10 Reasons You Should Be Getting It On Every Morning

Sex is essential to a healthy and happy relationship; hell, it is essential to a healthy and happy life overall. However, there is a stigma around sex that makes society believe that it can only be best enjoyed during the deep dark of the night or after an evening of pure debauchery when you cannot help but continue to make bad choices. Unfortunately people have missed the point of sex; it is designed for many things like making babies and mutual pleasure, and it can be enjoyed any time of the day; however, the morning time slot has been the most coveted and less used time to enjoy one another.

Now that people are beginning to realize how exciting and important morning sex can be to a healthy morning routine, it is quickly becoming something that everyone should experience. Making sex in the morning a habit contributes to more than just your health; it gets your creative juices flowing, it gives you that confidence that you need in the morning to start your day right and in some cases, it pushes you to attempt something that you earlier thought to be almost impossible. The verdict is out on morning sex and it is safe to say that it will not only be a great experience but one that will truly be an added benefit to your overall lifestyle. It does not necessarily have to be with a significant other; it could be with that one night stand who was still there when you woke up the next morning, but either way the advantage is the same and always welcome.

10 You Get Your Workout In

9 It’s A Natural High

8 Everyone Else Is Doing It

7 Replaces That Morning Coffee

6 Proves You Still Want Each other

5 Spontaneity Is Sexy

4 Why Not?

3 Natural Cure For Morning Wood

2 He Will last Longer (If That’s A Problem)

1 Your Day Will Go A Lot Smoother

Nothing can ruin the day of someone who has had morning sex; the endorphins that are released are sure to help you to stay in a positive, happy state. Even getting mugged cannot ruin your high, and that says a lot about the positive affect of morning sex. Starting your day off on a positive note is crucial to living a happy life; yes there are other ways to start your day out positive but those are people who do not wake up to a partner in their bed every day. If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed have sex or some variation of it.


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10 Reasons You Should Be Getting It On Every Morning