10 Reasons To Bed Former Catholic School Girls

Every man has an ideal fantasy girl. For Neil Sedaka, it was his little calendar girl. For David Lee Roth, it was California girls. And for many other men, it’s Catholic school girls. Their charms are easy to see, from those cute plaid skirts to the saucy way they hold their books. But there’s more than meets the eye. Former Catholic school girls are known to be the perfect balance between nice and naughty – and are therefore some of the most sought-after girls to bed. Here are ten reasons why former Catholic school girls will make you scream “Oh-my-God!”

10 They Are Generous

9 Cute Underwear

8 They’re Smart

7 They Know How To Be Sneaky

6 They Enjoy The Finer Things in Life

5 Neat Appearance


4 They Like to Dress Up

3 They Are Discreet

2 They Know How to Follow the Rules


1 They Know How to Break the Rules 


Former Catholic school girls are good at following the rules – but they are even better at breaking them. They are addicted to the rush of flouting convention and getting away with a cheap trick. They had plenty of practice smoking in the girls room, hiking up their hemlines and passing notes in class. As adults, they are thrill seekers and are up for newness in the bedroom. With their devil-may-care attitude, these girls are eager to try new positions, play a game or talk dirty. The adrenaline rush they get from the taboo enhances their enjoyment of pleasures of the flesh.

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10 Reasons To Bed Former Catholic School Girls