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10 Reasons Younger Women Are Better In Bed Than Older Women

10 Reasons Younger Women Are Better In Bed Than Older Women

Hot mama. Cougar. Whatever term one uses, there’s no denying that older women are sexy. And today, there are plenty to choose from in Hollywood, from Gwen Stefani (age 46) to Christie Brinkley (age 62). Many older women often pair up with younger men, like Demi Moore with Ashton Kutcher, Sandra Bullock with Ryan Gosling, and Kris Jenner with just about anyone. Unfortunately, these relationships never last. Why? For the simple fact that younger women are better in bed. Here are ten reasons why!

10. More Flexible


If variety is the spice of life, then changing positions in bed is the key to a happy ending. Just open up a copy of the Kama Sutra and take a peek. Younger women are in better shape so they are more flexible – which means they can do the eagle, the sphinx, and the snail (which is actually quite raunchier than one would think). And it’s not just about male pleasure. Younger women who are more flexible get more out of sex because, since they are able to get more sensations, they wind up as more satisfied lovers.

9. Less Strings Attached



Younger women are better at having sexual relationships with less strings attached than are older women. In today’s digitally obsessed world, younger women are proud to have the emotional ability to “swipe left” not only on their devices, but in real life. There are a lot of ugly repercussions that can arise after sexual dalliances, including endless phone calls, drive-bys and ugly gossip. But younger women are more able than their older cohorts to cut the cord and move on, mostly because they know that there are plenty of fish in the sea. Younger women are tech-savvy and know that the tap of a finger can reel in men on dating sites like, apps like Coffee Meets Bagel and social networking like Facebook and even LinkedIn. This diminishes the gnawing feeling in the back of one’s head that things might “get weird” after sex – which opens up the floodgates for all parties to focus on the pleasure.

8. More Eager To Please


Younger women are more eager to please. They want to be liked, and in their zealousness to do so they will do just about anything. Want to go at it in a public place? Sure. Want to talk dirty? Can do. Want to videotape bedroom escapades and post them online? Let’s talk. Younger women are more willing to put their partners first, so they are judged better in bed because the person they are with gets more out of the encounter. It’s worth noting that younger women are also more eager to provide self-pleasure in front of their partners, making for quite a show.

7. More Stamina


Younger women haven’t lived long enough to have health problems like a bad back or a bum ticker. There’s nothing worse than being revved up, only to have a woman need a cool down because she can’t keep up. Like the Energizer bunny, younger women keep going and going and going. Not only are they up for lengthier sessions in the bedroom, they are also up for sex more often. This is good news for both partners because studies show that couples who engage in sex more frequently are happier in general.

6. Less Judgmental


Younger women are more accepting in their way of thinking than older women. So being socially liberal often translates to being sexually liberal. If a younger woman’s partner wants to try something on the wild side in the bedroom, there’s a better chance that she’ll say “yes”…or at least not think her partner is a degenerate for making the suggestion. A younger woman is also more likely to be patient with her lover and not judge him for flaws, from not being able to rise to the occasion to being a “minute man.”

5. More Friends


Younger women have larger social networks, so they are more in tune with what’s going on in the world than older women. Nothing is off limits when they dish with their girlfriends, so they are able to trade tips and tricks. Remember how ten years ago no one was talking about sexting? Well, young women were on the forefront with that trend. This extra element of foreplay turned sex into a multi-media event instead of a repetitive chore.

4. Higher Drive


Younger women have higher sex drives. They want sex, and they aren’t shy about it. And when they get started, they really get into it so they are enthusiastic lovers. There’s no starfish in their pool. They’ll scream, shout and then some. Younger women are more entertaining to bed because they are a delight to all the senses. And since they actively seek out sex, it strokes their partner’s ego.

3. More Adventurous


Younger women are more ready, willing and able to be daring in the bedroom. And thanks to Cosmopolitan magazine, they are also quite likely to be the one to suggest trying out new things. Terms like “menage-a-trois” and “motor boating” aren’t taboo to them. In fact, younger women just don’t talk about these things – they do them… and more! (‘Cause gone are the days when dressing up for role playing was considered titillating!) But it’s not just about being kinky. The fact is that the brain is stimulated by novelty which produces a natural high.

2. Less Emotional Baggage


Younger women have led shorter lives – and this means they have less emotional baggage. Sure, they have daddy issues, are still bummed about not being crowned homecoming queen, and are jealous of their married friends. But that’s nothing compared to the baggage older women carry with them. Divorces. Children. Career Woes. Younger women don’t have as many stressors, so they are happier. And a happier disposition means that one is more relaxed, enthusiastic and supportive. Therefore, younger women are uniquely suited to devote more mental energy to their interactions – including those between the covers.

1. More Visually Appealing


Physical attraction plays a large role in sexual desire, and younger women fit the bill. Maybe it’s because humans are hard-wired to be attracted to youth because it represents vitality. Maybe it’s because the media is so youth-centered. Maybe it’s because youth is fleeting and people always want what they can’t have. Whatever the reason, younger women are considered more beautiful. Full lips and bright eyes are prized over crow’s feet and double chins. Perky busts and a plump rear end are revered while the “FUPA” and cellulite are reviled. This means that since younger women are considered more beautiful, they will naturally be considered better in bed because their partners will easily form a physical connection with them. Think this is only pertinent to men? Not so. Younger women are not immune to the idea that beauty yields a better time in bed – in fact, they internalize it. This means that younger women know they’re hot – which gives them more confidence in the bedroom.


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