to get lucky.

5 Be Honest

Most girls are smarter than they portray and most men think they are much smarter than they are. Men, especially young men, have a tendency of not being honest with the way they feel. Let her know who you really are; women are more likely to sleep with a man they feel a connection with than one they don’t. If you want to connect with someone you need to be honest with both yourself and the other person. A smart girl will know the difference between bullshit and the real deal. So if you like her, be yourself. There is more chance of getting laid that way!

4 Open the Car Door/Any Door for Her

Many believe that chivalry is dead and in a sense it is. If you want to impress her, show her that you are one of the only gentlemen left in the world. When you pick her up for a date, get out of the car (yes get out, don’t be lazy) and open the car door for her. This is a small gesture that is guaranteed to impress her. However, you shouldn’t stop there, open the restaurant door for her, pull her chair out, and go the whole nine yards. This is a way of showing her you are not only a gentleman but that you are attentive to her as well. I promise she will be impressed and feel more desire to thank you.

3 Remember the Little Things She Tells You

Women like to know that their voice is being heard. Although women tend to talk a lot, it is important to pay attention and listen to them when they do. Men tend to be forgetful which is why it is important to them to pay attention to little details like how she likes her coffee, what gum she buys and what cocktail she orders. These small details can actually go a long way for men. Remembering the little things will show that you care, and when she knows you care you are more likely to connect on a deeper level…if you know what I mean!

2 Turn Your Phone Off

Today’s generation is almost addicted to their phones. Many men are so consumed by their jobs that they are constantly bringing their work home with them. If you want to get laid and your phone is a distraction, just turn it off. This will make you more relaxed and will show her that she is your main focus. Women love being the center of attention and it is hard to compete with a phone. Although this may seem like an easy task at first, it can be quite difficult for some. Use that phone-free time to connect on every level possible; it is easier to do that when there is not a cellphone buzzing every five minutes. So next time you are with a girl, turn your phone off and tell her it's because you want her to be your main focus.

1 Tell Her a Secret

Okay so you don’t need to tell her your deepest and darkest secret but try finding something intimate about yourself that you feel comfortable sharing. This may sound silly, but a woman is more likely to sleep with you if she feels close to you. By opening up to her and sharing something personal with a girl it will make her feel like you trust her and in return she will trust you. When a girl feels like she is getting to know the real you, it will allow her to let her guard down which is exactly what a man wants.

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