10A Lack Of Confidence

Having a lack of self-confidence tends to show itself in many ways, most of which can be visible to people around you. First of all, the confident person will tend to be open and easily approachable, more outspoken in terms of what they really want and will have the

mental and emotional strength to get through difficult situations, all of which are big pluses in a relationship.

Compare these traits with that of someone who isn't very confident, where they may be more introverted and difficult to get to know to start with, less direct and outspoken when talking about what it is they want and may quit on things more often from a lack of believing they can overcome something.

Consider the fact that relationships tend to have both good times and bad times. If you practice believing in your own personal strength and show to her that you are a confident, direct person, she will feel more secure in a relationship with you.

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