10 Red Flags To Spot On Your First Date With Her


This goes out to all the single folks out there. How many times have you been told, “There are plenty of fish in the sea”? Probably about 78 thousand times, right? One thing can be said about this phrase: there are indeed plenty of fish in the sea. However, these fish stink. So many things can go wrong if you don’t pick the right fish for you. They can make you sick, they can make you crazy, they can separate you from your friends, and they can even take all of your money – yes, a fish can do all that.

Since there are so many potential crazies out there, we felt the need to share some insider information to help you avoid picking the wrong fish. Granted, not everyone wants the same things, nor are they bothered by the same things, but these are general warning signs that most people would like to steer clear of when selecting a fish. So here you go, red flags for your first date with a she-fish for your entertainment, general knowledge, and dwindling sex life.

10 Presentation Is Key

9 The Bill

8 She’s A Social Media Addict

7 She Fails The "Missed Call" Test

6 She Doesn’t Say “Thank You”

5 She Has No Opinion Of Her Own

One of the biggest pet peeves men have these days is when their date can’t make a decision. When you’re asked where to go eat, what movie to watch, or where to sit, for the love of God, just make a choice! Now this isn’t an article on how to impress him on your first date, so all we’re going to say is this: it’s ok to say that you’d rather sit on a booth. You, men, still need to come up with ideas, but if she constantly makes you pick and agrees with everything you say, or likes everything you like, then it’s not a coincidence, and you guys are not in sync, a match made in heaven, two peas in a pod, or whatever other cheesy couple title you want to come up with; she has no brain of her own and just follows her designated boy toy. Move on, you’ll get bored within a week or two.

4 She Lives For Selfies And Duck Faces

3 She’s Superficial

2 She Can’t Take A Compliment

1 She Can’t Take A Joke

One of the biggest indications that a couple is compatible is their sense of humor. Everyone loves to laugh, you just need to figure out what does it for your partner and hope it’s similar to what does it for you. The risky part with this is that you need to put yourself on the line (as does she) because the only way to know if she laughs at the same things you do, is to be real. So, be yourself, and crack some jokes, share funny moments, and maybe even include her in a prank (if that’s you’re thing and you’re comfortable enough with her by the time the date comes around). Then, all that’s left is to see how she reacts to your humor.



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10 Red Flags To Spot On Your First Date With Her