10 Reasons Younger Women Are Better In Bed Than Older Women

Hot mama. Cougar. Whatever term one uses, there’s no denying that older women are sexy. And today, there are plenty to choose from in Hollywood, from Gwen Stefani (age 46) to Christie Brinkley (age 62). Many older women often pair up with younger men, like Demi Moore with Ashton Kutcher, Sandra Bullock with Ryan Gosling, and Kris Jenner with just about anyone. Unfortunately, these relationships never last. Why? For the simple fact that younger women are better in bed. Here are ten reasons why!

10 More Flexible

9 Less Strings Attached


8 More Eager To Please

7 More Stamina

6 Less Judgmental

5 More Friends

4 Higher Drive

3 More Adventurous

2 Less Emotional Baggage

1 More Visually Appealing

Physical attraction plays a large role in sexual desire, and younger women fit the bill. Maybe it’s because humans are hard-wired to be attracted to youth because it represents vitality. Maybe it’s because the media is so youth-centered. Maybe it’s because youth is fleeting and people always want what they can’t have. Whatever the reason, younger women are considered more beautiful. Full lips and bright eyes are prized over crow’s feet and double chins. Perky busts and a plump rear end are revered while the “FUPA” and cellulite are reviled. This means that since younger women are considered more beautiful, they will naturally be considered better in bed because their partners will easily form a physical connection with them. Think this is only pertinent to men? Not so. Younger women are not immune to the idea that beauty yields a better time in bed – in fact, they internalize it. This means that younger women know they’re hot – which gives them more confidence in the bedroom.



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10 Reasons Younger Women Are Better In Bed Than Older Women