10 Reasons Why Your Last Relationship Ended

Whether or not you have a lot of experience in relationships, you probably have an idea of some of the most common reasons for why relationships end. No matter how your relationship is at the time of the breakup, the results of the event can be devastating to your life and your sense of self, even if it was the best decision.

Sometimes the relationships that are the least healthy are the hardest ones to get over, and you need to remember that if you are ever giving yourself a hard time. While some relationships end for reasons that may be easier to digest than others, it is never going to be a transition in your life that you can predict. You can hope that you are able to take this time in your life to reflect on the things in your relationship that you could have done better. Similarly, make sure you take this time in your life to contemplate what it is you want in a partner for the next time, even if it's something like, "Hey, I'd really love it if this next person doesn't cheat on me!"

Even though every breakup occurs for different reasons, there are some universal truths that have ended (and will continue to end) relationships from now until the unforeseeable future. These are 10 of the reasons why your last relationship most likely ended, and hopefully it offers a bit of support if it is what you are going through. I hope that for whatever pain you may be feeling right now, you can reach out to the right people to find the love and support that is necessary during what could be an incredibly difficult time.

10 They Cheated On You


9 You Cheated On Them


8 Long Distance

7 They "Ghosted" You

6 They Became Your Roommate, Not Your Lover

5 You Were Given Clichés 

4 You Didn’t Get Along With Their Friends

3 You Didn't Get Along With Their Family

2 You Stopped Going On Dates

1 There Was Abuse

One of the biggest red flags (and justifiably so) for many people to realize they need to get out of their relationship is that there is a sign of abuse. While people’s minds may immediately go to physical abuse, do not discredit the impact of emotional abuse on a person, especially over a period of time and being told by someone that you are supposed to love. If you are recently getting out of an abusive relationship, I commend you for having the strength and courage necessary to take the healthy steps. I urge you to remember that there is help in the form of a hotline or center in your area, where you can find additional support if you feel it is necessary.

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10 Reasons Why Your Last Relationship Ended